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Unforgotten Night ft Khun (kinnporsche)

story of kamol and kim falling in love. kamol has been dating khun from a longtime. kim who is Jeffsatur's manager falls in love with kamol but is also scared to carry forward his love because he can't hurt this is a short fan I wrote long ago in Instagram stories my, my account has been disabled so posting it here take it with a pinch of salt.Completed.

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My CEO Billionaire

He strides closer, his eyes focused intently on me. I stumble backwards, feeling the cold wall press against my back.He stops inches away from me, forcing me to stare at his dark brooding eyes. I was enthralled by them, luring me in."What are you doing?" My throat went dry as I spoke, his figure closing in. His scent made it even harder to think straight, a mix of fresh pine and smoky wood was all I could breath in. He doesn't answer and leans in closer to me, I could've gotten lost in his eyes, he tilted his head as the light shadowed the side of his face. "You amuse me, Abby" He whispered. His lips grazing my cheek. I stood there, stunned by our proximity.He pulled back slowly, staring, unflinching. "Don't go looking too deep, you'll regret it once you find what I'm hiding" I heard the door close, and he was gone once I regained my sanity. ***He was fire to my soul, his touch an electric cold shiver to my skin, and his eyes were the most troubled I could ever find.The way his eyes gazed at me, they held forbidden secrets. I was curious to what made him so closed off to the world, so twisted and cruel. I was drawn to him than anyone I've ever encountered, a man with a brutal past and a forgotten heart. They told me to stay away, but I didn't listen.They said my curiosity would kill me, then let that be the end of me.*UNDER EDITING* *READ AT YOUR OWN RISK*

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The Halloween Memory (AMBW) (Completed)

Sheila was as happy with her life as any other little girl could be in Jackson, Tennessee. Until she met Seth Zheng by accident when her brother threw the football directly on his face. They became close friends until an unfortunate incident happened between them on Halloween night that changed their lives forever. 11 years later, Seth returns to Jackson to take back his light and Sheila is the one who has it, but Sheila remembers nothing that happened that night or her friendship with Seth. Darkness is consuming him and will stop at nothing to absorb Seth and now Sheila. Will Seth be able to save Sheila by helping her remember that Halloween night and save himself in return?I don't own the rights to the picture, found it on google.

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Dilbar | دلبر ✓

Dilbar (دلبر) - Lover*****Samaira Baksh has sworn off love. The emotion in itself brought memories that were synonymous with a weak nightmare. For her, love was a forgotten feeling and farthest away from what could be considered true.But don't they say to expect the unexpected?A wedding brought her face to face with a man of silence harboring the most mystic eyes she had ever seen. And as it was, their eyes conversed, hearts left restless and the winds swore the unexpected had unfolded.The story of Samaira and Zaigham.A story to convey that your love belongs to you more than anyone else.A tale of mending hearts, melting words, and merry ever-afters.*****Started: 01-01-2023Completed: 27-02-2023𝐂𝐨𝐩𝐲𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 ©️ 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑 𝐝𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐟𝐨𝐳(This is a work of fiction and does NOT represent Islam in any way.)

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Oh, luna dearest    ━━

to destroy a lineage's honour. © 90sgore

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All I was asking for were directions, instead I got a bad boy to annoy the heck out of.Who am I you ask? Well, I'm Sydney Carson and I'm the girl the bad boy of Dayton High hates. At least that's what he keeps on telling himself. And, who may this bad boy be? The one and only Jeremy Lloyd. You heard right folks. The guy with the British accent, dreamy gray eyes, brown tousled hair, and a six pack you could only dream of touching. *whispers* If any one asks, you didn't hear that last part from me.What did I do to make the bad boy hate me? Well, lets just say that I follow him everywhere 24/7, I pull off some pranks here and there, but mostly, I annoy him.I just wanted a friend. He just wanted me to leave him alone.I was stubborn.He was irritated.What made us stick by each other?Let's just say there's more to this story than you think.

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Forever and Always: Book 1 Of Always

Follow Rebecca through her first through third year in the first book of the always series. Rebecca Potter is Harry Potter's twin sister but in the universe it's always Rebecca and Harry Potter. Rebecca explores the world of magic, weird teachers, and her love for her best friend.

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Dragon Ball Z: The Unforgotten Halloween

Goten and Trunks watches a show about a haunted house. On Halloween night they go and not as planned as they hoped. What happened? Find out!Important Fact: I DO NOT OWN DRAGON BALL Z!!! ALL RIGHTS TO FUNIMATION, TOEI ANIMATION, FUGI TV, AND AKIRA TORIYAMA!!!Important Fact: I DO NOT OWN ANY MEDIA!!! ALL RIGHTS TO COPYRIGHT AND INTERNET!!! ALL TO RESPECTFUL OWNERS!!!

