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Classroom of the Elite: Legacy

Many years have passed since the first Class D reached Class A. Those students, now graduated and living their adult lives, pass on the torch to the next generation. Horikita Misaki, daughter of Horikita Suzune, attends the Advanced Nurturing High School, following in her mother's footsteps. There, she will face many challenges and many opponents, as she struggles as a Class D student. Even so, Misaki will find a way to reach Class A. And most importantly, she will find out the identity of her father.(Classroom of the Elite and its original characters are all owned by their respective owners, Syougo Kinugasa and Shunsaku Tomose. This fan-fictional story was inspired by the light novel volumes Y1V1 to Y2V10)
Renouncing the Emperor's Heart

"I no longer want you." Emperor Richard de Tristaine fumed as he looked upon the woman he was ready to abandon just a few weeks ago. "You don't mean that," he gritted out through clenched teeth. Empress Jovine smirked at the look on her husband's face. For months, he had neglected her, trading empty words of affection to placate her yearning heart, then leaving to find company in the arms of another woman. But now, she was done with it all. Done with him. "I mean every word, Your Majesty." ----After dying an unjust death at the hands of her husband's mistress, Empress Jovine de Tristaine finds herself transported back to the past. With a burning hatred for the Emperor who discarded her and the woman who shattered her marriage, the changed Empress vows revenge. However, mysterious gaps in her memory and newfound knowledge of a corrupt political scheme within the Empire cause her to question her loyalties and the reason behind her husband's betrayal. Not only that, evidence of magic from legends as old as time, the Emperor's unexpected obsession with his wife's sudden change of heart, and a new suitor set on winning over the Empress's heart, lead her down a path of warring emotions, conflict, and power. Will she triumph in her quest for revenge, or is fate an inevitable course?
Deja Vu _BL Non-Fic_ [Ongoing]

දෙහදක නිපන් නොකියූ ආදරය 🥀❤️ආදරය සුන්දර හැඟීමක්. ආදරයට සම්මතයක් ගොඩනැගුවේ කවුරුන්ද? ආදරය කිරීම ජීවිතයෙන් වන්දි ගෙවීමට තරම් වරදක්ද? ~තේව් යුගාන්~ආදරයක් සෙනෙහසක් නොලැබුණු මට ඒ ආදරය ලැබුණේ නුඹෙන්ම පමණයි.~නෙත්රු අභින්ස~

Всё произошло в клубе,там работал Тэхён.А Чонгук как раз пришёл в клуб когда была его смена.Произошла не очень хорошая ситуация,после которой Тэхён очень хорошо вмазал Чонгуку.Но он не знал кто такой Чонгук,и потом очень сильно пожалел что это сделал....

Embark on a journey with the Varadorian 181st, a fresh regiment joining the Imperium of Man's Crusade - "The Purge of Apostasy." Witness their quest to cleanse planets fallen to Chaos and corruption on the fringes of the Segmentum Obscurus and reclaim a strategic foothold. Join these warriors as they strive to etch their names into the annals of history.
Alpha Theo || ✓

Holly was always aware of the Alpha of the Black Dawn pack, with that pack being the very pack that had taken away many she loved. She thought she knew how deadly the pack was, she thought she knew about of the deadly and cold-hearted things the Alpha had done. She thought she knew it all. The only thing she didn't know was his name.⭐ beautiful cover created by @sinadana ⭐
The ShadowHunter

She's Bucky Barnes' daughter. She just doesn't know it yet. Vera has the meaning of faith... she just doesn't have it.Marvel but add a little ✨spice✨A Bucky Barnes Daughter Story!Vera Zola-Barnes has only gone by one name.Shadow HunterHer past is a blur as all she has ever known is inside the walls of HYDRA.On a mission to assassinate the Winter Solider, she finds more than she expects. But, does that change the life she has now? Find out by reading The ShadowHunter. Or ya know don't what ever floats your boatBook 1 of The ShadowHunter SeriesStatus: CompletedStarted: 11.3.2020Ended: 11.27.2020Finished editing: 12.19.2020Ratings: #8 in buckybarnes as of Dec. 2, 2020#1 in buckybarnesdaughter as of Nov. 30, 2020#3 in samwilson as of Nov. 30, 2020#1 in vera as of Dec. 4, 2020#1 in hydra as of Dec. 13, 2020#1 in vision as of Dec. 19, 2020#59 in avengers as of Dec. 23, 2020#19 in marvel as of Jan. 2, 2021#8 in warriors as of Jun. 19, 2021#1 in scarletwitch as of Jan. 27, 2021(EDITED).... enough
Two Worlds Apart

