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නුඹ නිසා දැවුණි.....💙
නුඹෙන් මා නිවෙමි......💙

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❝we have different destinies, paul.❞❝bullshit. we choose our own destinies, and i choose you. over and over again. always.❞When House Atreides must uproot itself and move to Arrakis, Lia finds herself worrying more and more about Paul and the demands of his position... They discover their childhood friendship may be more than platonic as they escape their collapsing society.(oc x paul atreides) (there is some feyd-rautha love triangle action too)cover by @AlphaWolfJana#1 in Dune#1 in Paul Atreides#1 in Lady Jessica#1 in Duke Leto#1 in Arrakis #1 in Harkonnen#1 in Spice#1 in Fremen#1 in Timothée Chalametstarted oct 29/21
Back To The Past 2 : The Rise Of The False Heiress Marrying The True Tycoon

Book 2Chapter 253 onwards here...Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THIS STORYAll credit goes to the author and the translatorFOR OFFLINE PURPOSES...SypnosisGu Zi transmigrated into a novel and became a character in a story about a true and false rich heiress.While others who transmigrated into novels become the true heiress, she became the fake heiress. To make matters worse, both she and the true heiress are engaged.She was engaged to the son of a military leader, while the true heiress was engaged to a divorced man with three children from his previous marriage.Gu Zi's parents, caring for the true heiress, decide to have Gu Zi marry in her place. In the book, the character "Gu Zi" was furious and attempted suicide but failed.As a result, she lost the love and favor of her parents. After marrying the divorced man,"Gu Zi" blamed him for all the wrongdoings and mistreated his children. Eventually, he could no longer tolerate her actions and divorced her. "Gu Zi" would become a destitute beggar and die miserably on the street.After transmigrating into the book, Gu Zi left her family and married the divorced man. When she faced the man and his three children, Gu Zi believed that the original owner of her body made a terrible mistake.This was a painless experience of being a mother without any hardships to endure!On the other hand, the true heiress had to deal with her husband's illegitimate child and fight for family assets. She would lead a daily life full of hardships.The true heiress consoled herself, thinking that she was still better off than Gu Zi. She had to raise someone else's child and care for an old man.However, one day she sees Gu Zi stepping out of a luxurious car with a protruding belly, supported by the richest man in the city.Looking aggrieved, Gu Zi got out of the car and said, "We agreed not to have children!"The man beside her responded tenderly, "Sorry, my mistake."...Book 1 (Completed) ✅Book 2 ( Ongoing)
Atlas: Betrayed CEO Deku (MHA x Advanced Warfare x Resident Evil x Nikke)

Izuku Midorya was betrayed by his friends, teachers, and All Might. Some of them believed he was innocent until the unknown arrived as a rescuer of the private army. And they successfully rescued their CEO non-other than Izuku Midorya the son of Jonathan Irons. He spread the word to the entire UA Highschool and Japan:" I am a member of Atlas. I serve Atlas and its clients. I will always place Atlas' interests first. I will not be defeated. I will never be outworked, out-classed, or out-gunned. I stand ready to eliminate the enemies of Atlas. I am Atlas."CEO/President of the Atlas CorporationIzuku Midorya Irons

Sanguine /ˈsæŋgwən/adjective1. 1. 
optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.1. 2. 
blood-red.noun1. a blood-red colour.[twisted wonderland][twst x m!oc]

This isn't the beginning, yet.In 'The Rising,' the first book of the Cataclysm Saga, the emergence of a zombie apocalypse thrusts a group of graduating students into a tumultuous struggle for survival. As she grapples with personal conflicts and past traumas, Amari embarks on a perilous mission to locate her friends amidst the chaos. However, she soon uncovers a terrifying discovery: the undead are something more than they think they are, driven by an insatiable hunger that intensifies under the full moon's glow, they become stronger, fiercer, faster. She calls this 'The Rising.' This sinister phenomenon threatens to consume all in its path. As Amari confronts the harrowing choice between life and death, she must navigate treacherous terrain to outlast the relentless tide of the undead.-*-*-*-Content Warning: This story may contain mature and explicit themes such as graphic violence, and mental health (such as trauma, anxiety, depression) which may not be suitable for all audiences.Reader discretion is advised. If you are sensitive to any of these themes, please consider carefully before proceeding.We hope those who choose to read find the story moving and thought-provoking.
Prodigy Idol Sunfish

[Everything is fine but you will die no matter what you do ★][Synonym for a shitty game of luck ★][Is there anyone who has seen an ending other than death? ★]Death due to failure to debut, death for being caught up in rumors, death due to a traffic accident while trying to escape stalker fans, death due to stress, death due to a concert hall accident.An idol, or rather, a sunfish cultivation game, with an App Store rating of 1.2. However, my life got synced with this damned game?![Synchronizing 'Baek-Ya']Passive: R Sunfish[Passive cannot be disabled.]99% chance for a bad ending.The only way to survive is to succeed as a genius idol!
Manifestation 101

How to manifest whatever you want
RUHI BIYI (a gangar jiki daya)

