9 Years Later

9 Years Later

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Category: Romance
They met for the right reasons but at the wrong time. She was just about to graduate from college, and he was already a successful CEO/Businessman who is ten years her senior.

A city love like no other. Enter the world of Alecx and Tristan, brought together by fate, only to be separated by unexpected circumstances. Will there be a second chance for them when they meet again 9 years later?

A story about chasing dreams, friendship and love....

"A love story that will make you swoon. Definitely a fun, entertaining and feel-good read. "
- A Reader's Comment

1) I saw her hug one of the guys in that department and kissed him on the cheek. I don't really deal a lot with our employees. I am mostly either inside my office or in the boardroom conducting meetings, so I do not even know who this guy she is smitten with. Just seeing her do that caused a twinge of jealousy inside me. I barely know this girl and yet, she is making me feel something I have not felt before.
2) I gave him a dagger look and tried to get away from his hold, but he did not let me. Instead, he put both his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. Our faces are just inches away from each other. He was looking at me intently. My heart is beating so fast. I feel like I am going to melt from his gaze.
"I am just messing with you. I am sorry. Forget about what I said. Just dance with me. For old time's sake." He smiled at me.
I continued to look him straight in the eyes. "Why did I ever leave this amazing man in front of me?" I asked myself regretfully.
I set aside all my inhibitions and placed both my arms around his neck. Even just for tonight, I will enjoy this moment. I rested my head on his shoulder and nuzzled my face on his neck. I hope we can stay like this forever.

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