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Male Wednesday X Female Black Reader

While attending Nevermore academy for her 3rd year at Nevermore Academy, Y/N L/N helps Wednesday and her friends get down to the bottom of a killing spree and solves a mystery involving Wednesday's parents. She also, finds out the history behind her parents. She falls deeply in love on the way of solving those mysteries. However, the question is who does she fall for??

I will post atleast once a week I won't have a specific date on when I will post because of me having to balance doing other things in my daily life and writing. Tysm, to my regular readers!!

*Story UNDER EDITING because of bad grammar and just needs to have more effort into it.*
(The story line won't be changed just grammatical errors will be fixed)

Chapter list

- Last updated at 02:10 20-06-2024

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'I-I am pregnant with your child Sandro!' She had repeated those words a hundred times in her head and yet now that the man was sitting I front of her on the dinning table, eating the food she had prepared for him so painstakingly, the words just wouldn't come!She looked longingly at the glass of red wine kept beside her plate and wished she could just take a gulp or two, to get some liquid courage if nothing else. But opted for the cool glass of water instead to wet her patched throat.She and Alessandro had been in a relationship for almost a year now. She shouldn't be this nervous in front of him. And yet her handsome billionaire had this magnetic effect that sometimes leaves her tongue tied."Sandro..we-we need to talk." She said instead. Her eyes lowered at her plate but she was fully aware that for some reason he was just as tensed as she was. 'Had he already guessed?' she noticed that he had barely touched anything on his plate.He nodded. "You are right we need to talk! We can't go on like this anymore!" He suddenly stood up.Grace's brows furrowed in confusion. 'What was he talking about?'"I am getting married next month!" His tanned face had suddenly gone stoically cold. "To Francesca Rossi, the daughter of a business partner....I hope you will understand that our liaison must come to an end now."Grace couldn't breathe. God! She couldn't breathe!"Don't worry....I won't be leaving you high and dry of course. You can keep this apartment as a parting gift or the beach house in Malibu if you like....I have already asked my assistant to prepare the deeds to change it to your name."And suddenly Grace wanted to die!
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Poetry and the Gods, by H.P. Lovecraft with Anna Helen Crofts.This short story was written in 1920, and was first published in the September 1920 issue (No. 1) of the United Amateur.
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There is a scene that Coraline chases Wybie with her shoes. In the movie, Wybie ran away with his bike, but what if Coraline successes to catch Wybie? What will happen next? Wybie X Coraline . this story isn't my this masterpiece belongs to LittlerRed912 I enjoy this story so much I wanted to share it with you. and there's not enough wybie x Coraline story on Wattpad so yeah.
Arrange marriage with my bully.... jungkook ff

When your bully in love with you.......you both in the arrange marriageJungkook is your bully but secretly loves you... he loves you the way no one do.. but you are a silent and heartbroken girl....Bcoz of your abusive father. let's see how your bully who always bullys and tease you... makes you love your life . Makes you love him. How he makes you realize you are precious , you are his everything .yess.....,For you he is your bully but for him you are his everything . And this two arrange in a arrange marriage.

හමුවීම ම හිමිවීම නොවූ ලෝකයකඅහිමිවීම ට හෝ ඔබ හමු වූජීවිතය ට ආදරය කරමි..
What They've Done To Us

sequel to aeou (read first)✘ ✘ ✘The boys are back. And they're out for revenge. Last semester the girls of Sterling humiliated Caleb, Luca, Atlas and Sage. Exposing family secrets, dirty confessions and everything else taboo that led to their exposé's in the media.This time round the boys are about to show just why they're not to be messed with. Just why they've been marked as the heartbreakers.Newcomer Saamiya Daler is equal parts intrigued and open to help the boys get revenge.After all there at her school, on her territory, clueless. She knows the ins and outs of the boarding school Whitlock Prepatory. She knows the score. She's everything these boys need.The stakes are high but tension is higher.______________
RWBY reacts to Warhammer 40k

The cast of RWBY reacts to the Imperium of Man and all in the 41st Millennium where across the Stars, there is only...WARWhere Mankind fights against hordes of Xenos, Heretics and the forces of Dark Gods.To see the Rise and Fall of Mankind from it's glorious days led by the Emperor. To the destructive fires of the Horus Heresy
𝐎𝐧𝐞 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤ᵏᵒᵒᵏᵛ

از اسمش مشخصه،وانشات بوکه که قراره وانشات و یا چندشاتی های زیادی از کوکوی آپ کنم:)🍷⛓️🔞𝑺𝒕𝒂𝒓𝒕: 1400/3/27𝑩𝒚: 𝑲𝒊𝒎-𝑨𝒖𝒓𝒐𝒓𝒂

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A Journal for my Beloved - An Anthology

A collection of poems inspired by the honey-heavy dews of joy and love, as poems occasionally invite the reader to contemplate the wisdom behind the existence of pain, the seduction of nostalgia and our desire to feel complete.

571 9 20
Where have you been? (Kellin Quinn)

I'm so close to falling. Falling off this bridge others call life. I feel as if the slightest​ winds could end it all. As if a whisper a mile away could give me that extra push that I want. Do I want it? Do I want to end it all? Maybe I'll just jump.

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Little Scholars Daycare Center III

ContactAddress: 104 West End Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235Phone: (718) 285-9514Website URL:http://www.littlescholarsnyc.com/

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Fertilaid For Women ReviewsIn Multan - Call Now #03003096854

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Kobolds can be heroes 3times the charm

The is the continuation of Kobolds can be Heroes 2day. After six years, Eric and the others are living in the world peacefully and have retired from their adventuring days. However the past doesn't stayed buried and a threat larger than FRC arrives and the world is in turmoil. Join Eric and a cast of new faces as they head out for their final adventure as they fight not only the incomprehensible, but also for their own sanity. This story was made in my main account @snakes0 but due some technical issues I am unable to use my main account and have to continue the story here in this backup account of mine.

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Dreamscape: The Veronica Diaries

Veronica is leaving her family, friends, boyfriend and life behind in the small town of Evergreen to start college in the weird city of Portland, Oregon. She meets a mysterious yet familiar man named Salvatore whom has many dark secrets. Veronica can't help but feel uneasy about this transition, but is it because of moving to a new city or something else much darker?Authors note: I update a few times a week with long chapters every Friday.This book contains some mature scenes within.

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The moment when Sarada met Boruto after many years, she couldn't remember him anymore. Because of the pain and sorrow Sarada fought with on the day after he left the village. Now that Boruto's back, he decided to build new memories with her. But all those plans turned into misfortune.2018-2019

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Jessica Williams was a photographer for the New York Islanders. Then she receives news that she can be the head photographer for the Dallas Stars. Will she forget the friends she's leaving behind in New York and will she fall in love with a hockey player that doesn't want to leave the party life behind.

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Ouran High School Host Club Roleplay

A classic that's dear to many people, including me!

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