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Unemotional battle

Ayanokoji Kiyotaka has finally moved to his second year of study. However, there were many problems in the life of our main character, one of which was a student of the White Room.Ayanokoji will need to find a White Room student to finally get his peaceful school life. But will he be able to defeat him...

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Axel DeClaremont doesn't have a family, but her family is Jeremy Gilbert.In which Axel hiding her feelings causes some problems orIn which when the originals come to town a perfect match is made|Mikaelson siblings x oc|

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cigarettes ✔

you intoxicated me with your words and your smile; so when you left I had withdrawal symptoms in the form of sleepless nights and burnt (cigarettes) ➳ a story about an addict who could not see anything due to the smoke obscuring their sight [ book 1 of the addiction series ]© //All rights reserved 2015//

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There are times I don't want to get out of bed, simply because I know I wont feel anything anyways. These are poems produced by those days. My third book of poetry.

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bottles ✔

you left me with a heart full of emptiness and a mind full of anger, that could only be numbed by seeing the bottom of a [bottle] ➳ a story about an addict who could not feel anything due to the alcohol numbing them inside out. [ book 2 of the addiction series ] © //All rights reserved 2015//

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and ✔

shards of shattered bottles;ashes of burnt cigarettes.a reminder of the addictions,they wanted to forget.➳ a story about two addicts who have begun to live again. [ book 3 of the addiction series ]© //All rights reserved 2017//

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UnEmotional HEART (A Comethazine remedy)

A fanfiction of Rapper Comethazine (Jahmier velazquez) who lives in Calabasas and a regular local girl (Zoë Hathaway) whos from Oakland California. Although they're on different sides of Cali they found themselves in similar situations. The death of her brother caused a huge gap in her life but also brings the two together. Jahmier is used to being unemotional about any and every situation until he holds a special place in his heart for her...Zoe.☆.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.☆ FANFICTION Follow the Author: Instagram: @ke.r.raALL EVENTS THAT TAKES PLACE IN THIS BOOK IS NOT TRUE AND ITS ALL MADE UP FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. enjoy...♡

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Cate is an ordinary girl, the girl that lost her mother and has no idea who her father is. She is pretty and very clever, full of many talents but is just not enjoying life at all. Ever since she lost her mother all she focused on was school and school. She shut people out and was alone with nobody to care or worry about. Stefan was a good boy, who cared about other people and his mother so much. He was a mama's boy at home and a jackass at school. He treated his school mates like he didn't care -well he had his own problems too When the two met, it was not under great circumstances but Stefan somehow wanted the girl he saved from death to live so that he can get to see her smile and he hoped so much that she makes it but why no one really knows As the two get to know each other feelings, kisses, moments, tears are shared A lot can happen and surely these two will bring out the best in each others or maybe not.....

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unEMOTIONAL Reminiscences

Inspired by Shingeki no Kyojin OST - Vogel im Käfig song by Hiroyuki Sawano.⌲ A solo dedicated to Mikasa Ackerman from the anime & manga Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama.

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The String Between Us

This is about my expierence with a kid name Brandon

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My Favourite Serial Killers

Are you interested in serial killers? If you are then this is your storyIf you arent then reading this will maybe change your mind ❤️ enjoy

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The Serpents Kiss

Tag along with Dave on the first volume of a multi edition series that sure to grab your attention and keep you craving for the next part.

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The Labyrinth of Doom

Join Dave along with newfound friend, Jasper as they venture into a maze, the power of the Titanoboa in it

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basically a book where i write down how i'm feeling, throw in some really shitty poetry here and there and maybe a few songs for the hell of it. [ trigger warning ]

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Satvik Prem - Pure Form Of Love || JJK FF (Jungkook Hindu FF)

This is my first book so don't judge me by my grammar mistakes and from few chapters I appreciate your time that you'll spend to read my book❤️#1sanatan#1hindu (13 June 2024)

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Save Me (Levi x Eren)

Eren jaeger, a 19year old depressed soul. Lost in a deep pit of his own sadness, he is a sea of emotional baggage.Levi Ackerman. He is 21 and very stern. He has never loved, nor been loved. He hides behind an unemotional mask to cover his delicate soul.None of the photos are mine, unless stated otherwise.Self harm/suicide trigger warning!

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Gifs and Pictures

Random gifs and pictures of beautiful people.

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Human Emotions

Sherlock hasn't been himself lately, his mind is clouded and his deductions won't come, he doesn't understand it. All these strange emotions he's encountering revolve around John, it's always John. Little does Sherlock know, that these emotions are love, and he's not so unemotional as he believes.This is a story about how Sherlock shows John his heart, but will John take it?

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Hole lyrics

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Apathy (Near x reader)

[Y/N]: a beautiful, extremely intelligent yet unemotional girl, moves to Wammys house where she meets three young boys. What could happen?*This is a super old book, pretty crappy book which I would not recommend reading.**Also doesn't follow exact story line.

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Classified Emotions

Y/N, a recent recruitment from the CIA, has joined the BAU. Fighting history and emotional battles to love the woman who's opened their heart among conflict. Will they end up together or will Y/N lose it all?

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Nature's Freak - BOOK 1 ✔ (Unedited)

Freya Jane Grinsly is known to be a "Freak". Everyone in her town see's her as a mysterious person and despise her for no reason. Freya and her 12 year old brother Ethan, has daily struggles which means putting up with the whole town and even their own parents who don't truly care for them. Born with special gifts only they know about, they keep it hidden from everyone including their parents.Their plan is to wait until Freya finishes her last 2 months before ditching the town including their parents but leaving the town comes earlier than they though especially when someone new comes in. Is he like the rest of the town or is he as outcast just like Freya and Ethan? ~~~~~I know I'm not good at explain but just give the story a try and see how it all goes. WARNING: This book contains some swearing and deaths along with some emotions being triggered. This book also contains bad grammar so bare with me. To those of you who read my previous books (I took them down) welcome back and thank you for the support and love. Thank you and love you all ~ An Emotional Person (:(

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Amelia Collins is a 20 years old girl who is polite and kinds towards people and animals.She was living her life with her adapted family, which was so horrible toward her , she suffer so much till she meet with a handsome stranger Jayden knight who is unemotional men with many secrets and scars . Will Amelia be able to handle what fate has in store for her and the scary, unemotional, unknown stranger.

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Mew suppasit a famous politician of Thailand and underworld don of a big clan... Gulf Kanawut a doctor who works in a famous hospital ... he famous for his well behaving nature....

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The last guard : RWBY x male reader Vol.1

After years of brutal conflict, the civil war in Vacuo is coming near it's end. Just days before the government officially surrendered, Ozpin and Glynda were on a mission with General Ironwood to recover something important from a top secret Facility deep inside Vacuo before it fell into rebel hands.When they failed to recover it, they found something else instead and they brought him back to beacon not knowing the adventures that lies ahead of him.

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