A Billionaire in Shining Suit (TBB 4)

A Billionaire in Shining Suit (TBB 4)

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Category: Romance
Zachary Danvers had everything he could ever have. He was successful, he had fame, money, women except for a family. A family that he watched and wanted to be a part of.

Karina Hart was the best diagnostician or so everybody said. Karina had a past. A past that she had tried her level best to put behind her.

Kari and Zach are at a party where happiness was all around when a mysterious message makes her want to run away. A message that can resurface her past and affect her future. Zach helps Kari and they couldn't help but act on their feelings for each other.

But what will happen when Kari's past puts a target on Zachary's back?

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