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Kirk FUCKING Hammett

Female Y/N x Young Kirk Hammett (I do not know him or the band well but I'm doing this as tribute to a friend.) and it will probably take me forever to finish so sorry in advance. Also this will be NSFW and have a lot of seggy stuff in it probably. 18+ TW: slightly abusive father. And this is my first story so please no judgement.

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TOLKIEN; imagines


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Daughter of Stars of Earth

Aeolin of Lothlorien has been traveling across Middle Earth for a little over a hundred years. After a loss struck her heart, Lothlorien was more of a reminder of it than a home. Aeolin decides to stop by the Woodland Realm to see a friend and, of course, meets the King of Mirkwood.Intrigued by how such a hard man could raise such a kind son, she tends to push her luck with the king and may enjoy it just a bit too much. But perhaps they have far more in common than they both realize? And perhaps the both of them will find something in the other that they've been searching for?*I DO NOT OWN LOTR OR THE HOBBIT. I ONLY OWN THE CHARACTERS AND SCENARIOS I CREATE.*

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Kaiju & Kaiju Girls Oneshots

I feel like people who really love Godzilla and Kaiju Girls on WattPad either make a Oneshot story about one or the other. But, instead I'm doing both, because screw it. You all know where this is going. But, just know this is my versions, because I'm gonna try and make it interesting.

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🥀🔥𝕚η𝐬𝒶𝐧ėᶩЎ 𝐈𝖓 𝓛𝔬𝐯ĕ🥀🔥

Peep in

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Stars of Varda - An Elven Love Story (Thranduil)

[A Wattpad FEATURED story!] She's been King Thranduil's close friend for a long time. But when a shocking rumor about his past comes to light, it shakes her entire world. How well does she really know him? With the threat of war and an uncertain future for the Woodland Realm, her comfortable life is changing forever, and so are her feelings for her friend. A story about second chances with eventual romance. Set during the events of the Lord of the Rings. Thranduil/OC Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Tolkien except for my characters. A/N: It was before Christmas 2014 when I first watched BBC's Emma with Romola Garai (wonderful, by the way - watch it if you haven't). A few days later I went to see The Hobbit BOTFA on its opening night. It was during a car trip from a family Christmas party when I came up with idea for this story. And while it doesn't follow the Jane Austen classic completely (Thranduil is no Mr. Knightley!), it was certainly inspired by it. I enjoyed the challenge. Check out the FB page for the story: (thanks to @MaggieShivers for creating it and running it!)

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The King's Hope

Their greatest King was not always so great. He went through more to earn that title than any elf should ever have to. The elven threat was ended, who could desire the throne of Greenwood now? Thranduil must find a way to escape, or die trying. He can't aid this group of mercenaries lest he rip out his own heart. Rhovanel has to find her beloved before the baby comes. She needs Thranduil by her side more than ever, but when Annoneth is unsuccessful in locating him, Rhovanel starts to lose all hope of her king's return. A darkness stirs, leaving the fate of the elves uncertain. (Sequel to The King's Heart)

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Osmosis Jones x Female Reader

An unironic Osmosis Jones x Reader. Follows details from the movie with extra scenes added for your pleasure! This is kinda for a more mature audience as it has some sexual innuendos but that's not gonna stop anyone. It's more of a warning.

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The King's Jewel (Thranduil Fanfiction)

Thranduil's face loomed closer as he leaned down. Their eyes were locked, and Alina saw his darken almost imperceptibly with unknown emotions. Noses brushing again, her eyes closed and she instinctively tilted her head up to him. His cool breath fanned her face, and her heart quickened. "Don't be afraid to ask for help, my dear." Startled, Alina's eyes flew open, only to see Thranduil, a smirk on his face and the baskets in his hands. His eyes gleamed with laughter as he turned to walk away, leaving Alina with a burning face and a racing pulse. Alina is a normal college student on her first study abroad course when something goes horribly wrong. She finds herself immersed in the world of elves and drawn to their cold-hearted leader. Is his heart to cold for her to melt or is there hope?

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Entwined(Thranduil Fanfic)

Aranel excepted a proposal from the Elven King only to get out of Rivendale, not for love. She didn't realize what it was like to be a queen or how cold hearted Thranduil actually was. She continued to try and change him but his refusal to move on from the past continued to drag her down further into heartbreak. Thranduil tried to test her and get under her skin but she always seemed to put him in pain from elbowing to spiting and biting. She was not his first wife, so why would he try? She married him for convenience not for love, but why can't she stop herself from getting feelings for him?

