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Die For You ( VegasPete )

Having you one night was the greatest mistake I did, but losing you once is the worst decision I made. - Pete

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Just a bits of Vegas's and Pete's lifes

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vegas doesn"t love pete. but pete hope his love.however pete got pregnant. but what will happen after this kind of situation?1) vegas is 27 old a tough guy. he only listen his father and do only his father's hopes. the reason is his father doesn't love him since he was in little.2)pete is 20 years old and care about his husband so much and only has his grandma.he has not his parents because his parents passed away .

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I WANT YOUR TRUST  ( VegasPete )

guys this story line is going to start from kinnporsche the series but in a different way .......hope you going to like it ........VegasPete forever ♾️

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Vegaspete oneshots

This contains Vegaspete oneshots, every chapter is a separate story.These are the ideas I had, which couldn't be turned into a full story line. That's why the one shots

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Lost In The Fire | VegasPete Fanfic

Pete-a loyal head bodyguard to the major clan was assigned to look after Vegas-the first born of the minor clan who's also known for having a bad reputation.But what if this seductive devil would soon make Pete question his own sexuality?[Start: January 7, 2023][End: March 12, 2023]]*ACHIEVEMENTS*🥇 VEGASPETE🥇 BUILD🥇 MACAU🥇 VENICE🥇BIBLE

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my destiny (vegaspete)

"you successfully caught my attention Pete and I promise I will make you suffer" -vegas. what if kinn didn't send Pete to spy on Vegas but pete ruined Vegas plan to win Porsche from kinn. Can Vegas able to handle the cuteness of head bodyguard in the process of taking revenge?

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MY OMEGA (Vegas Pete ff)

FINALLY i find you ...... Vegas AL. AL. ALPHA ....... Pete HI there 👋 🤗 so basically I never wrote anything like this and also this is my first time so please if I do something wrong please help me but don't hate me or say wrong things please .....😅😂 English is not my first language so please if you find any mistake please help me but I don't hate me or say anything wrong 😅

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With Love (Vegas Pete)

"you are my wife, I can do anything I want with you" -vegas The love story between innocent yet crazy & stubborn Pete and cold mafia heir Vegas.

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Vegaspete Oneshort

Some one short of Vegas Pete... 18+ including in the story. Rebirth, Omega, goddess, vampire and many more

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What Happens in Vegas: Doesn't stay in Vegas

Different take on Maya and Carina This story is intersex.

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Vegas pete : fanfiction

Thankyou for coming 🎉this is vagas ×pete fanfiction.The vegas 's family is the richest in thailand at no.2. for the world , Vegas is a good hearted person who helps others and can do anything for the people of his country. Childrens consider him as their ideal but in reality,Vegas is very dangerous , he acts illegal work. ,Can kill anyone of his own benefit,he is a rude and cold hearted ceo of his father's company. Vegas always wants to be in 1st position. He hates 2nd position very much. Pete's family is the richest in thailand at no.1. pete is the only son of his family and the only heir to the property and company. Pete is most loving and caring person for others. He is a college boy. Vegas and pete ' s family are friends and Vegas and pete are childhood friends too. there are also Kim, chay and Mkao . I hope u like it ❤️❤️.

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Cu + Ag (VegasxKim) [Completed]

Brewing a story with another favorite crackpair of mine; their sizzling chemistry offline was infectious.What would have happened if it had been online too? If you are a chemistry student, the title would make sense to you :)

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VegasPete The Series (Fanfiction)

This is a fanfic purely from my own imagination. The story is continuing from the last episode of KinnPorsche The Series, not following the novel or any side story that coming from the novel. My focus is on Vegas and Pete point of view not from Kinn and Porsche Disclaimer : I don't own the character's names, places, occupations or settings. It all belongs to the original creator. I only own the plots.

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What happens in Vegas

Bella, Ava, and Charlotte have just graduated the hell hole known as high school and are over the moon about their trip to Vegas which has been in the works for a long time.You can take the students out of San Diego but not all of them. Going to a bar on the way to forget their past for the weekend, they run into Noah, Oliver, and Lucas. The three 'it' boys from their rival high school.The high schools can hate each other but that doesn't mean the students have to.Hate?Not even close to the way they'll be feeling on this trip.

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Vegas Pete- forever partners

*DISCLAIMER*The story is not in any way related to the novel or series. It's purely based on what I want to write.Know that scene in episode 13 where Vegas wants Pete to stay and asks him not to leave? What if Pete agreed to it? What would be the consequences of Pete choosing to stay back? Can they be together forever or will they be separated even before they can properly get to know each other all over again? Read the story to find out. (Pete will be pregnant in this story) Many might have written about the same thing, but I decided to write my version of it. Hope you like it.

