A Loan Of Five Rupees

A Loan Of Five Rupees

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Category: Romance
Book 2 of "Destined To Be"

[Winner Of Tweet Your Story India]

In the hustle-bustle of the Twenty-First Century, where everyone forgets about themself, two people experience their most beautiful encounter with each other. But, is this encounter enough to spark something between them? What'll happen when they meet back, after five years of their tantalizing experience, in a different circumstance?

No one is too enchanting to be remembered,
But miracles do happen...


[Third Person Limited + Omniscient Narration]
[Short Story, Word Count- Approx. 26K]

© 2015 Suganthii

Story Cover
- Designing Pattern and Creative Idea © Suganthii

Media Attached to this story belong to their rightful owners and are not violated by any means.

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