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Be My Hero

As Deku left UA to become a vigilante to try to stop Shigaraki and All For One, he runs into Himiko Toga who has left the L.O.V temporarily due to losing her dear friend Twice, who was killed by the pro hero Hawks. since leaving the L.O.V she has been questioning if she is even worth saving. And that's where Deku comes in to tell her what he thinks about her situation.

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So what if it's not legal? (Completed)

Izuku had always wanted to be a hero. But nobody believed in him. After getting a reality check, he decides he still wants to help people. Not legally however... "Not all men are created equal. What about the weak and powerless like me? Nobody cares about us. Trust me, I know from experience." -Izuku "I love my family all the way!" - Eri"What happens when the world turns your back on you? Become a vigilante of course!" - Toga"Vigilantes are better than heroes on so many levels!" - Touya

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My biggest secret (Tommy Vigilante AU) (SBI focused)

Tommy his dad Phil, and brothers Wilbur and Techno are the top 3 heroes. All he ever wanted to become was a hero, just like them. But, there's this one problem that's stopping him. He doesn't have any powers. So he's secretly a vigilante. What will happen? Will he get hurt? Will they find out? Will he die? Read the book to find out!Cover art from Kazually!

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shapeshifter(ᴠɪɢɪʟᴀɴᴛᴇ) assistant [] vigilante tommy au[]

tommyinnit is a 16 year old "broke" child and a owner of a cafehe lives with his 2 best friends in a small apartmentthe trio are vigilantes with some vigilante and hero friendsbut little do they know . . .things are about to change when tommygets a job as a assistant for the top 3 heroesau: vigilante, shapeshifter tommydeoinnit (platonic) because yes.leave heatwaves to dnf shippers.rankings i got:#41 deoinnit#7 vigilantetommy

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A Hero That Is Needed

his dream was once to be a great hero one day, but that dream died once his idle told him that he couldn't be one, but on that same day a man gave him an offer to be something better than a hero, to be an unknown hero that lurks in the shadows and stops crime that no one else notices, he chose to be a vigilante.

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«a world of chaos»  dream smp

for some reason, stopping crime is illegal. odd. ain't gonna stop tommyinnit, though.

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he's dying

Zuku also known 'Charm' is a dying vigilante. he was involved in a lab experiment that resulted in him dying. His time was limited to 16 year's. And so he started his vigilantism at the tender age of 4 and a half. What will a certain coffee addict do when he find's the young vigilante 'Charm' at his doorstep covered in Charm's own blood? Read through his life and find out how a local vigilante became the leader of war

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MHA/Red Hood: Revenge (On Hold) Possible Rewrite

Izuku was a Yagi but his quirkless status made many in his family believe he could not be a hero as a result his father began to ignore him, his sister and her friends began to bully Him in hopes he'd give up being a hero his mother loves him and wants to support his dream. One day Izuku is met by Batman and the Dark Knight trains Izuku as the new Robin but Izuku starts to display aggressive behavior because of his home life, as result Izuku is place on inactive duty but when he is captured by The Joker and All For One and Tortured on live tv until All Might is given a choice to save Izuku or Izumi he chooses Izumi Izuku is publicly executed on TV All Might not knowing his failure is on full display but is isn't the end of Izuku he is revived by Ra's Al Gaul in the Lazarus pit where he knows that hero society must end both Heroes and Villains are about to feel his Revenge.I do not own mha or Red Hood

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Carnage Deku

Deku has died, and now his quirk is manifesting. Alongside the psychopath that is Toga can he somehow stop his life from spinning out of control?Of course not, better question. Can he hide the monster he is and the fact that he has died from his mother?

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Vigilante Viridity (Vigilante Deku) (TodoDeku)

At a young age Izuku Midoriya was pushed to the side. His mother left. His father either is never there, working or abuses him. Even his old best friend Bakugou bullies him. Izuku has long forgotten about his dream of becoming a hero deciding the world will never accept him. Instead he decides to become his own hero. A vigilante. Known as Viridity. Unknown to him a few certain pro heros have taken interest in the young vigilante and will stop at nothing to catch him. Not to put him in prison though. They have different plans for him. Find out more by reading the story~------------------------------🐙ALMOST daily updates🐙I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PHOTOS OR ART USEDI DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS⚠️ MATURE CONTENT ⚠️ ⚠️SMUT⚠️This is a tododekuMost of this doesn't follow the actual storyline

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You tell me... my cat is a Vigilante?!