An unlikely friendship turned into something more when two paths are crossed. Both from different world's trying to cope with the reality of their lives and make things work.Copyright © 2016 by Chrystal-Ann Eversley.All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

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Devil's Glory

Hyoudou Issei possesses the Boosted gear at such a young age, and was reincarnated by a demon to be their servant He trained for years and came back to his home town to fulfill his duty and the condition given to him by someone He suffered and endured, but he still stands and continues to move forward, and rises up through the ranks in the underworld****The pictures and other things (if there's any) that I have in the story is not mine, credits to the owner🥰

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Vanessa Doesn't Know What It's Like To Lose A Father

I Hate Her Because She Doesn't Understand Me!!!! Martin is better at understanding me than Vanessa!!!!!

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Multifaceted || Guesta Rhodes x reader

Y/n is Latil's lady in waiting, close friend and the younger sister of the Captain of The Imperial Guard. She lives her life helping Latil around with her royal duties. One day Latil inducts a harem which was unheard of. What kind of adventures will Y/n go through with the members of harem and the empire's situation?*i cant think of a better description;; also its a Guesta Rhodes x f!reader fanfic cause im a sucker for him eventho hes a bit sus.*

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Remy Hair Extension Uk | Hair Development

Beautiful hair suits you! Our goal is to provide high quality Remy Human Hair Extensions made from carefully selected healthy hair. Discover why Remy Hair Extension UK is one of the best choices for gorgeous curls. Buy top quality Remy Hair Extensions online at great prices!

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Remember (A Percy Jackson Fanfic)

After losing the one closest to him, he disappears for quite a long time. Another war is coming. Against an enemy that was never seen before. A war that will decide the fate of the whole world. A war that would make the previous ones look like a birthday party. Who is the enemy? Who is the one that seeks to eradicate Olympus? More importantly, who will stop them?This is not like any of the other Guardian of the Hunt stories. I've tried to include some twists and different things in this to make it unique. This is NOT a Chaos story. This is not a story where Percy is an overpowered being that can squash Zeus in a second. He is just a normal demigod with the blessing of ONE Olympian. I don't own PJO/HoO. Rick Riordan does. I only own the storyline, plot and any original characters.

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Dimensions - A Marvel Fanfiction

What happens when a 17 year old girl enters the MCU without any explanation?Will she find the love of her life... or will she get betrayed by the ones she holds closest to her.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Watch the story of Scarlet unfold before your eyes. With a story like everyone else's but not quite the same.

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Last Time Around (A Daniel Sahyounie Fanfiction)

Adopted into the Brooks house, there's nothing more Blake Summers hates more than Daniel Sahyounie.But things change. And people come and go. When 5 Seconds Of Summer arrive into Blakes life, is it for better or for worse?

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The Sign of Three: A Reader's Journey

"They're in love, they look happy," you said, sighing softly as you watched Mary offer John a bite of her canapés."Cocaine is cheaper and would also induce the same effect."The man was brutally cynical and there was nothing you could say to change his mind.Sherlock Holmes is reluctant to welcome change as he faces the daunting task of delivering a best man's speech at John Watson's wedding. The possibility of a murder also looms large at the reception. So does the possibility of a broken best man. Sherlock x Reader.

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Unwanted Love ( nba young boy fan fiction )

i need a down bitch who gone ride with some pigment in her skin then we could smoke all night and ill let her toat my nine.Nia is a 16 year old girl who lives all alone in the gudder of baton ruge she doesn't go to school but she does work kentrell on the other hand is a nineth grade drop out who raps and robs he is currently on his way to the top they meet thought 3three and instantly get connceted so connected that they do some things will things be the same after she tells kentrell ( young boy ) that she's.......

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