A Spirit From Space

A Spirit From Space

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Jack finds out that Bunny wasn't the only guardian who was alien. Turns out that his parents were humans from two different planets that crash-landed on Earth many years ago... AU. Trizra and Jackrabbit/Frostbunny.

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"I think I'm lost." "That sucks."In which a guy accidentally texts the wrong person and it turns out to be more than a happy accident.In the span of many exchanged conversations, James and Rose end up finding solace through themselves.© 2020 by MonMoncheeseAll Rights ReservedStart Date: 01.10.2020•Warning! Contains•-Depression -Bullying-Eating Disorder -Panic AttacksCover made by @quiettwriter
[BL] Married to His Uncle After Being Divorced by The Male Protagonist

Married to His Uncle After Being Divorced by The Male Protagonist被男主退婚后嫁给他叔了[穿书]Author橙子蛋挞Status59 ChaptersAfter Yu Ziyu passed through the book, he happened to meet the scene of the divorce. Yu Ziyu met the sympathetic eyes of the guests of the engagement banquet and experienced a supreme version of social death. Yuan Future's father-in-law sighed, "You can't force your feelings. No matter how much you like him, you can't.." Yu Ziyu interrupted: "Who told me Like him?" Everyone: ? ? ? Yu Ziyu ran to the hospital and found his uncle, the comatose male protagonist in the ICU. "Uncle, ah no, husband, I like you!" This uncle named Fu Han will soon wake up and become the only villain who can compete with the male protagonist"Hubby, the weather is really nice today. I bought pancakes and fruits, added three eggs, and..." "Husband, I asked the nurse to change the pink sheets for you, and I'll put it on your account" "Husband, from the hospital. The meal was too bad, so I ordered takeout, don't mind." Yu Ziyu exerted her talent for talkativeness and pushed her hard, hoping that Fu Han, who was asleep, would have an impressionFu Han was deeply impressed. On the 17th day before waking up, he listened to the menu of pancake fruitOn the 12th day before waking up, a pink sheet was added to his accountOn the 6th day before waking up, he smelled Mala TangThe day he woke up... Fu Han opened his eyes and immediately looked at the little chatterbox who had woken him up. The small talker's eyes were bright, and a sweet smile appeared, "Husband, you're awake!" Fu Han: "Well" His small talker is so cuteLater, the divorced scumbag returned with true love and found Yu Ziyu at the family dinner tableSlag Gong: "We've separated, you shouldn't be here"Yu Ziyu took Fu Han's hand, "Husband, he's going to chase me." Fu Han froze and scolded Slag Gong, "Why are you talking to your elders? What?" Slag Gong: ...?
1.1 | Milkshakes For Sale

In which Sitara orders a milkshake in the middle of the night and Shaurya delivers it to her. ~ a novella [25,000 - 30,000 words]
ကမ္ဘာပျက်မှာ ကလေးငါးယောက်နဲ့အတူ ဖြတ်သန်းခြင်း

Title 末世带娃闯天下Author 柚妃子茶Ch 151+ extra 4 MC ဝိန်ရှောင်ရှောင်ML ပေါင်ရီ့လန်first child ဝိန်မို boysecond child ဝိန်ဟိန် boythird child ဝိန်ရန် boyfourth child ဝိန်ရှောင် boyfifth child ဝိန်ဖိန် girlIntroဝိန်ရှောင်ရှောင်က နိုးလာတာနဲ့ သူမက ကလေးငါးယောက် မိခင်အဖြစ် စာအုပ်ထဲ ကူပြောင်းလာတာကို သိလိုက်ရသည်။ မူရင်းဇာတ်လမ်းတွင် ဝိန်ရှောင်ရှောင်က ခက်ခဲကြမ်းတမ်းတဲ့ ဘဝတစ်ခု ရှိခဲ့ပြီး သူမက ကလေးငါးယောက်နဲ့ ကမ္ဘာပျက်ကပ်တွင် ရှင်သန်ရုန်းကန်နေရသည်။မူရင်းဇာတ်လမ်းက အမျိုးသမီးဇာတ်ဆောင်က ဝိန်ရှောင်ရှောင်ရဲ့ အလှကို မနာလိုဖြစ်ကာ မျက်နှာနှစ်ဖက် ရှိတဲ့ ဇာတ်ဆောင်ဖြစ်သည်။ နောက်ဆုံးတွင် ဇွန်ဘီတွေကြား သူမကို တွန်းထုတ်ခဲ့ပြီး ကလေးငါးယောက်က မိခင်မဲ့စွာဖြင့် ကြေကွယ်ဖွယ် ကံကြမ္မာကို ရင်ဆိုင်ခဲ့ရသည်။ဇာတ်လမ်းအရှိန်တက်လာတာနဲ့အမျှ အမျိုးသမီးဇာတ်ဆောင် ပိုင်ရှောင်လန်က မိသားစုအမွေပစ္စည်းကို ခိုး
𝐁𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞~♡