Hakan ya furta cikin kasar zuci,amma ko cikin karfi irin ta tsatsuba Nainah ta saurari komi.......Gajeriyar murmushi tayi,daga karshe ta hade fuska......nanfa ta soma tunano abinda ya faru a wancen lokacin.....da kuma abinda yayi sanadin sumewar Harun.A yayin da Harun ke Yunkurin taba kafadar wannan halittar data diro masa a gaba..... sai bakaken aljanun nan suka sake bayyana inda suka aika sakon tsafi....wacce tayi sama da Harun din ta kuma bugasa da kasa.....Cikin kankanin lokaci ya sume....Nainah da ganin haka ta hade rai hade da cewa...."Kai kananun masharranta mai kuke takama dashi da har zaku sumar da wanda nake karewa...."??*Karku shige rudani _readers_ dan wannan wanda ta diro gaban harun ba kowa bace illa Nainah....*Dajiyo batun nata ko daya daga cikin bakaken aljanun ya koma bayan babban nasu yace dashi......"Yaya Gafur.....ninasan hatsarin wannan Yarinyan....Itace fa wannan gimbiya danake baka labarin wato Nainah.........ita tayi sanadiyar mutuwar Gwarzon mayakan Bakaken aljanun na saman tsauni...."Dajiyo hakan ko Gafur ya fashe da muguwar dariya hade kuma da kyakyatawa....cikin murya uku ukuSannan yace da dan uwan nasa........"ba gimbiya take ba...ko itace sarauniyar aljanun duniya,tunda dai ta shigo gonata saina koya mata hankali"Haka kannen nasa sukayi ta kokarin tsayar dashi amma yaki sauraron su...Dukda ma kannen nasa akayima abin amma hakan ta matukar hassala shi...Nainah ko....motsawa batayi ba,ta wani bushe kim guri guda...Nanfa gafur ya umurci kannen nasa da su basa guri....Sannan yaja layi ya soma aika sakon tsafi iri iri...

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Geralt was wondering around the woods when he spotted a small puppy with a wound on its leg. Geralt tried his hardest to ignore the little thing letting nature take it's course. Something about the small puppy keep pulling him to her and decided to become a hero instead of a heartless Witcher.This story is based off the Netflix show, I know there will be time skip so this is going to be interesting. I love the Witcher series in a whole and i'm hoping the show really live up to the gorgeous world that is The Witcher.

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Ronald Weasley is normal. He is totally normal. Until the day they come back for their 8th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wiserdry.Blaise Zabini is normal too, that's what we thought. That's what everyone thought. That's what he thought, until something about his unknown heritage is revealed. BlaisexRon (Blairon) DracoxHarry (Drarry) PansyxHermione (Pansmione) DeanxSeamus (Deamus) TheoxNeville (Theville) LunaxGinny (Linny) SiriusxRemus (Wolfstar) Bitchy LavenderOkay GinnyAnnoying AF Cormac I don't own any of these characters, they all belong to the J.K Rowling, though I do not support her. I also do not own any of the pictures I use in the chapters. Enjoy~

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"What do you mean a child jumped off the bridge?"This is where young Lúthien's story continues, after experiencing a traumatic experience she finds herself running for the Great Elven King's gates not long before jumping off the bridge that connects the Mirkwood forest to the Thranduil's palace. And from there, her adventure growing up in the Woodland Realm beginsPSA! The account Tauriel_Greenleaf23 has been stealing my work and publishing it! They currently have my other Thranduil fic "The Moth and the Flame" published. If you see my work anywhere else please let me know and report! Thank you so much!🧡 10/14/21 (So if you're enjoying this fic so far, I've actually got another one that's been completed. It's older and hasn't gone through editing yet, but if you're interested it's there 😊)

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Lord help me-Ship will be said in the chapter name, as will the genre(fluff, lemon, angst)If there is an & symbol, then its platonicNever written lemon before, so sorry if it's badNot big on angst so there won't be a lot of that First chapter will have some of my headcanons regarding some of them. I will add headcanons as they come up.There will be some strong language

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The Sarsaparillian Halloween

There is a school in Earth for the Empires. Empires are the race of people whose ancestors were a vampire and a elemantalist. Empires, on the other hand, have the ability to control one of the elements - fire,air, earth,water and sky and drink blood. Trouble begins when the students of the academy are infected with a strange disease. It's up to the student detectives to find out! Read out to find more!

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back to you | paul atreides

❝we have different destinies, paul.❞❝bullshit. we choose our own destinies, and i choose you. over and over again. always.❞When House Atreides must uproot itself and move to Arrakis, Lia finds herself worrying more and more about Paul and the demands of his position... They discover their childhood friendship may be more than platonic as they escape their collapsing society.(oc x paul atreides) (there is some feyd-rautha love triangle action too)cover by @AlphaWolfJana#1 in Dune#1 in Paul Atreides#1 in Lady Jessica#1 in Duke Leto#1 in Arrakis #1 in Harkonnen#1 in Spice#1 in Fremen#1 in Timothée Chalametstarted oct 29/21

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Creepypasta eyeless Jack x reader

This includes me, you, my sister, and 1 of my other oc's! K?) You and your sisters whole life was abuse, and getting bullied. You 4 never had fun... But 1 day, what if the the beating goes too far? What will happen?

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Back to you | ✔

Best friends are torn apart, one moving away without explanation. Four years later, they are reunited. Family secrets and hidden letters are discovered threatening to ruin everything.*****When Josh moved away, he took with it everything Bonnie knew.He was her best friend, her neighbor, her everything. Four years ago, he left without even a goodbye and no explanation.Now he's home, and he's determined to win her back, no matter what it takes.Gone is the light-hearted, rambunctious boy she knew, replaced with a brooding, broken guy.A kiss, dark family secrets, and hidden letters will threaten to destroy everything.Falling in love with her best friend was never in Bonnies' plan, but some things are inevitable.*****"Not to spoil the ending for you, BonBon, but everything is going to be okay."(Word Count - 55,000 - 60,000.)

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