A Winter's Ball - Pete Davidson

A Winter's Ball - Pete Davidson

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RenΓ©e Ambrose joins the cast of the famous late night comedy SNL in 2017. She starts to befriend the cast, specifically Pete Davidson. She's only a few months older than him, but he's the only cast member closest to her age.

When his engagement with Ariana Grande is broken off, they start to become closer.

"Where are you going?"
"My dressing room. I should probably put on some more comfortable clothes before I go."
"Oh, me too," Pete said, as he followed her to her dressing room.

"You're going to my dressing room, too? How high are you?"
"No, I'm going to MY dressing room. Colin, her 'my dressing room' is different than my 'my dressing room'. That doesn't make any sense!"

{Highest rankings:
#3 in pete
#1 in latenight
#1 in comedian}

STARTED: January 2, 2021
FINISHED: April 29, 2021

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