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Turtlejou Army: Manual

This is for all of the Turtlejou shippers out there, who want to join the Moonbli v. Winterwatcher v. Quinter war. Anyway, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Welcome to the army!none of the art is mine.~Shattered

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The Herrscher Of War Season 1

Hello reader! Due to the imaginary tree having infinite worlds and possibilities I made this story about a boy named Asura Kaslana. He was born into the Kaslana family under Siegfried and Cecelia 16 years before the second Honkai eruption, which is where this story will take place. Follow Asura as he embarks on his journey as the future knight of Schicksal and as he becomes one of the most powerful Herrschers in the honkai universe.

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Honkai Impact Dread

This is fanfic about my favorite mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd. Only Character I own is Mars and his sister Scarlet. (I have other original characters but Im still making them.) The other characters are owned by Mihoyo. (I know the Dark Herrschers) There is another Herrscher. The Herrscher of Dread.Most of the story events are changed. Hopefully you like the story

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The Librarian

HI3 x Male readerI do not own HI3, Hoyoverse, and any images used in this story. All credits go to original owners and creators.

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Starlight Mission

Three years after the Great War, Primordial Herrscher Zwei, the Herrscher of Cognizance, never expected herself to already be chosen for an otherworldly mission: Finding either the new Herrscher core that implanted itself in one of the parallel universes that Veldanava created or finding the Herrscher themselves, if they were already born.The conditions of the mission weren't tough since she was a Herrscher herself.- She is only limited to using 5% of her real power unless something major happens? Sure, nothing she can't handle.- That parallel world has the tiniest bit of magic (due to a certain True Dragon's influence), but isn't widely used yet? Perfect, she doesn't have to be too wary of using magic in public at least.- She has a partner for the mission so that she won't be lonely, and it's the laziest Demon Lord? Sure- Wait, what?- Also, that world has a secondary gender hierarchy where the lowest category can breed regardless of gender and the one in the highest categories are generally perverts and her body HAD to be modified to blend in? ... What the actual-... Goddess or not, Feiyun, the Great Lady Herrscher of Cognizance, vows that she will somehow, one way or another, strangle the damn slime that put her into this new body and new dilemma. She can only hope that the Herrscher or core will be easy to find... (Though it's not like she can't travel back to the nation just to try strangling the slime.)

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the grudge.

this book is inspired by:"the grudge" by olivia rodrigo. ----ever since that day in may, richie's been going through something in his family. he displayed a façade to make sure that this is unbeknownst to his friends and mother, but secrets aren't kept forever.

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Herrscher powers

The cover is not mine.Discription os the Herrscher of Domination powers.

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Sentience x Male Reader - Captain and Herrscher.

I love Sentience, she's just too cute.Also, this is just going to be random drabbles I've thought of which are loosely connected, and Sentience will be a separate entity from Fuhua because... let's just say that they split for some reason.

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Honkai Impact 3 Smash or Pass

This game was cool as hell when it first showed up, although I don't know how it is now since I kind of abandoned it after a few hours. I don't own anything but the idea.

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[HI3] Protocol Stigmata

In a world on the brink of Honkai domination, the fate of Earth hinges on the formidable Valkyries. These extraordinary warriors are the last line of defense against the impending chaos, and their legacy is preserved at St. Freya High School. Established in 2000 by the visionary Theresa Apocalypse, the school's primary mission is to provide refuge and guidance to those scarred by Honkai experimentation. Here, they can learn to harness their latent powers and, upon graduation, join the ranks of the Valkyries. However, the status quo is shattered when an extraordinary young man is unexpectedly enrolled at St. Freya. Gifted with rare talents and abilities, he is destined to become a Valkyrie and bring about a new chapter in the battle against the Honkai. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters except for my OC, All credits to Mihoyo/Hoyoverse

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Honkai Impact : The Tree of Human(Final Herrscher x OC)

This story is about one tree. Sprouting from a tiny heart, coming from only one soul, it shall grow greater than any other.I do not own Honkai Impact 3rd, or any media used here.

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Honkai Impact: My Odyssey (Honkai Impact x M!Reader)

"Brilliant people shine more brightly than ordinary ones. They never regret or agonize over what they've done." Archer.

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What are Herrscher to a Monarch? S1(Honkai Impact fanfic)

For Aliester, 'reincarnate to another world'is the last thing he wants since he alreadyhas it all.But after he plays a game suggestedby his coworkers, Aliester somehow enter theworld of his newfound game as a girl. Discoverthe world of Honkai as Aliester perfect lifestylecrumble.

