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Veyle and Alear in Three Houses

(Photo not mine!)The Fell siblings fall into three houses along with the ring of the Instructor, Byleth, and the bracelet of the three houses. Knowing what Byleth had gone through, they decided to at least spare this Byleth from the timeloops as they find a way back home.

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Harvey's hidden secret

*Not suitable for younger readers*Max thought Harvey was exactly like him. But Harvey has a secret he's struggling to contain.

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thoughts from a dark hole

random poetry that i think of. poetry is my way of coping with my mind and learning about the world around me through the beauty of words. thank you for reading! TRIGGER WARNING FOR THE FIRST TWO POEMS - sexual and physical abuse, violence, CSA, depressive thought spirals, and self-harmalso, there are a few poems based on the obituaries of *real people* so please be sensitive in the comments. thank you in advance!

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Unsaid Love

it's dedicated to the guy I loved.

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Siempre sabrás cual es tu destino sin que te tenga que importar las opiniones de los demás,si tu sabes que haces bien algo y te sientes con tigo mismo bien todo esta permitido

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The Churning Wake

Three years ago, the quiet town of Crestview experienced a great shakeup. Bri Bennett was a Freshman on the morning of April 24th, when her boyfriend's best friend began shooting inside CHS. Now, as the lone #SeniorSurvivor, she faces a choice, to tell the story as it really happened or to let it go and leave it to the rumors.

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Kai Romanoff

When Clint Barton found Natasha Romanoff that special day in Budapest, he also found her with a little girl. Not her own of course, but it might as well have been. Her name was Kai and she was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. But even her strange life, the strangest thing to ever happen was when a letter appeared on her thirteenth birthdays telling her she was a wizard.This timeline will follow each movie to the best of my ability. But if anything is different it is intentional.

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Lin, the fraternal twin to Leyley, is forced to follow after Andy and Leyley after he's trapped in an apartment with an alleged parasite in him.

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Fire Emblem Oneshots

Requests: CLOSED!Hello, and welcome to my one-shot book! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were with Jean when his village was raided? Or if Alfonse really did get trapped in a nightmare without you in it? If anything strikes your interest, read for your pleasure, and if not, request away!FE games I've played so far include:- Three Houses/Hopes (all routes)- Engage- Heroes (all books)- Awakening- More in the future, once I eventually buy them!---Highest Rankings:#1 FEH#1 FEA#1 Marth#1 Alfonse#1 Sylvain#1 Linhardt#1 Diamant#1 Lysithea#2 engage#1 Lucina#2 Plumeria#2 fireemblemawakening#3 Byleth#3 fireemblemengage#3 Lara#4 (out of 1,000+) fireemblem#4 Dimitri#5 FE3H#5 fireemblemthreehouses

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Wicked Game

Au. Harvey and Donna. Roommates and best friends sharing a special bond. One evening they agree to make their crushes jealous by pretending to be a couple. It's a dangerous game, that quickly gets out of hand.

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Fire Emblem:  Team AV VOL. 1

When Alear gets a letter from Remnant, learning that there was an enemy among the students of Beacon, She and Veyle go there in order to investigate the matter hiding there true identity. A bunch of drama arises as many boys (who I completely made up by the way) try to fight over Alear to see who will get her love, unaware she is already married. Veyle also tries to help the Faunus who were discriminated after befriending a certain bunny girl. What journey can await them?

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a love that lasts | Tyler x Reader | School Bus Graveyard

Y/N and her groupmates go on a field trip to Savannah, Georgia, where they encounter some strange paranormal activity. Now sucked into this alternate world they must face every night, they must find a way out of this neverending loop. But, things only become more difficult when her heart grows a mind of its own.Self-Insert book: All SBG plot and characters owned by Red on WEBTOONMost Impressive Rankings:#1 in 'schoolbusgraveyard'#1 in 'tylerhernandez'#1 in 'aidenclarke'#1 in 'ashlynbanner'**title & cover change on 6/18/24 --- originally "Meet Me at Midnight"

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School bus graveyard

School bus graveyard ships Aiden x Ashlyn, Taylor x Ben, Tyler x Logan I'll probably have some typos so yeah. None of these characters are mine there from Lilredbeany but one character is mine Delilah

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Twins//Reader x Hayden Summerall?

Your Annie Leblancs twin, Abby and they are identical. Abby always tries to be different but people always find a way to compare them. What happens when the go to LA and they meet Hayden? Read to find out what happensTHIS IS NOT A HANNIE FANFIC, BUT DOES START OFF HANNIE

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Baby steps (Harvey x mute reader)

Harvey x mute reader. You had a rough upbringing and had recently been adopted by a nice couple who were having a hard time dealing with you because you wouldn't talk but nonetheless they love you as their own.

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Like your style; minho ff

My designs are trash, im insecure about everything, whats the point

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School bus graveyard Highschool AU

Basically just school bus graveyard but if they were seniors who got to not be forced to travel dimensions every night πŸ˜” (also ngl this is very centered around Taylor and Tyler but they don't get enough love okay)

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Vax & Keyleth - Critical Role One Shots

A collections of one shots of a half eleven couple, falling in love. Requests open. (PG 13)

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Hell & Back || TYLER SBG

Danica Evans and Tyler Hernandez's paths were never supposed to intertwine. Guys like him didn't talk to girls like her...but hey, there's not much of a choice when you're both being hunted down by phantoms. (The plot and main cast, not including Danica, belong to Red on Webtoon. This story follows the plot of School Bus Graveyard!)

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Writing this because I love the rain! Harvey Mills fanfic!

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Black Hat X Girl Reader

I like black hat so I really hope you like it tell me what you think NO LIES this is my first book so please don't judge thank you hope you like it!!!!!☺☺

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chances, malachi barton

"no, i think there is a slight π™˜π™π™–π™£π™˜π™š that elaina parker fell in love with me." - in which π™’π™–π™‘π™–π™˜π™π™ž 𝙗𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙀𝙣 meets π™šπ™‘π™–π™žπ™£π™– π™₯π™–π™§π™ π™šπ™§ in the library and she offers to help him study...

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~ Aidlyn & Sbg short stories  ~

Aidlyn & School Bus Graveyard ~ short stories! :>>And if you ask - no, these aren't oneshots, but I'm too lazy to change the cover

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Tested positive for

Just some imagines of Max Mills

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School Bus Graveyard Oneshots! (and more)

The title is pretty much self explanatory so I guess you get the drift of this whole book!This silly book will contain the following:FluffAngst(:3) ROMANCE. AidlynAny ship requested (no Tyler x Taylor or Ben x Aiden) comedyhead cannonsAshlyn's parents. (You know yourselves.)

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crash | ashannie

Angel Angel is a normal teenage boy. He plays sports, he's popular and he's known for being a party animal. What happens when Asher gets into a bad car accident that changes his life.Annie LeBlanc lives in the hospital. She has a heart disease and is waiting for a new heart. Annie is tired of living in the hospital until she meets a mysterious boy in the room next doorStarted: February 27, 2019Completed: April 22, 2019

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