丅ᕼᗴ ᒪ ᔕɊᑌᗩᗪ - L x OC -

丅ᕼᗴ ᒪ ᔕɊᑌᗩᗪ - L x OC -

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Prepare for *TASK FORCE SHOCK HORROR* as Lola sweeps L off his feet, adopts Near and Mello, and skillfully diverges the plot. (It is not skilful.)

Light's godliness never saw it coming.

This is the funniest, most wholesome death note fanfic you will ever read in your life.

Also, this book is a certified chocking hazard DO NOT inhale your beverages please I've had people choke on their tea, inhaling their orange juice -

By all means have a wee giggle but just don't die ok

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