A Pirate's Tale [COMPLETED]

A Pirate's Tale [COMPLETED]

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Category: Fantasy
Wattys shortlist 2021

"I'm already loving this story" - _singforjoy_

"You are going to get me what I want," Isla said, calmly. "Or I will kill you."

The words hung in the air between them. Raif looked unconcerned.

"Is that so?" he said.

Born to the captain of a pirate ship, Isla has spent her whole life at sea. Raised among sailors, her father has trained her to fight, command a crew, and, most importantly, the secrets of the ocean currents. When her father is killed in a storm, she is forced to step into his role as captain. Not only does she have to provide for the men on her ship, but she also inherits her father's outstanding debt to Lord Sutherland: the task of stealing the rare Serpent's Eye emerald.

After months of failure to locate the emerald, Isla is forced to take extreme measures: she kidnaps Duke Raif Sayers, who knows of the emerald's location. But Raif proves to be more strong willed and stubborn than Isla expected. Matters become even more complicated when Raif's father offers a large reward for his son's rescue and suddenly every cutthroat is looking for Raif and the pirate who kidnapped him.

As Isla and her crew are pushed to their limits and race against their deadline, Isla has to face that the one decision she thought would save her crew could be the very thing that destroys them.

"Isla is such a kick-ass character that I can't help but to love her." - strawberrytrifles

"This amazing book. I found it and fell in love" - sparklingdophlin333

"Isla is amazing, she is so strong willed and brave. I love her so much! She is already becoming one of my favourites 😍❀️" - theaxbank

"Amazing. Your writing makes the setting, your characters and their actions leap off the page." - ADesignerofBeautiful

"I am definitely seeing the Carter side of her now!πŸ˜„" - notevenfunny_

A Loria Tale # 2

#1 Teen Fiction

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