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Cassandra Flores has dealt with chronic migraines her entire life, and she's always had some of the most alarming symptoms a person could have; slurred speech, blurred vision, vomiting? Check, check and check. One day, in the midst of migraine madness, Cassandra has a vision that leads to her unlocking mysterious powers of the universe, and she becomes one of the Entangled and the first Earth has ever had. Is there a reason why Earth has finally been assigned an Entangled, and why Cassandra has been chosen to fulfill that role? When the time comes, what will she do with the powers she's been given?

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Пленница Мурмаера. ( ПЭЙТОН МУРМАЕР )

Не могу ничего сказать)

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In Between Two Alphas

Cassidy moved into a new town when she turned 16 because her parents feared that living in the city would uncover her secret. In no time, she gets involved in the rivalry between Layton and Zeverus. The Problem: Layton and Zeverus hate each other and are from rival werewolf packs. Cassidy doesn’t know what they are. She notices that Layton, Zeverus and their friends are secretive and probably hiding something. While trying to uncover what is happening with the two guys, keeping her friendship with Zeverus, and holding a strange relationship with Layton- Cassidy gets stuck in between two Alphas.

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zdrcujúci život sexYce jožinki

heštek ťažkí žyvot jožýný

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Instagram [bxb]

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Ice Breaker.. Can I Get With You?

Payton Brookes was a "normal" girl, for the most part. She's in grade 11, has an passion for hockey and loves her hockey boys. Payton only had one boyfriend, who totally screwed her over and ruined her life. Since then Payton has made a promise that she will never be played again. Alas, Payton meets Brodie a total player but legend on the ice. She hates him for three specific reasons: 1. He is arrogant but he's also handsome. 2. He always goes on and on about himself and sluts he's been with. (which is very frustrating) 3. Everytime Brodie talks about other girls she can't help but feel jealous of them. Things soon get turned upside down on Paytons birthday.. when Jenna and Kiana lock themselves and Payton in an ice rink with none other than Alexander, Tyler.....and BRODIE?! What will Payton do if she finds herself falling for Brodie? Can she really keep her promise to herself?

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Stay Out Of Trouble//Payton Moormeier

This story is about a young girl named Samantha. She has no family and has been alone for her whole life. The cause of this made her the "juvenile delinquent" and "hoe" that she is today. She does whatever she wants whenever she wants, but one day she took it too far. She got kicked out of her state and has to serve her time at a random house called the hype house. Samantha is constantly reminded not to get in trouble in LA because there will be a big punishment. Will a special someone change her ways. Or will she have to face the punishment.This book was inspired by @paytonswifey1303Started: Tuesday May 19, 2020Finished: Sunday July 12, 2020#5 Paytonmoormeier - 6/7/20#6 Payton - 6/21/20#2 Payton - 6/26/20#1 Payton - 6/27/20

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Living with the Devil

How can you handle living with the devil himself. The one and only Payton Moormeier, the most dangerous mafia leaders. Find out what happen when you get kidnapped on your 16th birthday.Started on June 26 2020Ended on August 25 2020⚠️may contain strong language⚠️#7 paytonmoormeier - september 2 2020#2 payton - august 2 2020#26 leader - august 13 2020

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Enemy's//Payton Moormiere

A Payton Morrmeier StoryZarberg. A small town, in the middle of nowhere, filled with vampires and werewolves. Everything in this town runs like any other. Kids go to school, parents go to work, and teens... well does anyone know what they actually do? Anyways, the only thing weird about it all is the rules. Werewolf's own the streets in the morning and vampires own it at night. These rules have been emplaced decades ago, for everyone's safety. Such as vampires, they own the night time because they cant survive in the mornings. Samantha Miller being one of them. Samantha Miller is just a regular... vampire teenager. She goes to school and likes her routine. But what happens when all of that changes?This book was inspired by @soligaucinStarted: July 21, 2020Finished: October 11, 2020#1 Payton- August 9, 2020#1 WerewolvesandVampires- September 4, 2020#1 Payton- September 14, 2020#1 WerewolvesandVampires- September 19, 2020#1 Payton- September 23, 2020#1 WerewolvesandVampires- September 26, 2020#1 Payton- September 29, 2020#1 WerewolvesandVampires- October 2, 2020#1 Payton- October 6, 2020 #1 pm- November 13, 2020

