ون شوت تايكوك منحرف قليلا

ون شوت تايكوك منحرف قليلا

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You Enlighten My World ( Taekook ff )

When Kim Taehyung's parents found out he is dating a good for nothing guy, they decided to marry him to the mature & responsible Jeon Jungkook.Taekook arranged marriage .Story of bratty Kim Taehyung & patient Jeon Jungkook. Story of Jungkook's love & devotion for his Angel Taehyung. " You came like an Angel in my life & my whole world lightened up. You Enlighten My World Tae"...JJK.Come & be a part of Kim Taehyung's journey from "I hate you Jeon Jungkook" to "I love you Kookie"This is my first story so there will be a lot of mistakes. Plz bear with me.This story is a product of my imagination. It has no connection with the real artists.Plz don't copy it.Cover created by MeBest Rankings: #3 in Fanfiction(5/11/20) #1 in VKook(5/11/20) #1 in TopJungkook(5/11/20) #1 in btsfanfic (9/11/2020) #2 in gay(12/11/20) #1 in bottomtaehyung(14/11/20) #2 in topkook (24/11/20) #1 in boyxboyromance(1/12/20) #1 in forcedmarriage(27/01/21) #1 in kimtaehyung(29/01/21) #1 in TaeKook(31/01/21) #1 in bottomtae(01/02/21)
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⚠️အမှောင်မကြိုက်လျှင် လုံးဝမဖတ်ပါနဲ့ ⚠️idol image လုံးဝထိခိုက်စေဖို့ မဟုတ်ပါ⚠️မကြိုက်လျှင်မဖတ်ပါနဲ့ ဖတ်ပြီးလျှင်မ blameပါနဲ့အပေါ်ကအချက်တေလိုက်နာနိုင်မှဖတ်ပါ။(Warning စိုတာအားရားလို့ရေးထားတာမဟုတ်ပါ။ ကိုယ်နဲ့ အဆင်ပြေမပြေသိရအောင်ရေးထားတာပါ။ warning ကိုကျော်ပြီးတော့မဖတ်ပါနဲ့။ သေချာဖတ်ပြီးကိုယ်နဲ့ကိုက်မကိုက်သေချာစဉ်းစားပြီးမှဖတ်ပါ။)
My Little Assistant [kv]❤💜

Kim Taehyung, a cute little bubbly innocent 23 years old guy who doesn't know anything about the outside world but some circumstances happened and it lead him to be personal assistant of CEO Jeon Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook, owner and CEO of two successful and famous company JJK Corp &Ent.,most eligible bachelor of Seoul, known to be heartless,cold and short tempered. what will happen if Jungkook know that his assistant is a little? Read to find out.Includes:•Fluff •Little •Innocent love •Mpreg •Boy×Boy •Kookv •Yoonmin •Namjin •Jhope •Other ships from other groups[Highest rank- #1 bottomtae(270920)][Highest rank- #1 markson(270920)][Highest rank- #1 topkook(241120)][Highest rank- #3 loveatfirstsight(141220)] [Highest rank- #2 loveatfirstsight(191220)][Highest rank- #1 kookv(100121)]_______Started: April, 2020Restarted: June 5,2020Ended: ongoing
Mix-up at summer camp

Once upon a time, in a small suburban town, there lived a teenage boy named Alex. He was a typical young boy, full of energy and always seeking adventure. One summer, however, his life took an unexpected turn when at his summer camp he appears to be grouped with the toddler girls.(story written with the help of AI, all pictures created by AI)
Married to a slut | vkook

- discontinued, check community post - ━ Tried to find peace in hook ups. Becoming the one as he was told. Never believed in love but yet still he found himself falling for him. tk au :-toppings - Jungkook -bell bottoms - Taehyung -MpregNOTE : this story is under heavy editing. Changes could happen, I would suggest to re read if you have read this story already.Thank you for giving your time to this!

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This story is kinda the same as my other story Choose, but kinda different. ----------------------------------------------------"Fine, choose, me or her!" I yelled and he looked at me in disbelief."What?" He said as me and Jennie looked at each other, more like glaring."Me or Her?" I said and he sighed before choosing the girl...."I choose....."°●•°●•°●°•°●•°●•°●•°●•°●•°●•°●•°●•°●•°●•°●•°●•° •°● Read to continue°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●°•●Started: July 12, 2018Ended: July 24, 2018Credit: @FanOfMinYoongiFor making the book cover<3Highest Rank: [#8]

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MAD LOVE | Yandere Jungkook X Reader | BTS FF

''You can always run away from me but you can never escape'' -Jungkook

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Queen Of The World #1//BTS FF

~EDITING~---------Book 1 of the Queen Of The World Series---------You are a vampire, witch hybrid but these parts of you only come out at certain points. Sometimes helping you, sometimes not.Government all over the world have hired you to keep the people of the world safe as it becomes more dangerous.What started out as a hobby on the side turned into a whole singing career in which you tour in between missions, running into trouble on your way.You are in a poly relationship with 7 boyfriends, in which you are the pivot (the person who has relations with the others and there are no other connections between the others- follows a vee format if you know ur poly relationship structures) Follow along with the story to find out more about your powers, the men you are with and the life threatening situations you encounter.---------BTS X ReaderSupernatural AUMafia AUIdol AU--------This was one of my 1st books so don't judge the awful writing

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