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[Quick Travel] The Villain's Whitewashing Method

Title:Author︰賦予Status: CompletedDescription:[The conscientious and conscientious villain Shou X is blackened by being stabbed with a knife]Jiayang is a villain and his task is to become the hero's sharpening stone, so that the hero can experience and become a suitable hero.Unexpectedly, all the male protagonists he met had faults, none of them had the slightest ambition to improve themselves, and they were still indifferent even when they climbed onto his head.So Jiayang changed his strategy. He tried his best to call the male protagonist a brother, and after gaining the male protagonist's trust and affection, he suddenly changed his face and betrayed him, stabbed him in the back, framed him, and so on.He did all the evil things the villain did to the hero.Sure enough, the hero became a very powerful and qualified hero.Jia Yang is very satisfied, and the hero on the left and right can't take revenge on him, and he can go to the next world after completing the mission of the villain.Until... After Jia Yang completed all the tasks, the system said to him: [You need to go back to each previous task world and survive for ten years, and the task can only be considered as completed if you survive. 】Jiayang was silent: 【Say it again. ]System: [You need to go back to all previous mission worlds to survive for ten years--】Jayang:【&#¥#¥#! 】_______JUST IN CASE, THIS STORY IS:✓ PURELY MTL(means this is not edited, so expect the incorrect pronouns, indents, and grammatical errors. :D)✓ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ( just uploaded here for my smooth offline reading)✓ Do Not Report, Do Not Vote, Just Read✓ DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover nor the story, this is all for offline reading.✓ All Rights and Credits to the original author, google translator, and link(s).

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Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual

Notes: This is not mine. It is for offline reading. I'll repeat again, this is NOT MINE and it is for OFFLINE READING ONLY. Read on for daily updates.Author : Tang Zong MaoTranslator : TranslateindoDescription : Mission: Transmigrate world by world into a scoundrel's body; clean up the original's life.Wei Mingyan is a liar, through and through. But he doesn't see himself as such. His motto? "If one deceives others for a lifetime, then all lies would become the truth."Synopsis :Mr.Wei traveled from world to world, switching bodies- so he could care for those who had been hurt by the original owner. Those who had harmed relatives and genuine lovers, were then redeemed by him.A girl without a father, a lover betrayed by her boyfriend, a pet dog who was abused by their owner, a husband who sold his own child.Protect girls and take care of them. Take care and return pets, display devotion to their parents... His job was to make them happy, not more troubled!Even though this was the usual routine for Wei Mingyan, to redeem scum men one by one, he agreed to use his own efforts; to make distressed relatives happy without revealing his identity, so that the people who had suffered, can live happily.

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Whitewashing The Villains Reputation

Li Han is an ordinary college student. everything was going smoothly in his life. but it all ended when he died due to a stray cat. falling to his death he woke up inside a white room with a screen in front of him, which is the system.[Ding! Main task: Whitewash the Villains Role!][Ding! Villains current reputation : -60!]Li Han: oh, okay I can still do this!• • •(few moments later)Li Han: wait! something is definitely wrong with the world's protagonists!Li Han: How come they suddenly turned bent?!Li Han: QAQ

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Slag Gong Whitewashing Manual (Quick Travel)

In the thousands of worlds, there are always some people who are coaxed by scumbags with a few words and foolishly give their sincerity, but in the end they are deceived and tricked, and they end up with an unhappy ending. And Lu Ze's mission is to transform into these scumbags and change the tragic experience of those people. World One: Dandy, prodigal rich second generation Gong x cold and shy beauty Shou [You are with me because of a bet? ] World 2: Age-style ungrateful gangster x pliable and obedient beauty World 3: Fenghuang male Gong x brother general shou. Gong x Cruel and ruthless, really too supervising public affairs on the campus: Heartless and heartless Years under the attack x Cool and cold fishing school God Shou love Comprehensive episode: E-sports world champion Gong x Years on Wenrun President Shou ps: 1, 1v1, every world Shou is all alone! 2. The third world has the setting of having a child, if you mind, you can skip it~ 3. This is the first time I wrote the main attack, a simple love cookie, I hope you all have a good time watching it^o^ 4. The cover is It is normal for the purchased templates to have similar elements~NOT MINEMTL (no editing)NO VOTING

