911 - what's your emergency?

911 - what's your emergency?

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You just started working with your dad at station 118. Being the captains daughter is going to be tough but you find great family friends and maybe love

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This is my story! PLEASE don't steal it! I have been informed of this story being on other platforms but this is the original! Please report the other accounts with my story! Thank you!After Evan and Maddie moved to LA, I figured I should too. I wasn't running from anything, I was just looking for a fresh start. Sorry, I'm Samantha 'Sam' Buckley, I am the youngest of my siblings at 26, yeah, Evan is my twin brother. I am fresh out of Stanford College with a teaching degree, I have been wanting to do this since I was a kid and I'm excited to start.Moving to California after the start of the school year left me with an open 4 months before I can start working as a full time teacher but I received an offer to help out a little boy that is 8 years old with cerebral palsy. I accepted with ease, I love kids and couldn't wait to assist this young boy.~This takes place during season 2, before Buck gets his leg crushed~Highest Ranks#1 in '911' 03-26-21#1 in 'Eddie Diaz' 03-01-21#1 in 'Firefighter' 02-27-21100k Hit on June 18th, 2020! Thank you all!Wednesday Updates!

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