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Forgive And Forget (Merlin BBC Fanfic)

Camelot once again faces a danger that lurks within the walls of the shining city. Betrayal will come from inside the castle and dark magic unleashes unfathomable creatures , testing loyalties and wills. Old friends and new loves must work together to protect the dream of a united Albion.

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Assassin of Worlds  {Percy Jackson Fanfiction} 🗸

Theron. The name strikes fear into all that hear it. A cold-hearted killer known for bringing justice to the Universe through the cruelest ways ever known. With Chaos looking to recruit him, and the Universe on the edge of war, sometimes dark pasts lead to bright futures.AVAILABLE TRANSLATIONS:German/Deutsche: (Danke sehr, @Blue_Winchester67){Under Editing}All Rights Go To Rick Riordan.

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Finding Forgiveness {Jerza}

Romance/Adventure Story When Jellal and Erza decide to team up on a dangerous case together, they didn't realize how deeply they felt towards one another. This was going to be more than just any job for Erza as Jellal admits his true feelings towards her. She'll have to prove not only her physical strength, but also her emotional strength during this journey through madness and chaos. Will Erza's bond with Jellal be enough to keep them alive? Or will they loose their lives while fighting off evil? Warnings: Swearing, (lots of) Blood, Violence, Romance __________________________________________________________________________________ This is a Jerza fanfic, I do not own any of the original characters, as they belong solely to Hiro Mashima. Thanks for reading! None of the artwork is mine, credit to all the amazing artists who originally made them.

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Scions of a Forgotten Age

In the shadows of a contemporary world, where supernatural forces lie hidden, an extraordinary tale unfolds - a captivating journey of self-discovery, love, and the extraordinary. Step into a realm where the power of love transcends boundaries, and young hearts navigate a mystic path towards their destiny.Four years ago, on a fateful night, Eary Olson experienced a miraculous event that bestowed upon him extraordinary abilities. By day, he concealed these unusual powers while attempting to win the affections of the boy he adored. However, when night fell, Eary embarked on thrilling adventures with his quirky and comical animal companion, Mote.One evening, following an unexpected heartbreak, Eary stormed off in frustration. Little did he know, this impulsive decision would plunge him into a realm brimming with incredible powers and formidable adversaries. Now, he must not only survive but also navigate an ever-changing world fraught with wonder and danger. Will Eary rise to the challenge, or will he succumb to the perils that await him?

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buried words.

All that's left unsaid. ┊ ❁ ‧₊˚✧ A collection of all sorts of poems, quotes, musings, and thoughts.

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My Soulmate

A guy out there was meant to be the love of your life, your best friend, your soulmate. The one you can tell your dreams to. He'll brush the hair out of your eyes. Send you flowers when you least expect it. He'll stare at you during the movies, even though he paid eight dollars to see it. He'll call to say "Goodnight" or just because he is missing you. He'll look into your eyes and tell you you're the most beautiful girl in the world. And for the first time in your life, you'll believe it. -Nicholas SparksThis story is about a 16 years old girl that found her soulmate. He was the hottest guy in the grade and she was an average looking girl. This is what you call TRUE LOVE ❤️

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Sisters after Misters

Aurelia Ellingson and Willow Ellingson are more than sisters. They're each other's best friends, cheerleaders and teachers. They believe that no one could come between them.Apparently not.Because when Blake Agron comes in their life, the bond starts to break as they both fall for him. The question is, whom does Blake choose?Jealousy is unleashed, drama unfolds and things go down. Sisters? No one cares anymore.•••All rights reserved® Copyright with the author

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My Roommate is a Vampire

This is a story about how Equestria holds more secrets than it seem. Some of these secrets are best left forgotten but others need to be known. A desperate struggle between two sides, fought in the shadows of night but everything will soon be brought into the harsh light of judgement. Read more to find out what unfolds in the story. All credit goes to the original author, I don't claim any of this too be mine. All rights reserved for the author Dennis the Menace on FLM Fiction. I don't own this piece of glorious writing he does.

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Soulmate, The Untold Story

Forget loving stories if you're interested in reading this one, this story will teach you life, it'll teach you living to the fullest without second thoughts, it's dedicated on showing the bright moments of a teenage romance, yet again how two souls can destroy each other with toxicity.All in all you might love someone and do be thinking they're your other half but still love is not enough, and you can't put it above everything else. Sit back and enjoy as before your own eyes, unfolds the story of two teenagers that risked everything just to enjoy a couple of moments of lust and love.

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Notes with a smile on it // dnf

Georges's life hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows. Divorced parents, bullies, losing friends, and more. What happens when George finds a random note in his locker. Will this note change his life for the better or for worse.*Disclaimer*I ship their personalities/personas not the people and if anyone in the book says they're uncomfortable with it. I will take it down.

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drunk love -a haylor story

where two normal people fall in love, but one gets famous.they meet again, years later. everything has changed, but one thing is the same.