शुभारंभ प्यार का~♡
[Book 1] Mozun And The Little Milk Fox Are Overly Pampered [BL/QT/edited MTL]

THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. MTL WITH SLIGHT EDITS, NOT A TRANSLATION. There will be some grammar issues, if you spot them, comment and I will fix it asap. ALSO I CAN'T GUARANTEE 100% ACCURACY. Actual translated title; The Villain of Kuaiwen and the Little Milk Fox are Overly PamperedAlt Title: 快穿之反派与小奶狐过分宠爱Author: sube弦Rumor has it that in order to attack the demon world, the heavens attacked the demon king and dropped his soul into the three thousand worlds. He had to die a good death in every life, just to kill the demon king's will to survive.Bai Chuansu is a rare kitten fox who received the blood of Mozun* many years ago. In order to repay his kindness, Bai Chuansu joined the Three Thousand Worlds.In the first life, Mozun was a poor villain who picked up trash.Bai Chuansu followed closely step by step, yelling at the gangsters who were bullying the demon lord's reincarnation, "Don't come here~"He saw Lord Mozun standing up with a gloomy face and punching every little scumbag. Then he picked up the kitten fox, plunged it into the fox's soft belly and took a deep breath.In his second life, Mozun was a vagabond villain who was ostracized by others.Bai Chuansu bared his teeth at the rubbish trying to accuse Mozun, "Did you see the fist as big as a casserole?"Mozun killed a little novice with one knife. Then he picked up the little kitten and took a big sip.In another world, Bai Chuansu found the reincarnation of Mozun again, and jumped repeatedly in front of Mozun, "Will you stroke my hair?"Mozun (grabs, takes a deep breath): I finally found the joy of life.This article is also known as #bald, I want to save you from blackening#1V1, double clean, sweet textDedicated to repaying kindness, being soft and cute & being violent and violent, turning into a loyal dog and attacking.*Mozun means Demon Lord/King
King Slayer {1} ✓

"Aren't you scared?" Isaiah took another step towards me."Of you? No.""You should be. I could snap your pretty little neck anytime, darling.""Get in line, darling." I threw his stupid nickname back in his face. He was trying hard to intimidate me but I wouldn't back down so easily."Why are you even here to begin with?""I'm here to clean up the mess your family is making all because of some stupid rivalry.""Did you really think we came here for 'some stupid rivalry'?" My back hit the counter as he cornered me. "No, we plan to conquer your pathetic little town until there's nothing left of it.""You know you don't have to kill people for power. You're immortal, what else could you possibly want?"He smirked and I didn't think I'd ever loathed anyone more in my entire life, "Oh darling, you don't know anything."
The Fourth Hokage's Demon Fox Of The Leaf

Ayanokoji is Reincarnated as Uzumaki Naruto. How will he do in the world of Naruto? Will he desire to be Hokage? Or something else? How will he fare in this new and huge world?

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I hope you already noticed that I am Good & Positive - & this Alternative Trolls movie scene idea would also let me stay like that in a Movie! ^_^

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Betrayed by his his friends and his mentor, what happens when Harry sends his memories into the past along with his ally?A/N: Slytherin!Harry in Gryffindor, Manipulative!Dumbledore, . Might contain a bit of violence.

