21 Facts About The Illuminati

21 Facts About The Illuminati

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Once upon a time... There was a group called the Illuminati. This group was quite a mystery to the whole world. The Illuminati are still mysterious to this day. Some people don't know what is true; some people don't believe that they are real. There is only one possibility to finding out; it's doing the research. These are some well-known "facts" about the mysterious group of the Illuminati.
When I wrote this book, I did not discuss it with my friends. I would only speak when I was a part of that conversation. A lot was going on around me when I wrote this book, so I didn't share the idea with my friends that I was even writing this book.

The book made by: CreepyOwl Dust/Alyssa Ervin
Facts found by: Internet ~ In the links area, there is the areas of the website

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