လီးတောင်တိုင်းရေးမယ် (လီးေတာင္တိုင္းေရးမယ္)

လီးတောင်တိုင်းရေးမယ် (လီးေတာင္တိုင္းေရးမယ္)

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18နှစ်အောက်ကလေးတွေ warningပေးတယ်နော်🚩

18ႏွစ္ေအာက္ကေလးေတြ warningေပးတယ္ေနာ္🚩

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It's a story between three Korean boys and three Indian girls .Nj - I love you so much Jinnie ...you are my first and you are my last (kissed her).Jn - I love you too Joonie ...(kissed him back).______________________________________Yg : Hey don't disturb me shorty (annoying).Jm : But you are my idol kitty (flirty face)._______________________________________Jk : Do you think you are Miss universe ?Tae : Yes I'm ..(sassy) I'm beautiful , sexy not like you pig (run).Story related :Boy×girlIndian marriageKorean×indianJin , Jimin , Tae as girl Funny and fluffySmut 🔞PregnancyLatching Happy endingEnglish isn't my first language so please forgive my mistakes 🙏.Short chapters.
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❝But you said friends shouldn't have sex...❞I muttered breathless, my head clouded with so much need, when his hand slid from the valley of my breasts and to my navel and sauntered lower.He let out a chuckle, his lips turned up in a smug grin. His baritone voice and the sight of him, half-naked and mine for the night, turned me on even more. ❝I don't make the rules, baby. I bend them. Just like I bent your knees last night.❞ And then as his hand caressed the softest part of me, a quiet plea stumbled through my lips with my knees turning weak; willing him to go on despite knowing this would end in a disaster. ───────────Sara expected to meet fellow bibliophiles and hearty conversations about prose and reading when she joined a local book club.Fueled with caffeine and passionate talks, she became well acquainted with her new bookoholic friends, especially with Dominic, the man with midnight raven hair and oceanic blue eyes whose charm worked on her like black magic. Though she only intended to bond platonically, she couldn't help but reciprocate his flirtatious glances and sexual innuendos when she thought no one noticed.As she found herself stuck between her poor attempt at surviving her failing relationship and her profound desire for her hot, persuasive writer, she couldn't say no when he made a generous offer she's more than willing to compromise--private writing sessions at his place.⚠ content/trigger warning: contains mature content, sexual assault, self-harm, mentions of ED, cursing, alcohol/drugs use, emotional abuse & cheating
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having a childish captain was enough of a responsibility for the strawhats, but having another childish crew member that wants to play god is even more of a hassle, especially since she's the first crew mate that their captain entrusted his everything to."err... what's your name again?"oh, and she's quite forgetful. ☂︎━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━one piece x reader! (jjk, aot, one piece crossover!)the anime and manga series "one piece", "jujutsu kaisen" and "attack on titan" does not belong to me along with the images that will be used here unless i clarify that it's mine!status: on goingstarted: (07/16/23)ended:___________⭐ highest rankings:1#onepiecexreader (07/29/23)13#chopper (08/02/23)14#franky (08/04/23)1#brook (09/04/23)7#nami (08/15/23)25#onepiece (09/16/23)8#onepiecexreader (08/21/23)21#sanji (08/25/23)9#zoro (09/03/23)4#sabo (09/07/23)
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lãnh khốc không kiên nhẫn sau thật thơm công × nhuyễn manh ngu ngốc đáng thương thụ# lão bà thật thơm## ly hôn là không có khả năng ly hôn, chết cũng không rời #
Asistente (Omegaverse)

Harry es un omega muy independiente que viene de una familia de betas por lo cual no fue criado como un omega típico. Habiendo retraído su parte animal toda su vida está convencido de que no necesita de un alfa para vivir, prefiere abocar todas sus energías a conseguir su objetivo: vivir de la pintura. En el camino consigue trabajo de chico de los recados en la alcaldía de su ciudad, Chicago. Allí se topa con el Secretario General, el segundo al mando luego del alcalde, Louis Tomlinson. Este es un alfa unos años mayor que él, muy poderoso y que se va a encargar de fastidiarlo desde su primer día laboral. Sus partes animales sienten una atracción tan grande que no les permite alejarse el uno del otro pero ellos se detestan. Luego de conocerse por quién en realidad son, ¿seguirán odiándose?Advertencias: Contiene escenas de intento de abuso sexual.*EN EDICIÓN. ESTO ES UN PRIMER BORRADOR.*NO SE PERMITEN ADAPTACIONES NI TRADUCCIONES.*HISTORIA ORIGINAL DE JESI G. CALVARIO.

to the moon and to saturn♡ (Taylor and Daughter)

"your braids like a pattern,love you to the moon and to saturn"Just a book filled with imagines about having Taylor Swift as your mom. I hope you guys enjoy :)>

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هلاااو اشتقت الواتباد😭😭

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JungKook💕oc#က်ေနာ့္ႏွလံုးသားထဲပထမဆံုးဝင္ေရာက္လာတဲ့သူမ ဘာမွဂ႐ုမစိုက္ႏိုင္ေလာက္ေအာင္က်ေနာ္သူမကိုခ်စ္တယ္💜 အေျခေနေတြေၾကာင့္က်ေနာ္စြန္႔လႊတ္ရမွာလား #ဘာမွဂ႐ုမစိုက္ပဲသူမကိုပဲေရြးခ်ယ္လိုက္ရမလား💜

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