A Scarlet Crown (Scarlet #1)

A Scarlet Crown (Scarlet #1)

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Category: Werewolf
Farren was told to never go beyond the borders that separated her town from the woodland. Hearing stories of people who cross the border and never come back. But one day something makes her cross the border, and she finds a world she thought only exists in storybooks.

The Scarlet Crown kingdom is to be split among the princes. Three of them will lead powerful packs, and one will rule over the entire kingdom, after all there can only be one king.

He's a monster, but she made him feel human.


"You look really nice tonight" he compliments in a soft voice, bringing me back to earth, my eyes widen in shock "Are you saying this because of your wolf or because there are people nearby?" still dancing, I ask him quietly.

"No, I'm doing it because I want to," he says, removing his head from my neck to look at me, his beautiful emerald eyes shining with wonder. Something I've never seen before.

"Well, you don't look half bad yourself,"

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