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USUK oneshots

[completed] A lovely collection of heartwarming USUK shorts. If you don't ship it you'll still love them, and if you do you'll love them even more. USUK forever!!!

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Of Magic USUK

Arthur Kirkland, a 16 year old Slytherin student at Hogwarts, has a dark secret. Keeping this secret has been relatively easy, but when his longtime crush, Alfred F. Jones (a proud and obnoxious Gryffindor) starts looking into something that will inevitably lead him back to Arthur, he may have to resort to drastic measures.Will Arthur be able to keep his secret and live in peace, or will the unearthing of his secret cause an uprising of something dark to destroy everything good in the world? Only time will tell whether or not this British boy prevails...

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If The World Was Us (A UsUk Fanfic)

America has a dream that he's never told anyone. Unexpectedly he runs into Britain but what is Britain doing in his country? Also America realizes that he might be... dissapearing. Is he going to dissapear without fullfilling his dream?

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Do It All Again (USUK)

Arthur Kirkland (England) has just moved to Seattle from London. He never thought he would befriend the quirky American teenager known as Alfred F. Jones (America). He never thought he would come to fall in love with him either. Nor did Alfred expect to fall for the suicidal Brit. Can Alfred swoop in and save the depressed teen, or will things be taken to far?ALL OF THIS STORY IS ALFRED'S POVWarning// YAOI. If you don't know what that is, run. Run and never look back. Also a bit of lime content, but no lemon.Disclaimer// I do not own Hetalia or any of the characters. All credit goes to the owner of the fanart I use.

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Jealous - UsUk

What will student council president Arthur Kirkland do when trouble maker Alfred F Jones won't leave him alone? Especially when he gets jealous of everyone who even LOOKS at him? Looks like Arthur's junior year is more crazier than he expected.Disclaimer: Hetalia does not belong to me.

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UsUk: Daddy Issues

When Arthur Kirkland was in college, he had fallen in love with a jock named Alfred Jones. During those years through school they had sex, leaving Arthur pregnant. At age 24 he has a son named Peter. Alfred has no idea... until they run into each other in the street.

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Gone? USUK

Alfred F. Jones and his mom are starting anew after a nasty situation with Alfred's dad. Let's just say that he no longer respects his dad all too much. Things seem perfect when they move into their new house. He's making new friends, and his mom's job is going great, but after a while, something begins to feel off. Cold spots? Almost ominous presences that seem to haunt him whenever he's home alone? What's going in this house of his? Is there something there? Is it evil? Is it good? Looking into it proves to be much more than what Alfred was expecting.

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Independence Day [USUK]

When America decides to spend the summer with England, things begin to resurface. Both face constant flashbacks, conflict, and the inevitability of their hidden admiration for one another.

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Crazy Sexy Cutie (2P USUK)

Stop reading this fic its garbage

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UsUk Oneshots

'<'It's a really cringy book. Bye.Jk!Hi! welcome to another depressing and cringy book! There's no depressed stories here!And, I might delete maybe one or two books that I was gonna work on, but... Nah, I'll just keep 'em if I have motivation!But. There is only one thing that I have to warn you. But I will show then as a warning! So here you go!!Warning!• Gay• Swearing (uncensored)• Cringiness• Clicheness------------------------------------And I don't own Hetalia! It belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya! And for the human names, and characters too! And all of the pictures! It belongs to their rightful owners!I always get very distracted! I don't even know why I planned to make hetalia fanfics! But anyways, here are the books in wattpad that inspired me. I will also put the writer's name. Please check them out!------------------------------------• NerdyMad0911Story: USUK Oneshots ------------------------------------• JaneChaseStory: The thief that stole the king's heart [USUK]------------------------------------• HypedOnCandyForeverStory: Arthur Kirkland's Problem------------------------------------• TheAmericanAlfredStory: USUK Oneshots------------------------------------• Hannah_that1fangirlStory: USUK oneshots------------------------------------• RebmacatStory: We'll Meet Again - USUK------------------------------------• nayota1Story: Jealous - UsUk------------------------------------Please check their stories out! And please follow them!And, please say/comment if you have seen one of the stories before. 'Cuz if you do, I'd gladly change, remove them, or make up another oneshot! Thank you!Ok. Bye! •<•

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[ Hetalia USUK] Kiss me

His arms were wrapped tight around his neck, holding on as tightly as the arms that were already around him."Before you leave...I'd like to ask of you one last thing...""Anything.""Kiss me."

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Summer Love (Hetalia USUK)

When Alfred moves to the UK for college, he meets a young man named Arthur.

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Pronouns [usuk fanfic]

Arthur is male and identifies as one, he just likes to dress up as a girl. His religious parents however think he needs help to turn him back to 'normal'. When Alfred transfer to Arthur's school he becomes infatuated with Arthur, as a girl. [May include other pairings besides usuk]

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Love or Lust (Hetalia/Fruk or USUK?)

England finds himself falling in love with two people, who happen to both like him back. Who will he chose?(Hetalia and its characters do not belong to me, nor does the cover photo.)

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My hero (UsUk)

Arthur is a suicidal country. Alfred is a self proclaimed hero. What will happen?DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURES/ART!TRIGGERS! SUICIDAL TRIGGERS!