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Rwby Impact (a RwbyxHonkai impact reaction fanfic)

[HEAVY SPOILERS FOR HONKAI IMPART 3RD STORY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED]So there has been a lot of watching the multiverse fanfics but close to none are about honkai impact so here is one about a (OC) herrscher showing the cast of rwby an alternate universe where they are fighting against the forces of Honkai.Do noted that this story will be following the canon universe with a small twist both Honkaiverse and Rwbyverse. Standard disclaimer: I own Nothing in this story except my OC. Everything Rwby-related content belongs to Rooster Teeth and respective artists. Everything Honkai-related content belongs to HoYoverse and the respective artists.This Cover was done by 太伊

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My Weakness | NaruSasu

>>>You are the only weakness I want

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Honkai impact: Archon's journey

(Y/n) was a geek, who liked games, Anime and manga, two games he played a lot of was Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact, he excelled in both game as he plays both games, he was living a good life when suddenly that comes to a holt by "accident" and found himself in the world of Honkai impact as a archon with the seven gnosis, how will he change the gameRead on to found out

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السـاقـي SJ✔.

أما لِعشق السَاقي ان يبَلغ الثرَى يسكن مهجتي رفيق فُؤادِي وُالهوُى الُِا يا من تصبَ لي من كأسِ خـمرٍ مُحرمالُِا تصبَ لُِي من عسلُِك فُهوُ المُنى .[ جِيكهـون ]بـارك سُونقهون : المهيمن شيـم جيـك : الراضِخ •جمِيع الحقُوق ترجع للكَاتِب الأصلي انا مُجرد محوِل.

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Human and Honkai (Male reader X Honkai Impact 3rd)

Death is something we can't escape. It can take away our worst enemy, or our most loved ones.No one is able to return back to life when he die. That, is until a certain boy change it

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Don't Leave Me Here - Starker

Tony hasn't seen Peter in a few months after Civil War. Peter wished Tony would've reached out sooner, but one night Peter doesn't know who else to call. And when things take a turn for the worst, what does that mean for Peter? It's up to the pair to get through their struggles together.I don't own these characters, and I am not affiliated with Marvel.Thank ya for reading! Completed • Sep. 28th 2020Editing finished • Feb. 1st 2022#1 - Starker - March 1st

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record of ragnarok x HoC! reader

The Herrscher of Corruption is offered a second chance.

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Ice against Light Stars (Honkai Impact 3 AU)

❄️ Honkai impact 3 role-swap AU❄️ Synopsis:Ana Schariac, a war orphan girl who was adopted and trained as a Schicksal Valkyrie, along with her little sister: Kiana Schariac. Her life seems to take a big twist when Kiana awakes as the Herrscher of Void, the guilty of their mother's death. Schicksal get to take it down, and even thought Kiana survived, her life seemed in risk, as the void core was draining her life away. To help her, Ana decided to join the organization who once chased her sister to find a cure for her, but in the way, another big cataclysm happened: the awakening of the Herrscher of Thunder. A sudden event changed the story as it is known.Original story + Characters© MihoyoIllustrations © Schrodingrr (me)© Mihoyo

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Helpless (a Frans Fiction)

Read to find out!!!!

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Herrscher of SAO

what if after her initial death Sirin was reincarnated into annother world where technology is albit different from her own. she appears in castle Aincrad on launch day of Sword Art Online. she soons discoverers her new life in this world is a miracle and a once in a lifetime chance. she had to take it with stride. and with her herrscher powers at her disposal her life in this death game should be much more easy.

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The Unknown

The Herrscher of the Unknown is the fifthteenth that was created by the Will of the Honkai to destroy the world. And his vessel; (Y/n) had no idea that he was this said destroyer of the world.

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The Next Act (Male Herrscher Of Sentience Reader X Stellaron Hunters)

Y/N is a Stellaron Hunter, with the downgraded powers of the Herrscher of Sentience. While training with Sam, Kafka arrives with news that the Stellaron Hunters will be taking a quick detour to the planet Jarilo-VI, as Elio's script has predicted a new outbreak of the Stellaron on the recently trailblazed planet. What adventures await them as they follow Elio's script, guiding the Astral Express crew back to Belobog to deal with the re-emerging crises?This is a Honkai star rail fanfcifion blah blah blah Hoyoverse basically like owns stuff idk how this copyright thing works

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The Flamechaser's Therapist

Y/N Was a citizen in Sundown Valley, who lived together with Kalpas, Sakura and Aponia. The honkai razed the Sundown Valley to the ground. Almost everyone died. But Y/N sacrificed himself to make Aponia, Sakura and Kalpas run. But he survived, luckily, he didn't have too severe wounds when he woke up. That's strange, he had gotten stabbed in the stomach and had a wide hole in his stomach.Y/N didn't think much of it and later on met Kevin, Su and MEI in highschool.Unfortunately, Honkai struck there too. Y/N was seperated by everyone he knew. All due to the honkai. Now after a few years after their seperation, Y/N gets a job offer. As the flamechaser's... therapist?

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