12 Seconds (#1 in Military series)

12 Seconds (#1 in Military series)

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Category: Action
After being caught in an explosion in Afghanistan, Jules is sent home with no memory of her time as a marine or the love she found overseas.

Now, two years later, Julia is working in the local library, with an overprotective mother who would do anything to keep her from learning the truth.

But will a chance encounter with someone from her past make Julia remember who she truly is?

And can she ever be the same person again?

Just a few notes:

1. My knowledge of the Armed Forces is limited so expect mistakes although I shall try my best to make everything as accurate as possible.
2. I have recently posted the prequel to this book called 'Seven Years'.
3.This book is dedicated to all the men and women who put themselves in harms way to serve their country, wherever they may be; past and present.

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