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The Prophecy

Draco Malfoy the Guardian of the Stars, Pansy Parkinson the Queen of Parkinson Loona Lagoon and Blaise Zabini the inventor are all part of a prophecy that will change their lives... Bad or good?Read to find outAuthor:UnSoldIllustrator:-!Warnings!This book contains:King!HarryThief!HermioneWolf!RonSteampunk!BlaiseBlaironPansmioneDrarryBottom DracoBottom PansyBottom BlaiseTop Harry Top Hermione Top RonProphecy'sAlternative UniverseDark!HarryPowerful!HarryLoner!RonSassy!PansyKind!DracoSmart!DracoOverprotective!RonOverprotective!HarryNo Golden Trio

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The (Un)Wanted Grandson | Hermione x Male Reader | Harry Potter Series

"¿Can you imagine being locked up all your life? ¿To not feel a part of the world you belong to? And, from one day to another, your reality and who you are changes.That's why when (Y/N) knew he was a wizard, he stopped being that innocent and obedient child he was all of those years, and finally found an answer as to why he didn't fit in the normal world.Come and enter to this world full of magic and enjoy the adventures of (Y/N) as he discovers who he really is and his true place in the world."-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Harry Potter Series x Male Reader.The Philosopher's Stone (Completed)As the title says this is a Hermione x Male reader kind of book, this is going to be my own take on the harry potter story as i will change some things, not a lot of them, but i'll add some plot to it, all the characters (except mine) and writing you recognize belong to J.K Rowling.I've been inspired by a lot of authors in this app, reading through their books gave me the inspiration to write one of my own.This story is being made by two people, me (Ivan), and my wife (Emy), usually I come up with the ideas and write, she helps me organize them, as i tend to be pretty disorganized with my ideas, she also helps me make the conversations feel natural, or at least try to.

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Nico the Slytherin

Disclaimer: I do not own PJO or HP, J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan do. Also I did not make this cover, all rights go to the artistYes, Nico, at HOGWARTS.Harry and Ron will be b*tches. Hermione less so.Solangelo is my OTP. I love it. The Ghost King travels alone,to a Magic School far from home.To find the Trio made of gold.The Sun and Sea will come when foretold.And help stop the Dark Lord's Closing Hold.

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For Her (Book 1)

Know where your loyalty lies, Malfoy...***************************************Hogwarts doesn't have one Malfoy, it doesn't have two... It has three...The oldest, Cynthia Malfoy... The youngest, Draco Malfoy... The adopted, Y/n Malfoy...Hermione Granger was a Muggle-born and yet she has never let that stop her from achieving he best but what happens when she is thrown into a world of monsters, danger and death? She doesn't need to fear it because she has him...Y/n Malfoy was a Pure-blood who was abandoned by his family as a baby, showing an incredible level of magic at a young age Dumbledore has him placed under the care of Narcissa Malfoy and now he must try not only fit in a school with his egotistical brother but also his overly caring sister along with death and blood sprinkled in between... But he isn't afraid because he has her...

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She's mean || Hermione Granger x Fem Oc

Jamie Marlene Black was a mystery, both her parents were gone, she never had any friends and she never made a connection with her Aunt, Most of the time she spent alone reading. What happens when she goes to hogwarts and meets people she would actually become friends with.Hermione Granger x Fem Oc.Rivals? to loversBook 1 of "The life of Jamie Black"Harry Potter and the philosopher's stoneHope you enjoy :DI DO NOT OWN HERMIONE OR ANY ASPECT OF THE WIZARDING WORLD. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO J.K ROWLING.

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To Rise Again From Ashes...

PART - IDuring the aftermath of the war, I had a visit from Delphi Trelawney. The daughter of Sybil.""No way." Harry exclaimed. He couldn't believe it. Was his luck really that rotten. "Don't tell me there is another prophecy." Minerva pressed her lips in a tight line as she shook her head, "We all have witnessed that regardless of whatever we all think of her, she is capable of real prophecies.""Well, what is it this time."Kingsley laid down a small glass orb in front of him and the globe was filled with smoke as Harry touched it."THE NEW BECOMES THE OLD. A BATTLE AWAKENS THE RISE OF WHAT WAS FORGOTTEN BY ALL. ONCE MORE, A CHILD IS THE KEY TO THE TALE. BORN TO THOSE FROWNED UPON BY HE WHO PREVAIL. NOT KNOWING THE FATHER, THE CHILD WILL BE BORN WHEN THE MOON HIDES BEHIND THE SUN. HE WHO HAD SEEN DEATH TWICE SHALL GUIDE THE CHOSEN ONE. DARKNESS WILL RISE AND IT WILL START THERE WHERE IT ALL BEGAN. BEWARE IF THIS ONCE THEY FAIL, HORRORS NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT WILL BEFALL."Harry slumped back in his seat repeating the words over and over in his head. ---------------------------------------A new darkness is rising, A new prophecy has come into play, and A new mission awaits for the boy who lived. Will our heroes be able to stop their enemy this time or will they lose everyone they love???This is a collab story published on two profiles. This part has 21 chapters and is incomplete. You can find the details about the next chapters on the last Author note.

