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A Good Side in A Devil [Dip]

Damien Thorn is the son of Satan and the Prince of Hell.When he was younger, his father would try and find him a suitable playmate for Hell, but he never found one.But one day, Damien's old 'friend' Philip, or most commonly known by Pip, arrived in Heaven and was dragged down to the firey Pits of Hell...⚠️ the start of the story is not mine. All credit goes to SkullRat2, I loved their story Teenage Demon Love and wanted to see a finish to it. I won't copy their writing, of course ⚠️⚠️ Cover art is not mine. All credit goes to the original owner ⚠️

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Rating South Park Ships

just me rating South Park ships,I'm a multishipper also, and I'm fine with every ship as long as they have compatible personalities or have interacted more than once through the show.and as I do say I'm fine with every ship, I definitely am not fine with toxic and illegal ships like Ike x Kyle or Stan x Towlie or Heidi x Cartman⚠️ Cover art is not mine. all credit goes to the original owner ⚠️

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Hello Dear Enigma

In the bustling city of Crescentville, a brilliant detective named Yuoko and her adventurous group of friends - Erul, Drok, Koko, Slash, and Glyn - embark on thrilling mysteries and high-stake adventures. With Yuoko's deductive reasoning and her friends' unique abilities, they tackle perplexing cases and confront the enigmatic criminal organization known as "The Enigma."As they chase down leads and follow cryptic messages, their bonds grow stronger, and they face personal challenges that test their resolve. Glyn's past as a criminal and his journey towards redemption add depth to the story, highlighting themes of justice and second chances.Through captivating action sequences and heartfelt interactions, the team uncovers the truth behind the art thefts and brings the malevolent organization to its knees. Their courage, friendship, and unwavering pursuit of justice make them legendary protectors of Crescentville, inspiring hope in the hearts of its citizens. Together, they prove that with unity and determination, no mystery is unsolvable, and no challenge is insurmountable. The chronicles of Detective Yuoko and her friends will be forever etched in the city's history, reminding all that the power of friendship can triumph over even the darkest of adversaries.- Kai 🖌

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The River Below

Two twins were sitting near a reservoir, and suddenly the water swirled and created a whirlpool that pulled them both in, but it was no regular whirlpool, in it was a portal to a new UnderWater City, and the city was called Alton City.The twins explored the City of Alton and began to find it interesting and exciting. The people in Alton think that the twins give of a weird aura.The twins discover that there was a legend about this magical crystal and two people who could save them from danger.And now it's time for the two to discover more secrets hidden in the City of Alton.- Zuri 🖌, Kit 📓

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My Precious Nightmare (Bill x Reader)

You run home in tears, you have gotten away from the children. They have just been teasing you for talking with the former headmistress's grave. If only there was someone with the same strange attraction to pain, death and all things morbid as you. You escape home and lie down to sleep...

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Forced (Matt Sturniolo)

After an accident that killed their best friends, two ex lovers are forced to come together and raise their Godchildren. They can either rekindle what they lost, or battle for the next eighteen years This story contains mature and explicit content 18+

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Wild [MingKit] [Completed]

"Are you okay?".He didn't react. His voice just deepened into a loud groan. He was growling like an animal..Is he a wild child? ----10K -- 140519I don't own any of the characters, I own just the plot.Best rankings: #63 in 2moons#48 in wild#1 in bunker#1 in wildchild

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Chicago PD: You Found Me

Intelligence are given the unusual task of giving a short talk in a high school, but when Hailey sees herself in one of the students their trip might not be as simple as first expected.

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The Best Mother-in-law in the 1970s (MTL)

Author: Mang Shoe GirlXue Huahua became a rural mother-in-law.The whole family is waiting for her to give orders, earn points, raise chickens and pigs, and get rich...Wait, the college entrance examination will resume in 1977.For example, how to cultivate our son and grandchildren, take the entrance examination of Tsinghua University and Peking University, be a useful person in society...This is a story of a woman full of wind and frost cultivating her children and grandchildren into talents~This is neither my work nor my translation. This is pure machine translation. Just shared for offline read.

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Transmigrated as Male Lead's First wife

Upon waking up, Meera found she was transmigrated as Male Lead's First wife into a child care novel which she read in her previous life. In the novel, the male lead Siva has married his late first wife for business cooperation between their two families and they adopted a son named Karna. he met the female lead three years after his first wife death in a interview for a nanny's position.The Female lead Kavitha took care of Karna with love and not approached male lead like other previous nannies. slowly male lead drawn by kavitha's innocence and married her then all three are lived together happily.Meera was transmigrated as male lead's fist wife who is a cannon fodder and has the same name.Meera: if I am going to die, why I am here..oh god. Meera : okay, let see how I died. I can avoid the situation and live longerBut the novel neither mentioned the timeline of her death nor defined how she died.Meera decided to divorce Siva and go to any remote village to avoid the main character thinking that may avoid any tragic accident happened her in the story.Meera : Siva, Let's divorce.give me 10 million, I will run away from your life.Siva : !!! are pregnant and you want to run away now.... dream on.Meera touching her stomach thinks : what kind of story development is this???*** This is my own story and I am only publishing it in Wattpad***

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CENTURIES, stefan salvatore [1]

"It's not a crime to love what you cannot explain."[1x09-4x14][THE VAMPIRE DIARIES][BOOK 1 IN THE NATALIE SALTZMAN SERIES][2017 TVD FANFICTION AWARDS WINNER][COMPLETED]

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Marvel father mother x baby reader complete

I don't own marvel. Open for idea or people u wish me to add and I will tag u to the idea u give me for ur written rights.