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[BL] (MTL) Cannon fodder slag attack and whitewashing manual [Quick travel] Qiqi XiaofengCategory: BL doujinRelease time: 2020-03-31Latest: Chapter 120 The Real World 3BLfinished399,000Chu Yan has accomplished the cannon fodder slag attack in every dog ​​blood abuse novel very well. Infidelity within marriage/adopting a lover/swindling money and sex...but when he left satisfied, all the shou who should have waved goodbye to him completely and went to find true love were all blackened...Shou: Strike, quit Lah, the real old Gong is gone! System: Brother Chu, please go and abuse the plot again, but can you h...e... One sentence introduction: Slag Gong is also pretending to be a white lotus today. Search keywords: Protagonist: Chu Yan┃ Supporting role: Unnamed boss Shou┃ Others: Unscrupulous nonsense

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whitewashing skills [quick wear]

When he was selected by the system, he had nothing, and even his memory was vague. There is only that mechanical electronic sound in my mind, "The only sss-level prisoner in Star Prison, considering your historical contribution value, all your memories will now be locked and exiled in various cracks in time and space. Please actively correct your mistakes and redeem your sins, maybe go home

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【Quick Wear】: The Dirty Rose Is Whitewashing Every Day

【Quick Wear】 : The Dirty Rose Is Whitewashing Every Day 【快穿】:刁桽玫瑰每天都在洗白Author: Yu Sheng ShengThe main character, Li Ruan, is the little prince of the world of group pets, born to be pampered. One day he was bound by the villainous cannon fodder system and forced to taste the hardships of life as a villain who had done nothing but bad things. he dressed as a villain who relied on plotting and scheming to marry the movie emperor, and became a control group of gentle and lovely protagonists subjected to a small petty bag while shivering. Li Ruan shivered while pretending to be a fierce little jerk who only prayed to the actor and male protagonist to be kind to him when he divorced him. Gradually, he found something was wrong and he blinked softly and stayed for a while... Oh, no, he's so big. Who is this maddened man kneeling at his feet in front of the dignified and extravagant actor? The actor tried his best to suppress the madness in his heart, and hugged the person gently in his arms, with endless love in his eyes. " I Like you." "no one else." "I love you."Updates : I don't know when I'll update, I'm busy with school stuff, haha

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Scum Male whitewashing manual

Mission: Transmigrate world by world into a scoundrel's body; and whitewash the original's life.Wei Mingyan is a liar, through and through. But he doesn't see himself as such. His motto? "If one deceives others for a lifetime, then all lies would become the truth."[ Wei Mingyan's mission also involves guarding people (mostly FL), and help them achieve lifetime of happiness.]This story is not mine. The story cover is also not mine. This is my first time translating. It is mainly done with the help of Google translation so there will be some mistakes I hope readers can ignore them and enjoy.📑The story is only for offline reading purposes and fan sharing.👩‍🏭All the credits belongs to the author.

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Why WhiteWashing is Wrong?

Courtesy of @timemachineyeah on tumblr. It's super short. It should probably take you a few seconds to read.

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The Villain's Great Whitewashing Methods (edited MTL)

!!NOT MY STORY!! I am just machine translating and editing it. All credit goes to the original author, 赋予 (Fu Yu)Beta reader: @unluckygingkoOriginal title: 反派洗白大法Also known as: The Great Methods of a Whitewashing Villain, Please No Cure For Me(There is also a manhua adaptation of this novel! It uses the same title as the novel.)Synopsis:[The conscientious villain was blackened by x's stabbing] Jia Yang is a villain. His task is to become the hero's sharpening stone and let the hero become a suitable hero. However, the male protagonists he met all had problems, and they were not motivated at all.So Jia Yang changed his strategy. He worked hard to be brothers with the male protagonist, and after gaining the male protagonist's trust and affection, he instantly changed his face to betray him, stab him in the back, frame him and so on.He did all the evil things a villain does to the male protagonist.Sure enough, the male protagonist has become a powerful and very qualified male protagonist.Jia Yang is very satisfied, and the male protagonist can't personally get revenge on him. After completing the villain's task, he can go to the next world.Until... After Jia Yang completed all the tasks, the System said to him: 【You need to return to each previous task world and survive for ten years, and the task will not be completed unless you survive. 】Jia Yang was silent: 【You say it again. 】System: 【You need to return to all previous mission worlds to survive for ten years. 】Jia Yang: 【&#¥#¥#! 】

