A Dance With Fate// Arya Jackson//

A Dance With Fate// Arya Jackson//

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Anyone who knows Arya Jackson for more than five minutes knows her opinion of the world, and demigods not so fair place in it. Unfortunately, since the war Arya isn't that easy to get to know. To most she's little more than a legend.

Arya is fine with this. That is until her brother gets taken and she's forced into another prophecy that deals eight other demigods, multiple subquests, and a whole different camp across the country.

It won't be easy. Arya isn't even sure that it's worth it. None of that matters though, especially after Arya bonds with the wide-eyed younger demigods aboard the Argo II, who see what the world could be rather than what it is.

{Arya Jackson Series 2- Sequel to Head Above Water}
{Lost Hero-Blood of Olympus}

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