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ruins ; harry potter [1]

❝There's a darkness on the edge of town...❞There was a darkness coming. A war to end all wars, an evil that was rising with nothing that could stop it. The Order of the Phoenix was reassembling, and this time, they have a weapon far greater than anything they could've produced; a weapon that would defeat Lord Voldemort. A weapon no one knew about.Her.[ book 1 - completed ][ order of the phoenix - half-blood prince ] [ harry potter ][ written by heidi© ]

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complimentary colours • drarry •

After the war Hermione manages to convince Harry to go back to Hogwarts for his eighth year. Expecting an uneventful year of classes and rooming with the other Gryffindor boys, he's surprised when McGonagall tells him he'll be sharing a room with Draco Malfoy.Now Harry has to get through a year of arguments and awkward silences. Or he would, if Malfoy would stop ignoring him and moping around the castle alone.OrDraco and Harry fall in love through sleepless nights and late night quidditch games

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The Philosopher's Stone (Hermione Granger X Male Reader)

It's the first year of Hogwarts for many including young (Y/N) (L/N). A Scot as much as he tries to deny it. For better or for worse, he was placed in Slytherin. Follow him through his journey as a Green, trying to bring some logic to the otherwise dumbass house.Along the way he might have to stop himself from falling in love with a certain bushy haired girl... well maybe he wants to fall?

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Watching the Future

The year is 1975 and it's the start if the term. But this year is not as it seems. They get a special surprise from the future.Here they learn what happens to them and they get a plan of how to stop it. And how to stop the second war from starting. And the way to make sure kids live with their parents.-------------------------The Philosopher's Stone: ✅completed✅Chamber of secrets: ✍️currently writing✍️Prisoner of Azkaban: ❌not started❌Goblet of Fire: ❌not started❌Order of the Phoenix: ❌not started❌Half-blood Prince: ❌not started❌Deathly Hallows Part 1: ❌not started❌Deathly Hallows Part 2: ❌not started❌

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Pride (Harry Potter And A Dramatic 8th Year) [On Hiatus]

This story is going to be set the year after the battle of hogwarts because no one actually had any studying and it will include drarry, pansmione, blairon, linny etc. ⚠️WARNING⚠️•Swearing•References to abuse•Bullying•Fluff •Ships will be:▪︎Top Harry x Bottom Draco▪︎Top Hermione x Bottom Pansy▪︎Top Blaise x Bottom Ron▪︎Top Luna x Bottom GinnyPs. Not my artwork-

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Burning Down | Harry Potter

~Where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve and chivalry sets a Gryffindor apart~ What if there was another prophecy made? It talked about a girl destined to the with the chosen one. Regulus Arcturus Black. His name was forgotten, his deeds went unnoticed until one day when his own blood and flesh walks through the doors of Hogwarts. Reminding everyone why the Black's were addressed by the name -- "Most Noble." Follow Cordelia Dorea Black through her journey, where she builds a great friendship with her cousin like no other and her complicated love interest with a certain bespectacled boy who can't seem to stop trying to woo her. ~You'll make your real friends, those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends~[ Slowburn ]PoA- Post WarRankings ##2 in HarryPotter 25/09/21#1 in PoA 25/08/21#1 in Postwar 29/08/21#2 in RegulusBlack 13/09/21#3 in JamesPotter 06/10/21#1 in Gryffindor 10/10/21#2 in CedricDiggory 26/10/21#2 in SiriusBlack 13/11/21#1 in Gryffindor 01/04/23#1 in HermioneGranger 01/04/23

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I'm Coming For You, Draco Malfoy!

A post-war, year-eight Drarry story in which Draco decides that he wants to make some serious changes in his life and stop pretending he's something that he's not. And in which Harry has decided to take on the Wizarding World head on because he's fed up with their stuck up, staid, and bullying ways. Along the way, their attraction to one another become very apparent, though there are some who disapprove of Harry's choices. Emo Harry, blue-hair Draco.

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dursley [h. g.]

"i don't even think she's gay..."in which a teenage witch with plenty of problems of her own chases after her cousin's best friend.hermione x ocgoblet of fire-19 years later

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skyfall II fleur delacour

in which a dark and little bit twisted malfoy sister finds herself staring at a very beautiful blonde witch.violetta malfoy has never been in love but then she met fleur delacour, and weird and unfamiliar feelings enter her mind and heart, taking her by surprise. fem!oc x fleur delacour

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Watching The Future

The year is 1975 and it's the start of the term. But this year is not as it seems. They get a special surprise from the future.Here they learn what happens to them and they get a plan of how to stop it, and how to stop the second war from starting, and they way to make sure kids live with their parents.---------------------------The Philosopher's Stone:Chamber of Secrets: Prisoner of Azkaban:Goblet of Fire:Order of the Phoenix:Half-blood Prince:Deathly Hallows Part 1:Deathly Hallows Part 2:------------This is the same story from @niki12217, its the same author as well just moved the book over here.