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(MTL)Scumbags also deserve to be whitewashed? [quick wear] ZhimengjiCategory: Rebirth through timeRelease time: 2020-02-16Latest: Chapter 129 Finalerebirthfinished323,000Xu Du bound an "anti-whitewashing" system, and shuttled through the routines of various whitewashing men. The task is to stop the scumbags from "washing their whites" and protect the girls who have been abused by scumbags and cheated by scumbags. System: As an executor's privilege, you can request your shuttle status. Xu Du: You have money, you can make waves, and your cards are big enough. So he became rich, capable, and pompous...cannon fodder. Summarized in one sentence: it is the story of cannon fodder preventing all kinds of scumbags from washing their whites. [World] (in parentheses are the world identities) 1. The scumbag who steps on two boats (cannon fodder little uncle) [√] 2. The scum top stream of the three thousand harems (cannon fodder gold master) [√] 3. Use Emotional scheming proton (cannon fodder faint king) [√] 4. Apocalypse Chen Shimei (villain danzi) [√] 5. True daughter's scum brother (cannon fodder little uncle) [√] 6. Central air conditioner of the escape world (cannon fodder disabled) Boss) [√] [Eating Guide] In some worlds, the male and female protagonists are just family relationships, not in love; some worlds have cp. Content label: Inspirational life system Kuaishuang Shuangwen Search keywords: Protagonist: Xu Du ┃ Supporting roles: heroines, scumbags... ┃ Others: Pre-received text "Female Matching Her Beauty Heart Black [QuickChuang]"

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After the green tea boss became a scumbag [Quick pass] (MTL)

Author: MenglangyuCategory: Through RebirthPosting time: 2021-09-04Latest: Chapter 94 The Straw Chicken Man Eating Soft RiceThrough rebirthfinished323,000Xiao Zhang is a white-eyed wolf among the population. In one accident, he was bound to a scum-washing system, and he traveled through various worlds to wash the scum-washing system. The first world: the scumbag educated youth in the seventies-shocked! Gao Leng's educated youth turned out to be a craftsman. The second world: The scumbag doctor-stunned! The so-called derailed doctor has silently raised countless street children. The third world: the grass chicken man who has a scumbag wife-too scary! The grass chicken man who relies on his wife to eat soft rice turned out to be a scientific researcher? The fourth world: the scumbag who sacrificed his family-something happened! For the common people of the world, I am willing to die with my body to save the common people. ...... Is today's scumbag whitewashed? Content Tag: Face Slap System Quick Wear and Cool Text Search Keyword: Protagonist: Xiao Zhang┃ Supporting role: Next book "How to cook a delicious boyfriend" ┃ Others: "How to cook a delicious boyfriend" One sentence introduction: Scum wash today Is it white? Purpose: Travel through all worlds to save the poor people who were scumbed to death

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Part 2: [QT] TVWM

Description:This is the continuation of The Villain's Whitewashing Method, from ch 201-Extras...

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The tale of The Swan sisters

On September 13, 1987 two girls were born.One girl was born for the supernatural, born for immortality, born to be queen.The other was born to give birth to a hybrid, born for death.One was kind, innocent, pure, forgiving, beautiful, and loving.The other was jealous, bitter, ugly, and hateful.The only question is which one is which?

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Snow White With The Red Hair - Zen's sister.

Zen is a 20 year old prince in the show, followed by Shirayuki who is 19. Izana, the eldest prince, 25. But there is a younger sibling of Zen and Izana. it's Annie. She was only 18 but was well known around the castle for being the princess. But does Shirayuki know her? No. But when she meets the young girl, that changes. Especially when she sees how Zen treats his little sister.

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𝐗𝐎𝐗𝐎, 𝐌𝐈𝐍  |  𝘅𝗼, 𝗸𝗶𝘁𝘁𝘆.

𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓 𝐇𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐄𝐍𝐒 -- when two whitewashed best friends get a scolarship in korean independent school of seoul - short for KISS - as they want to learn more about their culture, but then get caught up in boy drama.𝐔𝐍𝐈𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐒𝐄: 𝘅𝗼, 𝗸𝗶𝘁𝘁𝘆.𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄: 𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗁𝗈.𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐃: 20, 𝗆𝖺𝗒, 2023.𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐃: 1, july, 2023.