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Your Hands Are Cold

Maeneth considered becoming Thranduil's personal seamstress after the death of her grandfather, her last blood relative, as her salvation. But as every Sindarin elf knows, the king is a very difficult person to deal with. Young Maeneth encounters obstacles that she will have to endure, such as the king's wrath and poor judgement, and including having the king fall in love with her. A ThranduilxOC fanfic. The title of this story is inspired by "Your Hands Are Cold", one of the songs from the Pride and Prejudice (2005) score, composed by Dario Marianelli, and performed by the English Chamber Orchestra and Jean Yves-Thibaudet. I thought the song could be the perfect theme for my story, and I recommend that you listen to it as you read! The story is set during the time after The Hobbit, and just before and during the LOTR era. Warning: this story contains a mild rape scene.

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Vijay Kaveri ( விஜய் காவேரி )

A rich boy who's been studying in a college had been flirting with girls for ages, he was named as the playboy in the whole college, he thought that every single girl in the college loved him. That was until one day, a girl who had the potential to study hard to take her poor family into a better position arrived in the college without any expectations. She had no interest in the boy in the first place so she ignored him, some of the seniors were shocked to witness such a different girl from any others. Let's see what were the things waiting for them to start the magical journey. What are you waiting for? Hop in and let's get into it.

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The Little Ones✔

Collection of all the one shots and short stories

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Aakhir Kyon?? ✔️

"Humari Baahon meinVo Sukoon nahi mila usae....""Humari Baahon meinVo Sukoon nahi mila usaeIsiliye Kisi aur ko Baahon meinLe raha hai....." "Vo jo toot jata tha Humare dur jaane par...." "Vo jo toot jata tha Humare dur jaane par Aaj kisi aur ke liye Ro raha hai....."This is a small 3-4 shots story from the accident track where the one and only Safed bhootni i.e. Mari-hui-aah gets hit by the truck instead of Preeta & then Preeta is sent to jail by them. In this story Preeta was bailed by Rishabh and now that proof that Sherlyn had was deleted and Preeta doesn't go jail again.Here Preeta is very upset with Karan as he again didn't trust her & didn't even came to rescue her from jail. Also the episode of pushing Mahesh Luthra from the stairs had already happened.Lets see what happens next.....

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Marriage to Love (Completed)

Both were not willing yet they were married. they got married because of their siblings who were happily married on the other dais next to them. Arnav's sister Payal and Khushi's brother Akash liked each other. The wedding was nothing but a GIVE AND TAKE policy, To give Akash's hand to Payal, Guptas asked for Arnav's hand for Khushi. It was Gupta's condition for the wedding. Why did Gupta's keep such a condition in front of Raizadas? Why did Raizadas accepted their condition?

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Mirkwoods Princess * Short Story *

Thranduil and his wife used to be the happiest of all. They had a two year old daughter and a newborn Legolas. Their daughter was name Meril meaning rose. Years and years after her birth there was a painful tragedy. That's what caused Legolas and Thranduil to be meaner and stern. Short story!!! Trigger warning self harm and death.

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L.O.T.R. Memes

Basically the titleAlso The Hobbit memes and Silmarillion memes .Few chapters with lotr art.❣️Enjoy!One meme to rule them all...( Sone phrases are in greek don't try to read them my non- greek fellows)

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Cogs Of Cinder

Zahra has broken the seventh tenet of her people but not by choice. A wraithborne caught in a never-ending cycle of life and gruesome deaths. Now tethered to this earthly plane only by the strange concoctions of the medicine men, she has reached the bold age of seventeen. An impossible feat for any and every wraithborne. A normgod in his bid to keep the eternal law eternal unleashes vile drenchedbeasts to hunt down this law-defying soul, inadvertently sparking up a chain of events that might just end the thirteenth dynasty.Harun has broken more tenets than he cared to admit. A corpsemagus skilled in all branches of the dark arts, one who holds a grudge against the empire and is shunned by it. When he meets this wraithborne that has managed to defy the eternal law, a new feeling stirs inside him. One that might tear him apart in its wake.Their paths sewn together by the threads of fate, they both journey across the vast empire, running from drenchedbeasts, meddling gods, corrupted magi and enigmatic machines.For what is dead may never truly die.

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Always By Your Side (Jack Archer x Mithran Ganesh)

Detective Jack Archer and Lab Chief Mithran Ganesh are an unstoppable team when they first met, they became the best of friends as months went by our hero started to develop feelings for his partner join along on this crazy adventure how will it all work out in the end stay tuned to find out this story is dedicated to Mithran_Ashaangi I hope that you'll enjoy!Disclaimer: I don't own Criminal Case or any of the Characters, Thank You!

