My Winter ( Hawks X Reader )

My Winter ( Hawks X Reader )

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Stunned in the doorway of Hawk's bedroom, L/N Y/N or known as Hero Winter Lady sees her fiance's on the bed with another woman.

The Ice Hero runs to her car and drives to her best friend's house, Mirko while calling her. On her way, an attack from strong villains prevents Y/N from reaching Miruko's house. The commotion was heard through the phone by Miruko, as she calls Hawks and Endeavor.

That night, the Hero Winter Lady declared dead, as only a piece of her burned clothes, along with her haircuts and blood were found. She has no family, but her closest friend feels the loss. Hawks was devastated, in addition, he learned from Miruko that Y/N is pregnant.

5 years have passed, Hawks is on a patrol with Endeavor, when he spots someone who looks like Y/N, along with a little boy with blond hair.

Note :
- Slight changes of POV
- Forgive me if there's a slight OOCness
- English is not my main language
- Forgive me for misspelled words or grammars
- The characters from BNHA belong to Horikoshi Kohēi
- I'm still learning to write.
- The cover was made by me but the art is not mine.
- Pictures on the stories are from pinterest

Start: February 14th 2021
End: March 8th 2021

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There, soaring through the sky, Hawks and Y/N had finally found each other.

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