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5 day zanzibar beaches

Good morning from Zanzibar. Plan your trip to our beautiful island and will take care of you. From hotels bookings, beach excursions, and wildlife safari from Zanzibar.Please contact us through.Email: [email protected]/WhatsApp: +255628713290Website: www.africantrektravel.com

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La fórmula de ser feliz

No es bueno empezar pidiendo perdón, creamos una imagen que no es la que aquí queremos pintar.Me atrevo a hacer lo que me sale fácil pero no es lo más ético. Les voy a decir que hacer.Es así, mientras llueve en casa, al mejor estilo de Chopin y los vientos invernales mueven mis electrónicas hojas, escribo.Lo que debemos hacer, lo que creo, es invitar a correr, correr una maratón, algunos metros o muchos más kilómetros. Lo que cada uno pueda, lo que cada uno deba, hasta llegar a su fin. Pero eso sí, sin dejar de ser feliz, aunque esta felicidad de lata, sea artificial.En esta carrera donde somos los únicos competidores, donde la meta es relativa y el premio que inspira no es mucho más que la nada, debemos diseñar, debemos encontrar la fórmula.De tintes argentos a la luz de astro nocturno, no debe hacernos bien, no debe hacernos mal, solo inocencia ser.Esta fórmula, se auto gestiona, en otras palabras, funciona y deja de funcionar gracias a sí misma, pero parece tener predilección por el reino de Nix.Entre clásicas canciones y malas gargantas, estos algoritmos con la perseverancia del koi buscan llevarnos a aguas más calmas.Dando vueltas como Ravel, estos números, estas expresiones objetivas y prometedoras, parecen haber aparecido del aire, de la imaginación o la demencia. Y como llegaron, del aire, la imaginación o la demencia, también se fueron. Entonces me di cuenta que con ella no puedo esperar una rehabilitación. Y tuve que salir.Un día, sobrio como nunca, empecé a reír, y no puedo dejar de escuchar aquellos simples compases que inspiraron estas letras. Y esos compases no los pienso arruinar como a los demás (ahora se ve conveniente pedir perdón), los cuido y trato de no perderlos. Pues hasta el papa los necesita de vez en vez.

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rosalinda alvarez has spent her whole life hidden behind her camera, catching moments too precious to lose, when people didn't even realize that she was capturing some of their most valuable treasures. rosalinda has been hidden all her life, blending in with her two brothers, being just another plain brunette in the crowds of people at school, until she gets to mckinely. at mckinley, rosalinda explores her passions, other than photography, through glee club and cheerleading, two things she'd never thought she'd be interested in, building life-long friendships along the way.sam evans / mike chang / quinn fabray x fem! ocglee seasons one - sixjustanothergleestan 2021 ©highest rankings:#1 in rachel berry#1 in quinn fabray (01/08/22)#1 in glee (05/01/22)#1 in jake puckerman (03/23/23)

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Love And Basketball

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Different: Isabella Malfoy

Isabella Malfoy has always been... different. She grew up in a cold, lonely, dark, hate filled world. Little did she know that love can change your life forever.

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~ASK FPE!~ (Closed)

Here you can ask for dares or just questions for the characters of fpe to answer, characters from @Kaaatie on YTAlso I made the cover art :3

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When the Wind Blew Again

A complicated story about Albus, Rose and Scorpius who have finally made it to their sixth year at Hogwarts and unexpectedly ended up learning some unacceptable dark truth regarding their parents' past!"my father designed the master-plan to kill Albus Dumbledore?", Scorpius was sobbing in shock "at least he din name you after the person he hated the most", said Albus with extreme hatred in his voice, "simply to make himself look like THE MR. FORGIVING in the eyes of the society". He was still struggling to digest the fact that all his life he had been living a lie."I refuse to accept that Uncle Potter was a fame hungry man", Rose protested, "and its high time we stopped judging Mr. Malfoy based on what he was taught to do in past" Rose firmly believed there was more to this story then they had learnt; but apparently, Al and Scorp were not completely wrong after all!...Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its Characters!

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