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𝐢. 𝐌𝐈𝐂𝐑𝐎𝐂𝐎𝐒𝐌𝐈𝐂 ; harry j. potter ( UNEDITED )

❝𝘶𝘯𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘥𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴, 𝘓𝘶𝘤𝘪𝘢❞ 𝗛𝗔𝗥𝗥𝗬 𝗣𝗢𝗧𝗧𝗘𝗥 was a somewhat quiet, yet mischievous guy who had trouble tailing him since he was a mere one year-old. He encounters a girl, whose only known attribute was the fact that she had somewhat a stiff attitude, yet she yearns so much to explore the world and the people within it. And soon enough, he found himself 𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘥 by her.I; Previously known as LUMIERE. II; Harry j. Potter x she!ocIII; Goblet of Fire - Deathly HallowsAll right unfortunately belongs to JK R*WLING, but characters such as Lucia, Erin and etc along with the minor plots are MINE

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A Thorn In The Ice

"I fully expected you to say that I was the sort of Prince whose story would involve going into cahoots with the dragon, rather than slaying it." Iolas smiled, but their was a level of seriousness to his statement. "That is where you are wrong, dear prince."Adelaide began,"In our story you are the dragon." ______________As villianous as he was handsome, dastardly Prince Iolas would have gotten away with his plan to marry Adelaide, a naive young princess, kill her King brother, and then take over the far away kingdom of Aelford; and indeed he would have, that is if it weren't for the meddling of one particular love sick stable boy. Caught like tiger in a net, he was banished back to his home island kingdom, and locked deep below his own castle dungeons to be forgotten by his father, siblings and kingdom. But when war breaks out in Aelford, and a call rings out accross the seas for aide, The King of the Isles offers his son one singular chance to redeem himself. Can this villain rescue the kingdom he once sought to conquer? Save the damsel in distress, and unwillingly his soul in the process, that is if she doesnt kill him first? Or will he keep to his own dark and insidious ways?__________________(Formally A Thorn In The Ice)**From the Author Of "Bedding Camp" Wattpads #1 historical fiction for 7 months straight.

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Can't Help It ; Natsu

[complete] Life was a continuous, repetitive cycle. Things pass, perhaps stopping even a second to wave. Everything had a pattern. Until you meet an interesting pink-haired boy, who drags you into his world.

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The Forgotten Dragon - Highschool DxD FanFiction

Yuki Gremory is my name. I am a half fallen angel and half human, or at least I was. I became adopted into the Gremory family after Rias' father found out my powers and what had happened between me and a fallen angel clan. I am now part devil as well. I recently came back from training and decided to go to Kuoh to talk to Rias where I then became part of her clan as a pawn. Just watch as I unfold the destiny of a forgotten dragon. (=)--(========>I do not own HighSchool DxD and rather this is only a fanfiction, nor do I own any other anime's included.

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In the opulent world of modern-day Pakistan, Layla Malik, once the wild heiress to a political dynasty, has transformed herself into a formidable force of ambition and revenge. Her heart scarred by betrayal, she stands at the helm of her family's empire, determined to consolidate power and make her enemies pay.Enter Azaan, the charismatic lawyer, the youngest scion of the influential Mughal family, who becomes enamored with Layla's guarded heart. As passion ignites, Layla's icy walls begin to crumble. But love is a dangerous game, and Layla is not ready to give in to its call.Meanwhile, the return of Layla's estranged cousin, Zaroon, sets the stage for a gripping power struggle. With secrets, scandals, and dark ambitions swirling, Layla must navigate treacherous waters to protect her legacy, even if it means keeping dangerous secrets.As love and ambition entwine, and the line between right and wrong blurs, Layla, Azaan, and Zaroon are set on a collision course. Will Layla dare to give love a second chance, or will her thirst for power and revenge consume her?Will Layla's heart thaw, or will ambition be her ultimate downfall?

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Her Journey To Greatness

Dahlia Potter, abandoned potter child, the real chosen one.Her twin, Jamie got the credit for what she did that Samhain night in 1981. He was raised spoiled by their parents, while Dahlia was cast aside, forgotten, and raised in the 'loving' care of the Dursleys.Unfortunately for all who ever have or ever will wrong her, dahlia has made an unexpected friend, named Death, and will continue to build her own trusted circle, increase her power and unknowingly attract the undivided attention of a certain Dark Lord. She doesnt care much about not getting credit for destroying the Dark Lord, especially when she decides which side of the war she really stands on. What she does care about is how they tossed her aside, as if she is worthless, and left her to the mercy of an abusive family, all while fully expecting her to be the perfect daughter when they eventually try to get her back. They will all regret what they put her through.And most of all, Albus Dumbledore will be destroyed inch by inch; he will be powerless to do anything but watch as his plans come crumbling down around him, and his reputation gets ruined one article at a time.● Eventual Tomarry● Cross-posted to AO3 under the same username

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