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The Devils Son//Payton Moormeier

What will happen when the devils son and god's daughter go on a solo mission plotted against each other, but has no idea what the other looks like?Started: November 13, 2020Finished:---#1 pm - November 24, 2020#1 pm - November 26, 2020 THANKSGIVING!#1 loveandlost - December 19, 2020

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businessman's daughter ( Пэйтон Мурмаер и Т/и Т/ф )

- папа зачем ты это сделал..? , - сказала девушка плача своему отцу. ?- забирайте ее и уходим.

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My best friend-Payton moormeier

Ellie: I think I just got jealous that my bestie got a girlfriend Do I like him? Idk⚠️swearing⚠️TikTok: payton.moormeier.luv.u

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Paytonmoormeier Imagines

Just some imagines about Payton that I wrote when I was like 13 lmao ig I could keep this up if anyones interested I guess 🥀

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𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐂𝐄𝐑𝐓, hossler

"ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴛʀʏ ʙᴀʙʏ" #1 in jadenhossler 28/6/2020#1 in payton 4/7/2020

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"i'll be your biggest fan and you'll be mine, but i still wanna break your heart and make you cry"

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𝐿𝑂𝑉𝐸𝑅 || 𝘾𝙤𝙣𝙣𝙤𝙧 𝙋𝙖𝙮𝙩𝙤𝙣

"You're my lover"

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why [s.m. instagram]

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Epic story every must One read drama action  adventure romance and dabbing

Reaaaaaaaad the story not this

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Her Mom Likes Girls

Peyton and Sam have been married for seventeen years. Now that their daughter is a teenager and Peyton's the principal of her school, they must navigate a functional family dynamic while trying to deal with a world full of surprises. Jamie had a major crush on Miss Aspen when she was a teenager. Teaching at her old high school was never the plan. And working alongside a woman she still has feelings for is far from what she hoped for.Peyton Aspen is now the school's principal. And Jamie must find a way to keep her feelings to herself. They form an awkward friendship, where even the students notice the chemistry between them. But Peyton's heart is far from reach. She's trying to save her relationship with her wife.But Jamie can't stop her feelings from growing. And Peyton can't stop loving her wife. But there's a young, new teacher that she can't stop thinking about.

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Into you

New start, it could have been simple if you hadn't fallen in love with this boy...

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Cora, A Sidelines Story from Clayton

Cora's story. Sometimes forgiveness is the hardest thing to give, and to accept.#iwp Written for the International Wildflower Pack #WildflowersUNITEDCora's story based on the characters from the RACHELLE MILLS' world of CLAYTON. Now Available on Amazon in two parts : Clayton and Dallas. This story is respectful created with her permission as a companion to that wonderful narrative. Warning - contains spoilers. Read CLAYTON / DALLAS first. Congrats to the REAL RMills75 RACHELLE MILLS Wattys2016 Winner! @whiskeyqueenn Wonderful cover art by Monica @Agentmg17 @Inter_wilflowerpack The Sidelines: CORA is made with the permission of the original author. I do not own the characters (RYA, KENNEDY, CLAYTON, DALLAS, CALEB, The VALENTINES,) I simply expand their stories for my own pleasure, with inspiration from the thousands of comments made by the Wildflowers from the original publish. I hope you enjoy. 9.2018 - CLAYTON is published!!!Clayton (The Wildflower Series) by Rachelle Mills via @amazon 2.2019- DALLAS is published!!!Dallas (The Wildflower Series Book 2) by Rachelle Mills via @amazon Find them on Amazon

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Instagram || p.m. & d.h.

boy x girl you x payton x dylangirl x payton x dylan

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One Year

Ziva and Tony have been dating over a year now, and the truth comes out in an explosive way.Not sure the time. Don't own any of the characters.

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The Story of Papyton (Papyrus X Mettaton)

This is my first Papyton story, so I hope you all enjoy it.

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