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addicted vol 2 | rafe cameron

-read the first book, addicted | rafe cameron, before reading this! ⋆。°✩now that juliet moreno has left the pogues, she has to figure out how to live her new life with rafe. throughout the chaos of murder, deceit, and betrayal, will she be swayed back to the pogues, or stick with the man she loves?

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𝗠𝗢𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 𝗦𝗜𝗖𝗞𝗡𝗘𝗦𝗦 ; greys anatomy

he was all she ever dreamed of,and more.DISCONTINUED. GOING TO BE REWRITTEN.greys anatomy | mark sloan × fem!oc@sunflower_vol19

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Ezrabine/Sabezra vol1

this is a fanfiction short-story and i hope to publish more as the ideas pop into my head

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RWBY vol1-9 x male reader

Male reader was a happy boy growing up that was until he lost his father to the Grimm now he lives with his mom. His one dream was to get into Beacon Academy but a certain red haired silver eyed warrior will help him. Was Number 1 in volume one

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Save Yourself VOL1 ( Might private this again idk )

THIS IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REWRTTEN. Please bear with me because itll take a whileHell yeah it's a mandela catalogue story. this is my filler story for while im on break. Props to the creator of mandela catalog, alex kister. This story isn't meant to offend anyone, I'm sorry if it does. Basically this takes place after the jonah and adam argument, and from there it goes on. Enjoy lol

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Legend Of The Clans Vol1

This is a story of a boy who has lost everything and now must go on a journey to get it all back. Along the way, he learns the history of the world and discovers that everyone has been lied to. Does he have the strength to overcome it. This story focuses on the first leg of this adventure.

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sᴀsᴀᴇɴɢ ɴᴇᴡs ᴠᴏʟ1

100% үнэн биш болно.

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FE3HxRWBY (Vol1-7)

an Elite Team of warriors join forces with Ruby Rose and her friends.this Team is lead by Joshua Branwen (default) or (Y/N)Josh is Cinder's Brother and Raven's son (Cinder's step mother)Note: I don't own the Characters of Fire Emblem or RWBY. Etcplz don't sue

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(VOL1) How did I end up in this situation!? (Youtuber male reader x Hololive)

⚠️ [!!... STILL UNDERGOING (HILARIOUSLY SLOW) EDITING!!] ⚠️Y/n L/n, a caring, popular, professional gamer, and a YouTuber, is streaming with 2k Viewers on the game called CS:GO, but suddenly. The unexpected happens.#1 in popular in April 26, 2022 (FOR SOME REASON HELLO??????)

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Far Away (Namjin)

in which Namjoon goes away from his hometown to fulfill an education and leaves his lover behind.

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Continuing the Legacy (RWBY x Male Reader, Ruby x Reader)[On Hiatus until Vol10]

On hiatus until Volume 10 premiere.(Y/N) (L/N), grandson of Maria, son of one of the best scientist in Atlas, Dr. Elizabeth (L/N)-Calavera, wanted to become a Huntsman just like his father since he was little. To do this, he trained under the eye of his grandmother since he turned ten. Years passed and (Y/N) finally arrived in Vale to attend Beacon Academy. But what will happen when he meets a certain girl with the red hood? Read to find out!Hello everyone, so I had some free time and while writing my thesis I found out that LeeandLie uploaded her cover of Red Like Roses Part II. I loved it as well as her covers of Kiss of Death from DiTF and Before My Body is Dry from KlK. It inspired me to start this book early.Cover art for Volume 7 made by Klocko. Follow him on Twitter!Cover art for Volume 8 made by Taku_Artworks. Go visit his ArtStation!Cover art for Volume 8_v2 made by Ace3mind. Go visit his page:!Cover art for Volume 9 made by TehShraid. For more of his awesome art go there:

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Follow your Heart | WildFire Vol1

No one is perfect, no one will ever attain that status. It's too high for anyone could achieve, try and try and you'll give up one day. It is impossible.Once you're put on stage for too long, one day you'll get bored of it and move back down. Where normals are a real perfect. Be as you are.Don't let anybody tell you wrong...But there are bounderies you must not cross...And those boundaries I dare to cross...I hate you...But I still love you...Lookin like a crazed maniac zombie, lusting for love and affection from you. My new life...My new self...I've given up...Months ago...When you've broken me to no avail of repair. You shattered my vision, I wished to stay blind. Come get me you demons, my arms are open to welcome you..."No...""I won't let it..."I'm done..."I'm not..."'He's mine.'I'm not..."I care for you."You don't"I love you..."You don't!----------------------------------------------------------------------------⚠Warning⚠1. Yaoi2. Swearing3. Smut 4. Slight Gore 5. Beyblade Burst isn't mine, but the ocs (Shaira, Kenji and Diane) are.----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil / Быстро Сделай Дьявольское Лицо

Что, если мир всего лишь игра? Что, если есть другие миры? Какие из них реальны? Бог выбрал одного из лучших хакеров, чтобы тот переродился в сотнях тысяч миров сотнями тысяч убийц. Каждый мир сталкивался со своим концом. Каждый раз был трагичен. Наконец, он смог избежать контроля Злой Системы. Он решил мстить, чтобы изменить свою судьбу избитого мусора. Даже, если каждая его кость сгниет, он вернется в реальный мир, убив Бога, который обрек его на пребывание в бесконечной цепи злодеяний. Из-за которого он убивал миллионы раз и столько жеэ раз был убит. Главный герой - это не одна личность, он может быть Дьяволом, Ангелом, завораживающим преступником, преданным псом или сумасшедшей женой. Даже вашим лучшим другом, который вставит нож в вашу спину, когда вы отвернетесь.Взято с