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Rosalies Child chapter one

when Rosalie finally has the chance to have a baby what will happen

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Stars [Ranboo x Reader]

You join the dream smp and get close with a guy. But does he appreciate your company as much as you appreciate his?(I'm aware ranboo is gay/unlabeled but I struggle to write mlm stories for some reason, sorry in advance)

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Trilogy: Two Siblings, a husband and a grandchild

Trilogy to my "two siblings" story

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The Child

Satine had a child with Obi-wan soon after he and his master returned her to Mandalore. Obi-wan has no knowledge of this child and neither do any of her subjects as it was said that it was Bo-Katan's for the child's safety and for the safety of the Duchess' reputation. This didn't come as a surprise to the subjects since Bo-Katan already had a year old child, Korkie.Annabella is Force sensitive, very strong in the Force actually but having some control over it never proved to be an issue until she was 17. Now Satine is afraid that she'll have to ask her old love for help in fear that the dark side will consume her daughter and she'll loose her.SPOILERS FOR CLONE WARS: this takes place after Obi-wan's "death" where Satine still hasn't quite forgiven him but before anything happens with Darth Maul. And heads up I will be changing how the Mandalore arc in clone wars turns out.

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Child of Hazel and Cha Cha

When 3 year old Y/n, with ADHD, works with the evil duo, Hazel and Cha Cha, what will happen when the academy finds out about the girls powers, and fives knows the small girl....but how Hazel and Cha Cha x Child reader

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Rejection And Second Chances

Peggy McBride is the youngest of four children born to the alphas of the Blood River pack. At 15, her parents died saving her from rouge attack. Since that day she hasn't spoken. Her pack hates her, her brothers love her, her mate rejects her. Will she ever find her voice and will she find her second chance at love?

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Hybrid Child (KnB Style)

Sometimes love did not lastEndless tears will fallForever alone--Sadness--But,The light will always thereAt the end of the journey

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Demon's addiction

Lee Heeseung, The king of hell somehow gets addicted to a ordinary boy Park Sunghoon.

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The Visiting Past

This is the sequel to The Shocking Future so if you haven't read that go read that first...The Marauders get their hands on a time-turner and the curious stag that James is decides to twist things up. They land in the future with all new people but quite a familiar location. They all get comfortable (too comfortable) and don't want to leave.What if James DEMANDS to stay? What will happen to his future? What will happen to everyone else ? You'll just have to wait and read.#1 in #grandchildren on 7/7/2019#1 in #visiting on 7/7/2019#2 in #visiting on 6/5/19#5 in #visiting on 5/23/19#7 in #grandchildren on 5/23/19#8 in #grandchildren on 5/16/19#10 in #timeturner on 6/5/19#29 in #scorose on 7/7/2019#80 in #scorose on 6/5/19#113 in #jily on 7/7/2019#122 in #wolfstar on 7/7/2019#122 in #timeturner on 5/16/19#124 in #scorose on 5/16/19#159 in #parents on 7/7/20196#184 in #young on 7/7/2019#204 in #children on 7/7/2019#204 in #star on 7/7/2019#226 in #ravenclaw on 7/7/2019#239 in #hufflepuff on 7/7/2019#251 in #jily on 5/6/19#257 in #future on 7/7/2019#337 in #young on 5/20/19#355 in #past on 7/7/2019#417 in #wolfstar on 5/23/19#422 in #jily on 5/16/19#442 in #wolfstar on 5/16/19#470 in #parents on 6/5/19#479 in #ravenclaw on 6/5/19#484 in #children on 6/5/19#487 in #star on 6/5/19#493 in #slytherin on 7/7/2019#506 in #drarry on 7/7/2019#526 in #hufflepuff on 6/5/19#630 in #fun on 7/7/2019#674 in #wolf on 7/7/2019#740 in #parents on 5/23/19#750 in #parents on 5/16/19#753 in #future on 6/5/19#777 in #ravenclaw on 5/23/19#805 in #ravenclaw on 5/16/19#841 in #gryffindor on 6/605/19#843 in #hufflepuff on 5/23/19#864 in #children on 5/23/19#878 in #hufflepuff on 5/16/19#905 in #children on 5/16/19#905 in #young on 5/12/19#975 in #star on 5/23/19

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5 times Cale was called a Dad and one time he called someone else.a small 5+1 things

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Two Minute Warning

close the blinds, they don't need to see us // odemi

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New Family (Blind female child reader x SCP's)

Y/N's parents were the worst even though she was blind they made her do chores never helped her with anything like homework and never believed her when she told them she couldn't see but one day something happens and the SCP's find y/n and adopt her

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WARNING•|•|SPG•|•|R-18•||MATURE CONTENT[Date started: July 11,2021] [Date Finished: September, 9, 2021]

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Zhongchi Short stories

Short stories about my favorite ship

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