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Not in that Way- Destiel/Sabriel

In a world where you learn your souls mates last name at 18, 19 year old Sam Winchester has scoured all over in search of his soulmate. He has searched through Novak after Novak, and has yet to find the one. 22 year old Castiel Novak has never been that intent on finding his soulmate. He has been fine on his own for as long as he can remember. In fact he says away from every Winchester he meets to afraid to say anything.Now Sam and Castiel are roommates at Stanford. But only Castiel knows the truth about their 'connection'. Not my original idea, found it on instagram.Cover art is not mine- credit to the artist

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Perfect (WinwinxNct)

"Get up you worthless human being, and practice more!" "But I've practiced for 6 hours straight, I'm already good at these moves." "No, good isn't good enough. You need to be perfect. And if you won't listen to me," The man chuckled evilly, "Then I'm gonna have to punish you."

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Miraculous trio

This is my first book and English is my second language so bare with me, This is about the reader going on adventures with the miraculous duo . Amy is your average girl, she used to live in New York and was with the United heroes until she moves to Paris and join Ladybug and Catnoir She is the owner of the Phoenix kwami, named ash which is known as the most power miraculous but they don't know it yet.hope you enjoy the story and we will be trying to post every week!

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Indians have a strong belief in the word destiny but not Aaratrika. She hates the term destiny. Indians think that God has already paved a destiny for us while Aaratrika believes every man creates his own Destiny. Will she create a path for her? What happens if she met a man who is opposite of her and hates her? she doesn't believe in love. Will this man change her thoughts? Will she fall in love with him? Read on to find out.

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I'm dancing on my own

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This is a story of an orphaned girl, Natukunda from Uganda who gets adopted by a rich white lady.

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Dear world.......

When phoebe loses sight of her happy future the world beneath her begins to crumb and show its flaw. Know one could be perfect but explain why these people desires to take her joy and happiness away from her. Her mother and father. Although she don't agree with the new jobs her parents were getting she tried to stay positive. She and her best friend decide to go on the mission of a life time and solve the mystery of her missing parents. When she uncovers secrets that could crush everything that they had worked for she realises that she is out of her depth meaning she could now risk her life to

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Our time is running out

A story about plastic running out for the national geographic's writing competition I'm twelve unfortunately so I'm just doing this for fun because why the heck notRyan is just a normal girl with a dysfunctional family. But this new stranger lowery a secret agent to her leader mothership saves her from death and then put her straight back into something dangerous that could kill her all over again just to save her planet full of selfish aliens eating up their resources faster than they are. A small girl In a big word Full of massive problems Follow Ryan's death journey and see if she can even come close to saving her planet.Unfinished Will carry on after the competition has finished bc I ain't finishing this thing what I like a week like no I'm phoebe welcome to my imagination bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To many for my own good

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Castiel Novak had his whole life planned out. He was going to marry the love of his life, Dean Winchester. They we're going to have two kids and a big house. Cas would be a college professor and Dean would open his own auto-shop. They had it all planned out. Until Dean Winchester was pronounced dead at 11:32 on a cloudy Tuesday morning. Years later Castiel is still grieving the loss of his boyfriend. Now he works as a teacher at a local high school in Florida. He likes his job but he doesn't have many friends. He also hasn't dated anybody since the accident. He lives alone with his cat named Bee. Something else him and Dean had talked about. Castiel's life is boring and he hates every second of it. But an unexpected visitor will change everything.Cover art is not mine- credit to the artist

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Bad boy and shy girl (Taennie ff)

A bad boy Kim Teahyung most famous boy in the university, cold hearted and a bully, dangerous.A sweet, kind , innocent and shy girl name Jennie Kim , who can not even hurt a fly, study in the same university as Teahyung.What happens when these two cross paths? 💚Read to find out!!😉

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Morning Moon

During New Moon. The Volturi set out to find and kill the Cullens' for letting a human know their secret, only to find a broken Bella in the woods. Given the choice to become a vampire or see the ones she loved killed, Bella leaves Forks for Volterra.

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Time is all I need

She is running out of time. Like a sharpened pencil. All she wants is to be discarded not used. Unfortunately for her she is the favourite

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Secretly Obsessed.