Mew!Not only a cat but also a vigilante! Good luck finding this guy! Izuku Midoriya was used to staying as a cat soo much that he even preferred being one. Then again, what can be more exciting for a cat then do some kind of exercise? Good that he only wanted to be a vigilante and nothing more.However what will this sweet catboy who usually would be a cat over day and a cat-boy vigilante over nigh do when he is suddenly picked up by a certain hero.MEW!This is bound to be a disaster!A/N:Thanks for all the support, this is the 8k special! Please enjoy!This is a mha fanstory hope you enjoy! Please also feel free to correct my bad writing.Rights on the pictures go to the artist.I do not own mha, rights to the owner.

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A new playing field (UA Civil War Game)

What happens when the most wanted vigilante is one of class 1A's student? What if said vigilante loves nothing more than to drive Aizawa crazy. What if he plays a game of chess with Nezu and hides his secrets very well? What will both heroes do to uncover the truth behind the number 1 vigilante? What happens when it's time for the annual Heroes vs Villain war game?Will they find out the secrets Izuku is trying to keep from them or will the tea be spilled?Everything can happen in a war game especially when there is a vigilante in the villains team.Let's find out who will be helping our little green bunny as he gets to play the villain.A/N:This is a collab work with annchan1666. We both made this civil war story. This one is not related to any of the others from me.I don't do warnings so be warned of everything.This is a mha fanstory and I have no idea where this is gonna go ... hope you enjoy! Please also feel free to correct my bad writing.Rights on the pictures go to the artist.I do not own mha, rights to the owner.

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Black and White(A TommyInnit Vigilante Story)

**Completed**Hi! Cubed here. This book is a vigilante TommyInnit story. It is Tommy centric, though it will include other members of the dsmp. I really liked the stories about heroes, villains and vigilantes of the dsmp, although this does not take place on the smp. There will be no smut or relationships although there will be crushes mentioned. This is my first book that I have posted, so feel free to comment if I forget to put a trigger warning, recap, etc. This story will be quite long, I will do my best to post often, and I don't plan on abandoning the book without giving my plans at the end. Anyway, enjoy the story!Description: The world has always been black and white, and ten year old Tommy Innit doesn't think things will ever change. That is until six years later, a new colour emerges, and people can't seem to make up their mind about the new group. Sixteen year old Tommy, alone in the world, must protect himself from heroes and villains alike as he fights for his life in district thirteen. This story was started at 5:42 pm on Sunday September 4, 2022.This story was completed on Friday October 28, 2022.

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Blackout (vigilante Deku)

Izuku midoriya a 14yr old teen who. Lives 2 lifes one in the night and one in the day.I night he is the No. 1 vigilante, blackout . He's been up and at it for 6yrs now.In the day he's just Izuku midoriya,a quirk less teen.Him being the first quirkless kid to get into the hero course of UA.¶| SHIPS |¦« Erasermic » « Hotwings » « Shinkami »

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This Kid is a Vigilante!?

Aizawa's day was perfectly normal, hating his coworkers and tired as hell. But it all went off the rails when he found himself as... a cat? orAfter an accident that makes Aizawa become a cat, the hero stumbles upon a certin green-haired middle schooler who isn't all that he seems to be.TW: cursing, bullying, suicide baiting, and violenceStarted: 3/31/23#3 IN VIGILANTEIZUKU 4/12/23#3 IN QUIRKLESSDEKU 4/15/23#1 IN AIZAWASHOUTA 4/27/23#1 IN QUIRKLESSIZUKU 5/11/23#1 IN VIGILANTEDEKU 6/10/23A/N: This will be a semi-short story with shorter chapters than that of "Lonely Rabbit". This was an idea that came to me after rereading several fics about Aizawa/Izuku being cats and ofc vigilante Izuku so we combining them.Cover art belongs to meI do not own mha or the characters, rights belong to Horikoshi

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Can't kill a dead person-vigilante Deku

