Ablaze |Season 1| (Under Revision)

Ablaze |Season 1| (Under Revision)

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Category: Romance
"You're the blaze that I'm willing to touch and let myself get burnt."


Octavia Raileigh Quinsley is a woman of absolute perfection who wouldn't dare to encompass herself in a world full of radiant hues, and would rather cage herself in her own fortress to hide from her iniquitous monsters. Reserved and complacent, yet being brutally tortured by endless emptiness, tormenting frustrations, and unknown confusions that seem to be haunting her after a traumatic occurence in her life.

Everything is going placidly, not until she crossed paths with a girl full of perplexing complexities who stares at her with a familiar emotion that undoubtedly exhibits what she's been trying to conceal herself from; the aesthetics of the world.

Utterly incognizant of what happened, she found herself touching a tranquil darkness clad in an ensorcelling light, but can't help herself but to be continuously drawn closer, despite her soul being set ablaze.

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