Best Ranking#1 - FIGHT FOR LOVE#1 -Write for you#1 - Orthodox#6- Forced#5 - David Gandy#16-SHYGIRLPearl my love my obsession my smile my reason for happiness. She had been my secretary for past 4 years. I don't know from when I started falling for her. But slowly it started getting stronger day by day. I couldn't think of any other female other than her from the day she entered my life. Pearl is sweet shy and calm person. She have been working for Andrew for 4 years now. She is very excellent worker. An ideal worker who try her best so that her boss never get a chance to complain to her.Andrew CEO of ElectoPro limited. Rich and eligible bachelor in NYC. Girls are throwing themselves for him. But he had his eye on his secretary for a long time now. He is in love and he is soon going to confess this to her.But what will happen when she is forced to get married to someone else.

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McGonagal's Great Grand Kids

McGonagal's great grand kids .Follow their journey and see what supernatural creature they are 😉 .

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Shy Girl And Badboy

This is not my story I just translate it ☺️

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The Rejection || Wattys 2017

Kairi Samuels, a young college student and werewolf just waiting to meet her mate. In the meantime, as the alpha's younger sister, she's taken on the role of acting Luna to help grow the pack that her brother Lincoln inherited. With her brother and best friend beside her, she's ready to take on the world. But how will the world treat Kairi when her best friend betrays her in the worst way possible?Highest rank: #1 Cheater!!

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Black Nebula

A bloodthirsty Laurent finds Bella in the meadow and manages to bite her before the wolves chase him down. Where will Bella turn when the only vampires she knew are gone? Starts in New Moon.

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Living my life

Amelia is a 17 year old girl who lives with her drunk abusive father, she works two jobs. A waitress at a café and a stripper. Her stripper job always causes problems at her café jobs, when the men from the night come and find her. Levi is a 20 year old man who is involved with the mafia, his father has recently fallen ill and he needs to find a wife asap so he can take over, there have been several women brought to him but he has taken no interest in him.What will happen when these two people with different lives meet?

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Loving the Bad Boy (COMPLETED)

Juliet Darling:-Good girl-Straight A's-Shy;Quiet-Doesn't drink-Doesn't smoke -Never breaks laws Lincoln Dean:-Bad Boy-Straight C's-Quiet;Rude;Usually Angry-Drinks-Smokes-Finds breaking laws to be a sport What happens when these two complete polar opposites bump into each other?

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"Matteo." she whispered, her eyes flitting down for a second to his lips. "My pretty little baby." He touched his thumb to her bottom lip, gently caressing them. "Pretty little vixen trying out seduction, hmm?" Oh my.He hated everyone. Every little thing he came across he hated. He was a cold person, who shut off every type of emotion one could feel. Until one small encounter at the park in the middle of the night with one heck of a strange girl. One strange girl, who managed to do something he never thought would ever happen to him. A strange girl who turned him into someone who he never thought he could be.Her name was Aurora. (Not edited)#1 in Stutter- 02/07/22-20/07/22#1 in Cutelove- 02/09/22-04/09/22#1 in Ruthless- 11/09/22-12/09/22#1 in Adorable-05/10/22-14/10/22#1 in Innocent-21/10/22-24/10/22#1 in Shygirl- 1/12/22-6/12/22#2 in Olderman- 29/03/22

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My mate rejected me

Jane is a shy werewolf who was tomboyish style. Mark is the future alpha of the Moonlight clan and has girls at his feet everywhere he goes. But all hell break loose when these two realized that they are fated mates.Follow their advantage together to know why Mark rejected Jane as his mate. Will he regret his decision as Jane change her persona from Plain Jane to Fierce Jane?

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My Shy Girl

"What do you say finally?" he asked her without pressing the buttons for the lift to descend."I will never forget what you said" she stood firm on her decision.With anger evident, he pressed 'G' button and the lift descended down.He bent a little to her height. Snaking his right palm on the nape of her neck, he brought her close to him making their nose touch."Fine. Don't forget anything. And remember this as well" saying it, he kissed her very smoothly, though he came with a force.Peep in to read this short story of Vishaka and Harish.

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The Girl in the River

Sage is a shy girl who works hard with her parents and has very few things to look forward to - until an encounter with the popular boy at the river changes her life forever.This is a wholesome little novella with a cinderella type feel, set in a small fantasy village.

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I am shy

Shy girl Roli gets married to Siddhant... Let's see how Siddhant handle his Shy wife

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crush ; spreen ✓

- crush ◌₊˚⋆donde NINI es y fue el primer crush de toda la comunidad de twitch spreen x fem ocno copias o adaptaciones( original by jennsetterrr )

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