𓍊𓋼 ☾ Kai's Guide To Therianthropy ☽ 𓋼𓍊

𓍊𓋼 ☾ Kai's Guide To Therianthropy ☽ 𓋼𓍊

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☆ This is a guide to therianthropy, as well as some of my personal experiences such as shifts and how I figured out my theriotypes.

☆ I am an awakened therian of 2 years, so I don't know everything. If you think something is wrong, please don't hesitate to say so in the comments, or in a DM to me.

☆ I hope you find this guide helpful, and good luck to any newly-awakened therians who are reading this! Remember, don't rush trying to figure out you're a therian, it takes time. :)

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um hello everyone just to let you guys know these I won't when I was like very trash and didn't know what I was writing so these are kinda trash (mostly) um so yeah caoi

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