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The second granger-Harry Potter

"Oh, this is my sister Ophelia granger."The love interest of this story is going to be Harry Potter. The main character is Ophelia topaz granger, hermiones younger sister.Ophelia is in the same year as the golden trio. She is less than a year younger than Hermione and that is why she is in the same year.~~This story will be in 3rd person and will contain very little smut. A lot of fluff though. The story will mainly follow the Harry Potter storyline, but some events may not take place or be in the correct order.

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Draco Malfoy and the Sleep of Fleeting Death

Draco Malfoy: Proud, sophisticated pureblood, wizard, and potioneer; survivor of the War, ex-death-eater, sole heir to the Malfoy legacy, and sufferer of nightmares. He's tired of the nightmares that plague him; so he begins to create a potion to stop them. This is all very simple. So how in the name of Merlin did Potter get involved?The story is mine; credit for the characters and settings goes to JK Rowling.

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THANTOPHOBIA ① g.weasley

❝my papa always told me that you can't trust anybody, no matter what.❞❝why would he say that?❞❝his own love betrayed their best friends and the family they shared❞HOPE JAMES LUPIN-BLACK+ GEORGE FABIAN WEASLEYAN UNEXPECTED LOVE STORY◎ book one in hope lupin-black seriesGOLDEN ERAall rights go to j.k. rowling except for my created characterscover by @moonashesss

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Taming The Serpent [Tom Riddle/Tomione]

Hermione Jean Granger becomes the chosen one instead, as she finds herself travelling back in time to Tom Riddle's 6th year at Hogwarts, after Harry's Prophecy Dream. Dumbledore has left her the last Time Turner before his death, leaving the brilliant witch a mission: To stop Voldemort from raising to power at any cost. Will she be able to put Voldemort to a stop? And what if another Dark Wizard rises in his place, planning to destroy the Wizarding World and all the precious people to Hermione? Follow Hermione as she ventures through all the twists and turns her travelling to the past has caused.

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ETHALINE FLORENCE MALFOY, twin of Draco Malfoy and the second choice finds comfort in a certain raven haired boy the Malfoy family despises after Death Eaters invade the Quidditch Tournament. *UNDER EDITING*||HARRY POTTER LOVE STORY|| matureSLOWBURN!!!!!

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Book 1 - The Philosopher's Stone (with Male Y/N)

Y/N Liebert is the son of a deranged and dangerous Death Eater of a mother (Iris Fairmont) and a powerful and well-respected Head Auror of a father (Gerald Liebert). After Y/N was born, his mother was eager to offer her son up to Voldemort as a sacrificial offering. Thankfully, his father managed to stop her and made sure to kill Y/N's mother right in front of the numerous eyes of the public, before dying two hours later after placing blood protection wards and transferring his own magic to his son. Y/N was barely a year old at that time.After 10 years of growing up in an orphanage in the company of other children who loved seeing magic, Y/N receives his Hogwarts acceptance letter and meets Harry, Ron and Hermione on the Hogwarts Express. He joins their group as a Gryffindor and finds himself tangled in numerous adventures that would place his life in peril.

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[HP ĐN] Hành Vu Kinh Cức Dữ Phồn Hoa - Tiểu trái hồng quân - Hoàn

Nguồn: TTV (hanthientuyet)Văn án:Cổ xưa linh hồn vì quên mất, mới tinh nhân sinh xuyên qua cây có gai C. M cùng Voldemort có một ước địnhLà cùng ác ma ước định.Vì thế gian này cực kỳ tối bình thường Ma Pháp dũng sĩ nói với Ma Vương, ta sẽ giết ngươi!Nội dung nhãn hiệu: HP kỳ huyễn ma huyễn trời xui đất khiến Anh Mỹ kịchLục soát chữ mấu chốt: Nhân vật chính: Christopher Mcmillan ┃ vai phụ: Draco, Lockhart, Snape, Hermione, Ernie, Draco, Voldemort ┃ khác:

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These Dark And Hollow Nights

It’s been a year since the War, and Hogwarts has been rebuilt. Although many—especially the Weasley’s—are in mourning, life has gone on, and they live in peace without the fear of Voldemort. So when the Golden Trio—and Ginny—go back to complete their 7th year, things are different. Ron has done the unthinkable, and Hermione’s heart has been shattered. But she’s not going to let that stop her, and, as expected, she is appointed as Head Girl. With Draco Malfoy as Head Boy, her year is going to be a little different than the ordinary, as, thanks to Professor McGonagall, she has to put aside old hatred to support House Unity. But Hermione should have known that a normal year at Hogwarts was out of the question. With new enemies lurking in the shadows, will they survive the year?

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