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why are you hiding? (hotwings/toyaxkeigo BNHA fantasy AU) completed

fantasy AUthis is a dabi/toya x hawks/keigo fanfiction.this is kind of a part 1 to my other fanfiction stay hidden, but it can also be read individually.Toya, a prince with a complicated family life,Keigo, a half breed with a thirst for revenge,what happens when the pair meet?hope you enjoy!

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"I thought you loved me!""I never loved you"

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Chance (Dabihawks kids)

This is Omega verse auAfter Hawks betrayal from the league of villains after they trusted him especially dabi who marked him. Dabi left japan after what happened to take his three kids with him Hotaru, Hato, and Torou who were about 4 or 5 months After 4 and half years dabi is still hiding from hawks with his kids . .Everything is explained better in the first chapter.The cover isn't mineBest ranking #8 - enji#11- keigo#8-Bokugo#18-touyatodoroki#28-Dabihawks#1-softdabi#45- LOV#45-dabi#22-shigaraki

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My Older Brothers a Yandere (rewrite)

❗TW❗Mentions of murder and stalking. Don't read if it makes u uncomfortable No quirk/highschool AUWhile Enji Todoroki is known in a lot of places for his work, so are his kids. With them going to a whole new school, they get to meet different people. The students and teachers all wait in anticipation for either of the Todoroki siblings to arrive in their classroomTouya gets to meet Keigo in his class and realizes them two have all classes together so Keigo shows him how to get to each one without any trouble but something strange happens to Touya as he gets to know Keigo It's a strange obsession he has over him and to his siblings the stuff he does is very worrisome His siblings are scared that in the end, Keigo won't make it out alive if they don't tell him soon Touya: 18Keigo: 18Fuyumi: 17Natsuo: 17Shoto: 13 (Middle schooler)Ages are different to have the au make sense. If you don't like stuff like this just don't read it Bnha doesn't belong to me nor do the characters all rights belong to Horikoshi Cover art isn't mine it belongs to the creator of it Adult language Rewrite dateStarted: September 3, 2021Ended: July 14, 2022This is a rewrite so everythin in this story is a bit different and I'm startin all over again. Hope u enjoy

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The Siren's Song

Siren/no quirk auRumors spread quickly but sometimes those rumors come to be true. Some people don't believe it while others do but the only way to find out is by keeping an eye for someone who's been taking people for their own test subjects Touya was a victim to this and is now not himself when he gets home. The taste for blood and his actions are not like him but when his family sees what happened to him, they believe the rumors that they thought weren't true but to find out, they are Now Touya uses his own siren song to lure in a special someone he's had his eyes on. The sound drawing this someone in and not being broken no matter what his friends tryNow it's either his friends help him out of this situation or his own life is gonna be taken any day now Bnha and the characters don't belong to me, all rights go to HorikoshiCover isn't mine A little bit of adult language Started: July 1, 2021Ended: August 3, 2021

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Dabihawks oneshots pt.2

Just a bunch of oneshots, PLEASE SEND REQUESTS!!!

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Arranged marriage || dabihawks

Started writing: 16th January 2021[SLOW UPDATES]Touya Todoroki was an isolated prince, who was locked away by his father for no reason. One day His faTher, the king, called him to his office. To meet his suiter.Keigo Takami was a very well-known prince, he sadly lost his mother early on, and has a rather..complicated relationship with his father.Will these two fall in love? Or hate eachother?Please comment, so more people see it. I'm working on the second part atm. Also i would love feedback

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logged in! | kenhina

𝗸𝗼𝘇𝘂𝗺𝗲 kenma is a pro-gamer that happens to meet the beginner gamer hinata shōyō, in a RPG. (role-playing game) started: 051220ended: 091220achievements:1 #kenhina (for 1y+)1 #haikyuufanfiction1 #volleyball1 #hinata1 #hinataxkenma1 #haikyu© furudate haruichi, haikyu.© kenme0w, plot / writing.

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Decayed Feathers (Tomura Shigaraki x Keigo Takami)

"It all happened too fast for Tomura to even comprehend what had happened..Had Takami gone mad?Why would someone with such high priority and high standards go for someone in such a lower class of population?"Tomura Shigaraki x Keigo Takami fanficDon't like? Don't read :)REQUESTS ARE ALLOWED :))AngstFluffSmut?

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The Bakery

Baker and no quirk auThe todorokis had to move....again. But it all goes good once Touya meets Keigo. The baker that works right across the street from him. He managed to talk, get to know him but some others get in the way of all of it. Everything goes downhill from there when Keigo makes a big mistake. Now all Keigo has to do is fix it. Y'all thought this was gonna be a happy story? Well you thought wrong. Warnings/creditBnha and the characters don't belong to me Male love Adult language Semi-adult contentA lot of angstStarted: August 10, 2021Ended:

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Re-opened Wounds: A Dabi x Hawks fanfiction

Dabi and Hawks go through their normal routines with the occasional reminder of their childhood friend. Endeavor and Hawks have a run-in with the wanted villains Dabi, Himiko Toga, and Tomura Shigaraki. Toga and Shigaraki can only hold off Endeavor long enough for Dabi to kidnap a certain winged hero. ***THIS IS MY FIRST FANFICTION***

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Troublemakers | Dabi x reader x Hawks

Your quirk turned your life upside-down. Thankfully, you've got your best friend Touya to comfort you... until he died. Now, looking for your place in life, you run into a hero who shows you that the world isn't always awful. But, of course, you mess that up, too. What do you do when you keep ruining everything good in your life?-🔊AYO🔊MANGA SPOILERS🔊 AYO🔊-Cover art is not mine, it was created by the amazing @1-800-QUEEN-B33 ! Neither is BNHA, that belongs to the legendary Kohei Horikoshi. If I missed something please don't sue me I have legit -0.30$, believe me, you don't want it 😁.