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Beauty and the Beast (X Reader)

Being the sister of the supposed Air head of the town comes with it's ups and downs.Sisters Belle and (Reader) are inseparable with (Reader) being older by 3 years.These two have to face against a whole town who think of them as weird and a piece of wasted space.What happens when their father goes missing and they set out to find him.Well they meet a Lonely Beast*i don't own Beauty and the beast only reader**i don't own the art for the cover but credit to the artist*I am on quotev as well, My username is Whitewolf2233

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just pretend

Andrew is a spoiled only child who attends Whitewater Preparatory School with his girlfriend Keanu. His parents focus all their attention on their one an only son trying their best to make him perfect.Leo is a rebellious misfit who attends a local high school despite having enough money to attend Whitewater with his sister Keanu. Keanu forces her brother Leo and boyfriend Andrew to spend more time together as their families become closer in hopes that it'll straighten Leo out. However, the opposite seems to happen.-Started: January 30, 2019Finished: August 28, 2019

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Charming Mr Stewart

Elle's the wedding photographer and Dean's the most eligible bachelor and best man at the season's biggest wedding. Can Elle deny her feelings and stay professional, or will she give into her heart's desire and nab him while she can?*** After losing her husband, Elle Grace, ran away to a country town, determined to live life shut away with her memories. But when the once-prominent photographer dives back into work, she invites exactly the type of man she could fall in love with. Dean Stewart, wants her, as a wedding photographer, that is. Though taking on Dean as a client is strictly business, Elle can't deny her attraction. The more she ignores him, the more charming he gets, relentlessly trying to steal what's left of her broken heart. When the professional and personal lines blur and heads turn in disbelief, Elle is forced to choose: go back to the lonely life she planned for herself or give love, and Dean, another chance? [Inspired by a true story.]***This story will become free on 11 August 2023.[Content warning: This story contains loss, grief, and themes of bullying.]Cover designed by Ria Amelia

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'Think I need someone older. Just a little bit colder.'Lani was heading to her 27th birthday party 1 minute and dead the next. she wasn't exactly expecting to waking up at the pearly Gates. but she sure as hell wasn't prepared to wake up in the early 2000s and the body of Kristen Stewart who is being called Bella at the moment.She wasn't exactly sure what was worse the fact that she woke up as a white teenage girl? Or the fact that she was now trapped in Twilight? she had one plan and one plan only survive. avoid Edward and the rest of his weird Cullen family as much as possible. then again she should have known that certain events were going to have to happen and she sure as hell wasn't prepared for Carlisle that's for sure.

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Izanas lover

Izana's girlfriend finally moves into castle which means Shiriyuki finally gets to meet her! Including Zen who hasn't met her yet either.

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The Steward of Blackwood Hall

Despite living thirty miles from London, Anabelle Latimer knows her chances of finding a husband in their sleepy village are as thin as cook's white soup. Then she discovers a kindred spirit in Mr. Fielding, the intelligent and handsome new steward from Blackwood Hall. It was a great shame that his position in life was so below her own, for he was exactly the sort of man she would have wished to marry.Anthony Fielding, tired of being the target of the ton's marriage-minded mothers, hopes to spend a relaxing week shooting and fishing in the country. Yet upon his arrival at Blackwood Hall he discovers an estate in chaos, and a friend in desperate need of help. He is quick to offer his knowledge and expertise, unaware that his generosity will have unexpected repercussions.The Steward of Blackwell Hall is a traditional Regency romance of approximately 66,000 words.

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Daryl's little princess

It's been two years since I've seen my dad. I hate my mother; or monster as I call her. She doesn't care about me...its just the child support from my dad she cares about and she goes and spends it all.My name is Sky Rose Dixon and dad is Daryl Dixon.My life is horrible with mom hitting me and my stepdad Philip. He just likes touching me. I wish my dad was here to get me out of this.

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Racist In Entertainment And Sport Industry

The book description is about racism in Hollywood and sport industry and I am writing the novel because I would like to stop racism and Whitewashing in Hollywood to stop because its not good Asian people always get afraid when a popular anime or manga characters is changed with different actors and actresses. Whitewashing Hollywood is about anime turning into Western version of anime or manga into live action movie or TV series like ghost in the shell, Speed Racer, cancelled evangelion movie and death note.

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The White Queen {Rewritten}

She was looked down on by her entire pack and family. Rejected by her alpha mate. Unknowingly to them, their mistreatment, lead her right into the arms of her destiny.-#1 in whitewolves

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