Aliens: My Alien,  Daeus

Aliens: My Alien, Daeus

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Category: Fantasy
Ruin was born a 'mistake' to his parents and abused most of his life. When he got out of his parents house, it was straight into a controlling boyfriend's house despite the young 18 year old being tall and muscled, he couldn't seem to beat the demons that haunted him. When he was abducted by strange, ugly aliens, he didn't know anything could get worse until they started their experiments.

Daeus is a young Ehkad, or as the tame humans call them - Honeycomb. Like all of his family before him, on his 21st birthday it is tradition to leave the nest in search of your other half. What Daeus didn't expect was to find a human on a crashed ship of the Krovlotts - a dangerous species that was thought to be extinct years ago.

First book in the Aliens series.

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