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Fall in love with you ( VEGASPETE )  Complete ✅

|| VEGASPETE ||_This story about two people who belongs to different world they fall in love with each other _A/N : This story belongs to me it's my imagination this story nothing to do with original story ◎ cute love story◎ fluffCharacters belongs to kinnporch the series * In this story both Vegas and kinn s Father's are dead because I don't like them hehe* (All pitchers from Pinterest)🏅#1 Bubbles 🏅#5 Bubbles🏅#7 bubbles🏅#6 bubbles

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Mission Surrender-VegasPete

This is a fancfic starring Vegas and Pete of the KinnPorsche Book and series. They are definitely one of the most controversial couples in the series. This story is a fan fiction of how their lives turn out after deciding to be together. Will love be enough to overcome the pain of yesterday and go to the uncertainty of tomorrow?

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Arranged Marriage •Vegas x Pete•/•Kim x Porchay•

Since little Vegas and Pete was friends , but somehow their parents had arranged their marriage with each other , Pete had loved Vegas but Vegas didn't give him that love that he wanted Pete wanted to call off the engagement but Vegas didn't let him , Vegas knew his little secret , Vegas had loved him but he never knew how to express his love - cursing/swearing/bad words/bad language .........

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Fatherhood | Vegas Theerapanyakul

= COMPLETED ! =〖 vegas × pete fanfiction 〗What happens if Pete and Vegas quarreled about Vegas' treatment towards their son, Venice, and the only way Pete would forgive Vegas if he acts like a better Papa to the child?What happens if Vegas becomes very possessive over Venice and even Pete gets a curfew taking care of the baby?Will Pete regret his decision of making Vegas care more for their son, or will he finally get the family he's been wanting ever since he adopted Venice?Is it a good thing to have a psychotic sociopath as a father? Or will Venice end up crying more under Vegas' hold?DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, places, events, are either products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblace to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events are purely coincidental.I don't claim the names as my own, all credits are to Daemi and KinnPorsche Novel !• MOST IMPRESSIVE RANKINGS •#38 - short#1 - venice#1 - buildjakapan#4 - fatherhood#7 - biblebuild

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The Vegas Secret | lrh

"No offense, but who are you?""I'm Luke Hemmings and apparently I am your husband."My eyes widened and I held up my left hand, sure enough there was a ring with a massive diamond on my ring finger.-----When Adalyn Parker went to Vegas in an attempt to drink away the pain of her breakup, she ended up coming back in a different situation than she expected. Instead of leaving happily single... She left married.-----Started: April 11, 2020

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Daddy [Kinnvegas Kimmacau]

To merge minor and major family kinn and vegas got married with no emotion just for businessAt they didn't even mind later they found something about eachother which turned everything up side down in their relationshipother sideChay left kim after knowing kim is theerapanyakulMacau secretly loved kim for long time proposed kim and got rejectedwhat kim will do when he see Macau being close with someone will he care?There are also other side couples which will be revealed later the main couples are Kinnvegas and kimmacau

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At Your Mercy •Vegas x Kim•/•Macau x Porchay•

The purest heart are drawn into darkness , living with no hopes The death of people's life , hiding in hope to escape until he met that one stupid guy who could give him some hope about human being different #VegasKim#MacauPorchay

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Scar behind his smile - (Vegaspete)

What if instead of Porsche , Vegas was attracted to Pete from the start .But things won't go easy for Vegas because someone else is also interested in Pete.Someone who is also fierce and strong like Vegas.Who will Pete end up falling for?This story will revolve more around Pete and his relationship with other characters of the series. I will try to focus more on his complex character.some ghost ships will also be included :)

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|| Vegaspete ||A Love tale of a human (Vegas) and his mysterious cat (Pete) who got the power of shapeshifting when its owner turned 23.◎fluff◎ Mprag◎multyuniverse🏅#4🏅#5

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Hateful Love ( Vegaspete )

A marriage arranged by the heads of both the families brought Vegas pete together, but will they be able to make everything work amidst all the misunderstandings? There are a number of obstacles waiting to hinder their story with the biggest one being - vegas in love with someone who surely isn't pete...Will they be able to make it work or will their relationship end on a bitter note? No-one knows what the future has in store for them...Read this fanfic to witness the story of the two who have been united in a holy matrimony despite their disagreement

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