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Wish You Back (Tigry X Kitty) Piggy AU

(Title inspired by "Wish You Back" by Han Jisung.) "Your scent became the wind and flew far away... I'll remember it forever. I'll wish you back." A poor, hopeless being and a ray of sunshine find their way to each other, and as they meet, they help balance their lives and give each other two important things: comfort and happiness. But how long will it last? How long will they have each other? When will their fairytale-like story come to an end, making room for reality to step in?

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(Old) <♡The Devil's Couple♡> ▪︎Tigry × Willow + Kinda Of A Pony × Willow Story▪︎

PLEASE DO NOT READ ISTG ITS CRINGEY LMAOOOO 💀😭😭STOPPNOOOOOATLEAST IT GIVES ME NOSTALGIA ❤❤[⚠️TW⚠️] INCLUDES RAPETigry the tiger and Willow the wolf are both well known for being enemies but after a bit of fighting and arguing, Tigry discovers feelings for Willow. After a romantic scene, Willow completely falls for Tigry making Felix mad and mega jealous.

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Willow and tigry highschool story (Discontinued and under heavy editing)

willow and her family moved into a new city(note: the city an piggy has no name) her parents enroll willow and her brother williamto minitoon academy and they meet new friendsWARNING: This is so cringe and bad grammar so bare with me here

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|| Willow x Tigry One shots ||

Self explanatory.

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don't leave me (tigry x kitty)

kitty and tigry had been a part of T.S.P since the infection began, but when tigry shut himself out from the others kitty comforts tigry and they fall in love.

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Random Tigry X Willow Storeh

The story is happenening at the moment of chapter 11 and 12. (I suck at writing stories and this is my first one.)

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Tigry x Danny

man it's been a while since I've posted lol. anyways here ya go a book

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Piggy Oneshots[closed & completed]

[COMPLETED]I never plan to come back to this so just keep that in mind if you want to comment. I cringe a lot when reading a lot of this stuff but thank you so much for your support regardlessI'm glad you had fun :)[Old caption:]Just for fun. Also: I FINALLY DID THE BOOK COVERRequests:ClosedLet's see how long we can make this book, shall we?

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Why are you so cute (tigry x pony)

I don't know

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A Tiger and Wolf's Romance Story

After the events of Book 2, it's almost Valentine's Day! Tigry has a crush on Willow, but doesn't know how to confess his feelings. Thank God he has Stephanie to help him out! Read to see how this ends!

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rating piggy ships

I saw everyone doing this, so why not do one?Note: These are my opinions not yours okay? If you are planning to disrespect my opinions, you are free to leave this book

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Sibling bond? {Tigry and willow} [AU] on hold

Cover made by meHi, I'm changing this book completely, this will now be about their sibling bond!Tigry, the only male born, out of his older and younger sister, he was the most hatedWillow, the lonely wolf, looking for her brother, created a group for survivorsBoth, not realizing their bond had slowly became a sibling bondWhy did I make this seem so dramatic?

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Rating  piggy ships!

RATING PIGGY SHIPS! Ratings are closer for now! Sorry!

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Rating piggy ships!

These are my ships and opinions but I will respect most of these ships! Feel free to add your own rating in the comments!

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piggy ships smuts!

dont read if your under 18 spelling errors / cringe taking requests

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Fluff,Lemons,Smut requests

I don't do children. Unless it's fluff!(them interacting not sexually.) I can do " character x reader"!I also do different characters from different fandom's I don't do crossovers though (❌ piggy character x rh character)

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(CLOSED) Piggy Oneshots

By me - Includes lemon 🍋Closed

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Complete opposites

this book will be my first full book hopefully, it's a rarepair book with billy and tigry, a massive thanks to one of my friends who drew the image used as the cover image

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piggy oneshots (DISCONTINUED)

request: kinda openjust simple love (and other) stories to fufill your needs.character x fem! reader unless otherwise stated.started: 05-20-22UPDATE: I'm now turning this into a oneshot book! (as of 102522)ⓒeurt

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Tigry X Willow (Fanfic And Drawings 💗)

Hi and Yes it's me Ashique from YT!I Draw/Write POV's and FanficsMy ships are Willow x Tigry , Pony x Zizzy , Mimi x Kona (a little mini ship I kinda like Tigry x Mimi!) Kitty x Katie etcIf you honestly dont like my stuff then leave ig i could care less if someone comments something negative on my ships 💀

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Ship Headcanons (Piggy)

Here, you'll learn the different facts about the given ships. I tried to write it like a Fandom-way so yeah. I'll try to include all facts I could think of.And not all images aren't mine. They belong to their rightful owners. And this is like a ship encyclopedia-started: 061522

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°•Rating Piggy ships•°

~⚠️Warnings⚠️~ • My opinions! • Do not hate • I do not talk about hate on skins! • I do not have any problem with people who ship or like the ships that are here!°•~The game doesn't belong to Me, the game belongs to Minitoon~•°So, since Piggy is over, I decided to make a book about rating ships it's my first story, so please don't hate-

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Love Life of a Tiger with a Pony [Tigry X Pony] [Piggy AU]

After the infected were cured and cared for, everyone are now happy and filled with family, friends and even love lives. Tigry and Pony are now boyfriends and decide to move to a new apartment to fit the two of them, however Tigry still has his fears and secrets, Pony has his too. Will they both move on from their secrets and fears or continue to live with them as they live together?

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La caída de la esperanza

Relato que narra como Felina vivió el ataque y quema de Teldrassil donde quedó marcada tanto física como mentalmente.

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Random of WxT stuff

W x T 🤗🤭bunch of stories about those fanfic couples 🤭🤓

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