In this world Izuku had jumped just after his dreams were crushed by his favorite hero. His quirk only manifested after he had 'died'. His quirk is called ghost, it's super powerful and has many perks. The ghost Izuku Midoriya had decided to become a vigilante. cover made by:

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The Quirkless Vigilante

FIRST WATTPAD. Izuku Midoriya lives in a society where quirks (powers) exist, 80% of the population has quirks! 20% though... doesn't have a quirk. That's where Midoriya stands in this society. Quirkless people are considered "useless" having "no potential". Midoriya strives to change those opinions, once he gets fed up with being "useless". He becomes a Vigilante saving people whilst breaking the law at the same time. Meet the quirkless vigilante named Reject. (2023 perspective here, this is cringe af. Middle school me probably thought this was fire but uh, read at your own risk) ! I DON'T OWN THIS COVER ! ! WARNING - SELF CRITICISM, SLIGHT GORE, CURSING !

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Izuku Yagi was part of a family like any other, happy and healthy. Along with his sister, the two were thought to have a bright future ahead of them. Little did one of them know that a single day would bring it all down, along with everyone else. In the deepest of nights, Izuku sought the end before it was impeded by a little company. Now, as he strives to bring them to vanish, he crossed paths with liars long-forgotten and others like him. Mild swearing & Completely fantasized representations of psychological disorders, not to be taken as truthI do not own BNHA, all characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi.I do not own the cover art or any pictures, only most were stitched together by me, not fully original.

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Burning Hatred (my hero academia x monster hunter)

izuku yagi, he was born into a great life. but when he turned four he was forgotten, neglected, bullied, and abused. years later he discovered something that would let him be a hero but instead he became a the most feared vigilante, phantom.i do not own my hero academia or monster hunter. i also don't own any of the images.

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Eri's Vigilante Bodyguard (Eri-Chan x Male Vigilante/Father Figure)

You're an anti hero/vigilante, who has the right yo kill murders/villains, you have the law in your hands and the right to do so. Your mission is always to kill murders/villains....and on top of all hate villains, you have this hatred against the villains so bad....that you want to rip and tear them apart until it is done! Now, why on earth do you wish to become a vigilante and kill these villains so badly?? Well, you're gonna have to find out on this story!!! ..Oh and run up and find a small precious innocent little girl, who is in help of need...and you somehow want to take care of her and protect her at all cost!!! -Wanted to do something new, so I came up with this story idea, hope you fellow friend enjoy it :)-ALSO THIS IS NOT ROMANCE, I REPEAT NOT ROMNACE!! THIS IS A BOND OF A FATHER AND DAUGHTER THATS GONNA HAPPEN IN THIS STORY, AND I DO NOT WRITE LOLI STORIES, NEVER! ESPECIALLY NOT ON ERI!!! SO DONT GET ANY WRONG IDEAS!!!!

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[Discontinued] All I know is VIOLENCE | Vigilante Deku and Dadzawa |

Up for adoption

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Tommyinnits vigilante cat rescue

Tommyinnit is a very pog vigilante who happens to often get chased by a very unpoggers hero Siren and also loves cats.

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Kitsune (Vigilante Deku AU)

After the tragic death of Inko Midoriya, 7 year old Izuku disappears under the cover of night. With no known family left, he is (to the police) missing presumed dead. 7 years later he returns to the world as the unbeatable and clever vigilante protecter of Japan, Kitsune.I do not by any means own my hero academia (boku no hero academia). I do however own this story and it's content. Also the cover and any art I may or may not include is not mine.{DISCONTINUED}

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Nightfall (quirkless vigilante deku + dadzawa)

Quirkless vigilante IzukuEveryone loves some dadzawa

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Vigilante (A TMNT Raphael FanFic)

"Terra? What da' hell are ya' doin'?" "Just playing vigilante."

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Eli thinks life would be a lot easier if Matthew would give up his crime fighting shenanigans. Granted, if he'd wanted a normal life, he wouldn't have agreed to date the local vigilante. He still doesn't appreciate every criminal in the city trying to kill his boyfriend. That's just downright rude. But when Matthew doesn't return one night, Eli knows whatever he ran into has to be more than just a regular third rate crook. There's a new criminal in town, and Vigilante might have finally found his match.- - - - - - - - - -Sequel to Wattys 2016 winner Vigilante!

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