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USUK :: War's Promise

Sweet Devil!AUWar was taken out on earth between Hell and Heaven. Hell wanted a stronger, larger army and the pure to suffer. Heaven wanted to save the pure from the claws of the Devils whenever the souls of the pure were on their path to heaven. The sinners were immediately sent to hell.Alfred was pure. He was killed by protecting his younger brother, and he was only nineteen.An arch angel was sent to retrieve his soul, one of the purest souls to be seen in years. That had meant that whichever way he was taken, Alfred would be powerful. The angel lost to several demons who sought after Alfred's soul, and Alfred was taken to hell, where he became the Demon King, or King of Hell.Many decades later, Arthur, an angel, is captured and dragged down to hell. The King of Hell takes a great liking to said Angel, who strives to return home to heaven.I do not own Hetalia or the characters or the pictures used. I do, however, own the plot line and story.Thank you for reading!

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Choose Me! (Completed)

When Arthur has to choose between the love he's known for years or this new man who makes everything feel right. Who will he chose? That's up to you readers vote for who you want Arthur to end up with and just maybe the story will turn into the one you always wanted.

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All the time in the world (UsUk)

This is the story of two countries: England, a stubborn man who beats the frog in the battle for raising the hyper adorable chibi country, America, despite his terrible cooking skills. What happens to the two of them as America grows up? Will the two become more than brothers, or simply drift apart?

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USUK:: Since Independence

England; Ever since /that/ day in history, I felt as if I was crumbling apart, bit by bit. I feel as if I'm being stabbed in the heart every time I see his wonderful smile that seems to never fade, and know that I was never anywhere near the cause of that ray of sunshine. I treasure every second I'm in his presence, when I hear his voice, when I feel his warmth, anything and everything to do with him. Oh, how I have prayed to at least hold him in my embrace once more before I completely shatter into pieces of pain, loneliness, and heartbreak. However, I hadn't ever even thought I would receive more than I had hoped...So, if you couldn't tell already, England has been extremely depressed since the Revolutionary war, but covered it up with sass and nonchalantness. However, he has realized that he loves America, more then a brother or friend, or even a best friend, but think that the amazing Alfred F. Jones may not return the feelings, since he was the one had had declared independence.

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Pokerface: Usuk Hetalia Cardverse

It's been three years since the king of spades, Alfred Jones, was crowned as king. Even though he was only sixteen when he was crowned, his entire court urged him to find himself a queen. Of course he ignored them, why would he want to be married so young? But when tension between the kingdom of spades and the kingdom of clubs rises, Alfred decides the kingdom needs Alfred to be a strong leader, and a king is nothing without his queen.-----This is my own spin off of the hetalia cardverse. The concept is not mine, the story is. Usually in cardverse Arthur is already ruler, but I'm changing it up a bit for the reason of my ideas. None of the art displayed belongs to me... please credit the original creators. This is my first fanfiction, so please be easy on me... though feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated. Enjoy the story!

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A love like this (UsUk)

UsUk fanfic from hetalia (yaio) I don't own hetalia or any of the characters. ages at begining;Seamus- n. Ireland~24 Alfred- America~18 Yao- china~16Arawn-wales~23 Arthur- England~17 Ivan-Russia~17Allistor- Scotland~22 Carter- Ireland~24 Matthew- Canada~ 16Oliver- 2p! England~21 Francis- France~17 Peter-Sealand~10

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USUK Oneshots (Hetalia) [Completed]

A bunch of oneshots based around my OTP, USUK. I had planned on making this anyway, but I entered this into the ships contest that ProjectFandomUnity held forever ago, and have continued to update since. I am currently updating this book every Saturday or Sunday if I'm able. Also, requests for scenarios are open, so please suggest if you have any ideas you would like me to make. I do not own Hetalia, the picture used in the cover, or any of the songs/videos I insert for my songfics.EDIT: This book is completed, though I still hope you enjoy regardless.

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Hetalia- Death is not the end. (USUK)

Arthur was walking home to find Alfred face down in the dirt when he asks to stay for a week how could the Brit say no but when Alfred starts getting phone calls everyday and life starts becoming hard especially for the Brit who is tired all the time-----well this is my story i warn ya now there's going to be death

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He's Just a Friend ((USUK))

"Excuse me!" A loud obnoxious voice says from behind Arthur. The omega jumps in surprise quickly spinning around."I'm so sorry sir! What would you like to order today?" Arthur exclaims apologetically. He looks up making eye contact with bright sapphire blue eyes. The alpha grins, his blue eyes somehow getting bluer as he looks at the petite omega from behind his glasses. He runs a hand through his own wheat coloured hair.Arthur Kirkland is an omega that works at a cafe on the outskirts of town. One day he serves a boisterous alpha who takes an interest in him. Said alpha is also Arthur's best friends twin brother. How will Arthur cope when he meets an alpha that takes an interest in him but he also takes an interest in the alpha.

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A Million Voices [UsUk]

**I DO NOT OWN HETALIA NOR THE CHARACTERS, I OWN THE STORY AND THE PLOT**This is an UsUk story named after the song "A Million Voices" by Polina Gagarina (Russia's ESC entry). It does not have the same meaning as the song, but the title fits.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -TW: Self-harm, suicidal thoughts, depression- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -It tells about Arthur Kirkland's strange actions and thoughts. Will he have anyone by his side and which directions will his actions take?

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USUK Oneshots

these are a bunch of cute ideas I found on the internet (mainly pinterest). The ideas themselves may not be based on usuk but I will right them that way.I own nothing I hope you enjoy!

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