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It's Their Story-Touya & Keigo-But Their Pain DabiXHawks

This is the first fanfiction I wrote, and this is what I wrote back then:I'm open to criticism, but I hope this story is fairly decent.Disclaimer: All the artwork is not mine, credits to the ownersSome angst, fluffIn this story. Touya burns himself as a teenHawks is controlled and stuck in the program headed by the directorsAnd the rest you will need to read to find out! Enjoy!:): This story is my own version of their story and their lives, probably the best one I've writtenThe characters: Daintymoon, Kai, and Kayagu belong to me.

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haikyuu!! ↷:❝ship or burn❞

haikyuu!! ↷:❝ship or burn❞( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅ tsukkiyama-

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Dabihawks pics

Pics of Dabi and HawksDabihawks⚠️I don't own the picture used in the cover or any of the art or characters in the book unless specified. All credits go to the rightful owners.⚠️If I have credits for the picture then I will say it, otherwise I won't.

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Blue Flames and Red Feathers

Keigo Takami also knew as 'Hawks' is a double agent also the 2nd Hero yet he seems to want freedom and is stuck in a cage, yet what happens when he has to be watched by someone who quirks melts his skin and has turquoise eyes, They are kinda opposites yet this Villain is the key to his freedom?! REMAKE OF "Blue Fire and Red Feathers" (on my old account)

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Friendship 💚


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My Omega

A bakudeku love story {OmegaVerse}~Discontinued~

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The Turquoise Eyed Boy || DabiHawks

High School AU! Endeavour isn't as bad as the one in the real story AU!Touya Todoroki, son of Endeavour, the No.2 hero, gets into the prestigious hero school Yuuei. He got in based on recommendations of course, but with his quiet nature, most people think that's the reason he got in. Not because he deserved it, rather because Endeavour was a well - known hero, that he had special perks that came with it that others didn't.Everyone thought that way, but not Keigo Takami.Keigo is a fun loving boy with a quirk people always extremely underestimate. "All you can do is fly and lose feathers, right?" they would ask, and Keigo would just laugh, and give them a shit - eating grin when they saw just how powerful he really was. He had seen the quiet boy, and only knew that his name was Touya Todoroki because of the fact that everyone knew who he was because well, his dad was fucking Endeavour. That, and the fact that they had to do a mandatory introduction about themselves to the class.One thing that drew him in was his eyes. Those eyes that always seemed to harbour no emotion.He would change that.(Art used in the cover is not mine, and this story is not cannon at all.)

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The Fullheroic Alchemist

It had been thousands of years since the Elric brothers had saved Amestris and the world from Father. That Era of history had been long forgotten and alongside it, the knowledge of Alchemy. Much had changed in the world, the final battle when all of Amestris was made into a Philosopher's Stone started the current path of human evolution, the path towards quirks. Now, a small child by the name of Izuku Midoriya had just been told he wouldn't get a quirk, but that wouldn't stop him. Join him as he uncovers the secrets of a time forgotten, and as he must once again save the world, one transmutation at a time.In this story OFA goes to Ibara ShiozakiNothing used in this is mine.

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bnha 2nd gen fanfic (Discontinued)

this is a bnha 2nd gen fanfic, this are my 2nd gen oc and if you don't like the ships the don't read it :)this will be fluff, angst and some smut(maybe)shipstodobakushintetsukirikamimomojirouMinaxseroTogadabiTokoyamixtsuyuTogaxtsuyu(slight)MonomaxkendoTomakixmirioDekuxochokauToruxojiroErasermic

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My Soulmates Music (asanoya)

When you turn 16, you hear whatever music your soulmate is around. Every instrument, every song sang or listened to, and every singing person around them. Asahi has been looking forward to meeting hos soulmate for three years now. Noya has been a little indifferent. As much as he finds soulmates cool, he wished they didn't hear every time he flubbed a lyric or note. With noyas parents being musical people, he grew to love it. He plans on being a musician like his dad, and writes songs and plays guitars as a hobby. But he feels embarrassed when he flubs something, knowing that someone out there can hear him. But he also feels happy when they sing together. But how will they feel when they finally realize the truth?

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Hitorijime my Hero: One Shots

Read the title-

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The Lies of a Hero *SLOW UPDATES*

Touya Todoroki was out one day after sneaking out. Then something happened that attracted the attention of a certain hero. Idk what else to say I suck at summaries.⚠TRIGGER WARNINGS⚠AbusePanic attacksEndeavorSuicidal thoughts/actionsSelf harm

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Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: Nan Demo-Hen

Showa 58, the year where fate is inevitable. Rena Ryugū had been showing odd changes of personality ever since Keiichi Maebara, a newcomer in Hinamizawa village moved in.Title translates to 'Whatever' Arc... Ironically I am hearing the song 'Whatever' by Our Lady Peace as of nowDISCLAIMERCover art is not mine.Higurashi is owned by Ryukishi07, not me... All Rights reserved.

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A Dragons Tail

Reed to find out

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