All's Fair

All's Fair

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Category: Romance
Grace, a high-powered attorney, is forced to work with small-town lawyer, Jack. Sparks fly as their case goes forwards, but will their love be overruled?


Grace Wallace is a high-powered attorney, determined to earn her place as a partner at her firm. When she's given an important case, she's sent to Florida and forced to work alongside a laid-back lawyer who's got the opposite philosophy about work, Jack Rollins. Despite the craziness of the clients and the case, Grace begins to see how much Jack truly cares, and Jack learns about the woman behind Grace's professional facade. Soon they're falling for each other, but their relationship could cost Grace her reputation, and Jack stubbornly refuses to leave Florida for the big city. Can they win the case, and each other's hearts? Or will Jack and Grace be disbarred from the court of love?

[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

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⭐시알리스파는곳『ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45』비아그라구매◈️남성성기단련기구온라인약국❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#정품비아그라약국,#약국용비아그라퀵배송,#팔팔정처방전필요없는약국⭐시알리스파는곳『ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45비아그라구매◈️시알리스당일배송❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#성기능향상영양제구입,#정품시알리스구매,#발기부전치료제100mg약국가격,#한방비아그라구입,#약국용비아그라약국판매가격,#약국용시알리스직거래,#가마그라구입,#비닉스필름당일구입,#필름시알리스당일구입,#약국용비아그라퀵구입,#남자강직도영양제직거래,⭐시알리스파는곳『ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45』비아그라구매◈️천연남성정력제처방전없이구입❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#성기능향상영양제구입,#카마그라복제약구매,#88정처방전없이구입,#먹는비아그라효과,#마시는비아그라복제약구입방법,#비닉스처방없이구매,#뿌리는남자정력제직거래,#발기부전비아그라당일구입,#발기부전비아그라처방,#뿌리는남자정력제후불퀵,#먹는비아그라처방전없이구매,⭐시알리스파는곳[ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45]비아그라구매◈️비아그라처방전없이구입❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#남성단련용품판매처,#필름형비아그라퀵가격,#발기부전치료제파는곳,#아드레닌퀵배송,#약국용비아그라퀵배송,#조루방지제품직거래,#캡슐시알리스퀵구입,#한방비아그라가격,#발기약판매처,#비아그라구매후기,#남성발기제품처방⭐시알리스파는곳『010↔7504↔6Ø45』비아그라구매◈️a 발기부전 치료제 구매,비뇨기과 비아그라,비아그라약국처방전,핀페시아,카마그라,카마그라 직구,센포스,비달리스타,독일정

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