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Angel & Xavier Vol1: The call of Evys.✔️

~*~*~*~*~*~*~"Not Long ago, In a Place not far from here, is a planet called Lydian. Lydian was a lot like this weird planet 'Earth'.That is, very similar except for Our magic. Unlike Lydian, Earth's magic died a long time ago, centuries and centuries ago. Whereas Our magic is quite clearly still active, as you are reading this."~*~*~*~*~*~*~(Please read my books! I have 6 published works right now and there are more on the way! Hope you enjoy!)Join Angel as she follows the Call of Evys.was:#19 in boat out of 2.2K stories # 639 in youngadult out of 68.5K stories #61 in clean out of 5K stories # 246 in fantasyadventure out of 16.7K stories # 5 in godmother out of 262 stories # 2 in gaybestfriend out of 322 stories # 275 in wizard out of 14.2K stories # 6 in airship out of 429 stories # 2 in frenemiestolovers out of 62 stories#186 in journey out of 21k stories#794 in original out of 86.4k stories#828 in fun out of 87.4k stories#959 in slowburn out of 22.3k stories# 192 in loss out of 42.5K stories# 944 in demon out of 38.6K stories # 359 in lovable out of 18.7K stories

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The Cursed strings Vol1 (Did you choose?)

This is book one of what I hop to make a book series out of. the story inside this book is 'did you choose?'it's a story about are main protagonist Max who is a 15 year old living in a small town next to the big city. his life is normal as far as it goes he has good friends ok grads but he has horrible parents who mistreat him. one day he is asked does he wana go camping with the crew he says yes and they go! but little did they know what they were choosing to do, would seal there fait forever, after they played the wrong games...

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❝𝑺𝒕𝒐𝒑 𝒄𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒎𝒆 𝑩𝒂𝒓𝒃𝒊𝒆! 𝑰 𝒅𝒐𝒏'𝒕 𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒘𝒉𝒐 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒊𝒔.❞{Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1}{Book 1 in the Sweet Trilogy}{©2020 - marvel, -cherry-bombs-}Rankings:#1 in Guardians of the Galaxy as of August 2020

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MOTION SICKNESS ; greys anatomy [ REWRITE ]

i'd fall to pieces on the floor if you weren't around

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RE: Summoned to the parallel world of swords and magic as a titan pilot Vol1

Overworking, underpaid, and frustrated. That is the definition of a certain person named Jack Cooper, an average adult American who is single for life. There's a lot of things to mind about when you call yourself an "adult". First is money, money is everything. Without it then you can't buy something to eat, you can't live in this small apartment, you can't buy games that you like, you can't buy the console or computer to play the games you bought, you can't surf the internet without subscribing a plan without money. You doffus, everything is money and that is it.Regarding games, there was just one game that made me feel frustrated all these years.That game is the TITANFALL franchise. The 1 & 2, both games seems to be forgotten or unplayable in many ways. That is why.....=========================[You want me to give you a game system for that "game"?] (??) Asked the angel in front of me with a patient smile. Asking her for more seems tough, but she still hear my request. [Yes please, though if it is impossible then at least a similar one.....please] I bowed my head asking her. That is my only wish.A man's dream is to fire the BIG GUNS and ride BIG ROBOTS. I mean who can't resist the urge to do so? Man can dream large things despite being small in size, man made a huge copper statue in Manhattan, man made a Huge T-posing Jesus in Brazil, man made the biggest lightning rod in the world (Eiffel Tower), and man made the biggest WWII battleship. What more?[Hmmmmm...fine, but bear in mind that even if you have this you are still going to die if you are careless] (??) She nodded as she calls someone using a telephone........................YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{TITANFALL PILOT SYSTEM ACQUIRED}And so began my journey into the dangerous world of swords and magic as a Titan Pilot. =========WarningContents might be different from the original fanfic

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Comicon VOL1

Running Man in space. Prepare to die.

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shiba's story.. VOL1 (pilot not the true story) we travel across the sky, i cannot help but wonder what life would be without himi do not own dream work's httyd at all all copy right goes to them but the oc's are mine such as polly, shiba, jack, the children. destroid is a OC of a friend of mine, he is a lot older then i am but i can manage for now enjoy the storyhighest ranking(s): 179 in night fury .

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when peter quill and his daughter are part of some crazy loving familycover by the amazing @Aliza_D_Nubby !!act i - guardians of the galaxy vol 1act ii - guardians of the galaxy vol 2act iii - avengers : infinity war & avengers : endgameact iv - guardians of the galaxy vol 3achievements:#1 in peterquill#1 in starlord#1 in quill#3 in rocket#1 in drax#8 in thanosjamessmultiverse © 2023 & marvel

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NEVERMORE Vol1. The Place Is Destroyed

In the Original story the main character was Reborn and she tries to dominate the harem, It recounts as Noor Giza who is reborn after suffering a cruel death in the past version of this life and how she uses her knowledge of that life to defeat all the obstacles in her way and finally live happily ever after with the emperor. Unfortunately The noble consort Sefa Yilmaz was her first victim after her reborn and also after the death of the noble consort her family was at ruin because of Noor Giza scheming. So, Table Turn around when future system activates and new soul entered Sefa's body and how she takes her revenge over Noor Giza with her little friend Mousy.

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A Stephen Curry Love Story

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