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A Lasting Legacy  [ Thranduil X OC ]

COMPLETED story with a SEQUEL; "A Permanent Lineage"*Over 34+ chapters overall! "...She had dreamt of what his lips would feel and taste like for literally centuries and they didn't disappoint. The first touch of her lips on his was like a taste of water after years in the desert..."The war of the ring is over. Lady Arden of Ardor belongs to an ancient line of powerful half-breed Elves. Rumors hint at what their powers could possibly entail but no one knows for sure. Some say they are clairvoyant and others proclaim them to be shapeshifters. Many say both. One thing is for sure; all of Middle Earth fears them. But the war could not have been won without their aid and now the cursed line is asking for acceptance. No longer do they want to wander the forests endlessly, moving from kingdom to kingdom as permanent nomads. Now they call for a meeting between the fellowships' 5 bloodlines, requesting a permanent lineage and kingdom. There are just 2 problems that hinder lady Arden from finally receiving the honor her and her kin deserve. 1. The kingdom they wish to call theirs borders Mirkwood forest. 2. The king of Mirkwood is not so inclined on being neighbors with cursed creatures, especially their queen. Raised to look down upon anything not of full elvish form, Thranduil is enraged by the audacity of the creature and her people who have plagued his borders for centuries. However many do not know that the 2 were once inseparable. Long ago the 2 elvish races lived in peace until tragedy struck. Ever since then, Thranduil has hated Arden and her people with a passion. When it comes down to the last vote, it is none other than Thranduil who holds their future in his hands. Will he take advantage of Arden in the process of deciding? Will Arden finally be able to change his mind and in the end gain something more eternal than a legacy?If you love: • Enemies - to - Lovers • Unrequited Love• Jealousy/Possessive themesAugust 20th, 2019

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The love of the King (Thranduil Fanfiction)

Eamane was lost as the second child of Elrond. Gandalf found her, took her in and raised her as his own; teaching her the elven ways. But, he concealed the elf part of her with magic. Now she has joined Thorin Oakenshield in his quest of the Desolation of Smaug. But can someone reveal the elf within?

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Skipping Stones | Lo'ak

₊˚.༄"No matter what they say, my love for you is greater than their powersand their armies from above." - The Weeknd, Nothing Is Lost₊˚.༄Started : 18.12.2022Published : 19.12.2022Finished : 2.1.2023Lo'ak x fem!oc

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The Elvenking, Thranduil♚

THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK IM SORRY FOR THE MASSIVE CRINGE THAT YOU'RE GOING TO EXPERIENCE!!!"I woke up in big bed, like it can almost fit 4 people in. And the is Lord Thranduil, holding my hand. "Sorry Lord Thranduil, I failed you." I speak out. "No, you did good" He said smiling. I looks into his eyes and get lost in them every time because they are so beautiful. "Doctor said you will have to lay in bed for 9 days." Lord Thranduil said. "But... But I'm your first guard, I have to protect you." I said with a crack in my voice. "I know but, you're ill. You cannot continue or you'll die." "isn't that what I'm your guard for? Protect you until I die?" I asked him. "You are my guard to help and to protect me, but not until you die." He spoke with confidence. "Very well then, what's the plan then?" I asked. "Well, you lay in my bed for 9 days then you will take it easy on yourself." "Lord, I'm in your bed?" "Yes, I want you to feel comfortable. Now get some rest my darling." He stands from his chair, kisses my forehead and leaves. I felt so special, I was called 'his darling' and I get to lay in his bed for 9 days. I closed my eyes but, still having a smile on my face. I fall asleep."COMPLETED

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The Lost Hope

Tauriel, Thranduil, and Legolas pov.···One elf with a dissipated memory, another with a concealed heart. A third with a inflamed curse. The world relying on the three to stop another threat. The three must make a decision, give up their want to save the world, or continue towards their goal, forgetting the new threat.···I do not own any of the original characters, nor the names.

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Love At First Sight💫♥

Cover by : @theinsanegurllThis will be first sight love story of our beloved preeran💕 ● In this story no prithvii ✌ ● lots of love nd funn in thiss story plz read this ● keep voting and comment

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The Hobbit/LOTR Imagines (Requests Closed)

A series of Hobbit Imagines and One Shots! Explore your place in each of these scenarios while giving me requests to write up your own inventions! :)I do not own any of Tolkien's characters mentioned within my stories whether adapted or otherwise. Just having some fun. Hopefully some of my stories might brighten your day! Would be cool!Cover photo is not mine

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