[1]  Beware the Batman and the Black Widow  [1]

[1] Beware the Batman and the Black Widow [1]

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First Book in the "Beware The Batman and Black Widow" Series


What if Black Widow existed in the DC universe?

Eventually Natasha leaves Russia and her assassin ways behind her.

She makes a deal with ARGUS and deflects to America where she travels to Gotham to stop the Joker from using a soviet weapon of mass destruction on the unsuspecting city but to stop him she must find the Dark Knight.

Batman and Black Widow realise they must work together to stop him, the pair become close friends and this book reviews many of their adventures including rescuing the city from scarecrow, fighting the league of assassins, stopping a crazy plot deceived by Poison Ivy and Many more.


This is my first book so I would really appreciate feedback!

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