A murderer for a father: Jean L. Black ||Sirius Blacks daughter

A murderer for a father: Jean L. Black ||Sirius Blacks daughter

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Category: Fantasy
Jean Lily Black is the daughter of Sirius Black and Marlene McKinnon. After her father went to Azkaban and her mum was murdered, she was taken in and raised by her godfather Remus Lupin. She had an exceptionally great relationship with her cousin Tonks and was brought around her house once a month for only remus knew what. Until she was 13, she grew up thinking that her dad was a traitor, but when the truth was revealed, she was really proud. To be fair, it would be important to mention that her best friend since birth was the chosen one; Harry Potter. Together, Jean, Harry and their two friends hermione and Ron get into crazy adventures. Jean additionally has to deal with the daily bullying of her classmates because of her heritage, a breakup, new feelings, family drama and a mysterious box of vials which reveal what really happened to her mother. Will she be able understand the events of the first wizarding war? And what really happened, the night she lost her mum? Find out in this story full of emotion and romance but action and betrayal...

All characters go to J. K. Rowling, I only own Jean Lily Black, Jacob Scamander and Elaine Alice Black and their story

Started (Real time): June 2020
Finished (Real time): October 2022
Started (Wattpad) : November 22nd 2022
Finished (Wattpad) : April 7th 2023

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