"A Villian And A Hero....." A DabiHawks Story

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Hawks A.K.A Keigo Takami was in love with his childhood bestfriend, Touya Todoroki....
.then he died. Hawks went off to become a double agent for the league of villians and for the pro heroes, he was caught between a rock and a hard place. One of the villians in the league seemed oddly familiar.....

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"You know you remind me of someone but I just can't remember who, have we fucked before?"You looked up at him through your eyebrows and cocked your head sideways, smirking through your busted lip,"Trust me if we did you wouldn't forget" After Dabi meets y/n she joins the LOV, a lustful romance begins as they begin working together but soon after that mysterious secrets slowly start spilling. Y/n is a bad bitch in this Smut, probably ALOT OF SMUT, angst, fluff and all of that.18+ characters, strong language...Will give trigger warnings if needed before the chapter ⚠️#1 - Touya#8 - Dabi #16 - mhafanfics#36 - mhafanficI do not own the mha academia franchise or any of the characters
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Hawks never wanted to be a high ranking hero but life had other plans. Then things got really off track and his boss decided that hawks would be the best choice to spy on the league of Villains.Dabi hated how twisted and cruel all the "heros" were. So he joined the League of Villains and vowed to take down as many heros as possible. However what happens when Shigaraki decided that Dabi should be the one to watch over hawks and make sure he didnt double-cross the league.So what happens when two people from oposite sides have to live with each other, without killing the other one.DISCLAIMER:Artwork is not mine.The characters are not mine and are owned by their respective owners.I am just writing this for fun so I'm very open to critisism or any ideas for the story.
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