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Jenny's Choice (Monkees FanFiction)

When Jenny Pierce gets into a relationship with Mike, Peter becomes insanely jealous and wants her. Mike and Jenny get married but Jenny secretly loves Peter and has a secret relationship with him. Will Mike find out? If he does, will he forgive either of them? Read to find out! :)

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Agent Anderson? ( The Matrix AU)

What if on that destined morning Neo slept late and was brought in for interrogation by Agent Smith only this time he decided to help Agent Smith and Smith decided he could use an informant a partner and it seems possibly something more.Male X MaleCringe 😬

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This Love Of Mine Will Never Die

Amber has tried so long to run from the love that so pressingly urged her to give in. Now, she is unsure that she can keep running. She never understood why Paul McCartney would choose to love her but she loved him back but for some reason just couldn't give in. Is it time to give in?

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Pleasant Valley Sunday

Hey guys! BeatlesMonkees4Life and I are writing a fanfiction together! Chelsea is in love with Davy. Elisha is in love with Mike. They always dreamed the that they would meet the Monkees would be at a concert. Not with the four cute boys bursting into their apartment after being chased by fans from Los Angeles to the small town of Pleasant Valley. When Davy falls for Elisha and Mike falls for Chelsea, everything is all wrong. Will Elisha and Chelsea figure things out? Read to find out! :)

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Life With the Monkees

Jedda is a teenage girl living in the year 2014 and is transformed back in time to the 1960's by an unknown cause. She ends up meeting the Monkees and falling in love with each of them. She likes them all for different reasons and is devastated when she has to choose one. She knows it's bad to love more than one person at a time but can't decide which one to choose. Read to find out

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And I Love Her - A Beatles Fanfiction

Hey guys! This is the first FanFiction I've actually put myself in besides Pleasant Valley Sunday. Hope you guys enjoy!!!

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Shattered Peace

When Mike is in an accident, the others are left to pick up the pieces. I do not own the Monkees or any of their songs.

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Their New Life (Sequel to Jenny's Choice)

Hey guys! This story will be told from Jenny's POV with occasional entries of Mike's POV or Peter's POV. Peter was hoping to start a new life with Jenny but when Jenny's old love for Mike starts to bloom again, she is left with the agonizing decision of which man to choose. Will she choose Mike? Will she choose Peter? Will she choose neither? Read to find out! :)

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I wish Mike was here.

Mike has to leave for a day to see his Aunt for her birthday. Mike can't take the other Monkees with him, so he leaves Davy in charge. But, with The Monkees, trouble is bound to come...

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*COMPLETED* Dahlia Tork was the twin sister of Peter Tork of The Monkees. She comes to L.A. to see her brother and consider a career in music. She meets the rest of the Monkees, and falls for the Texan with a green beanie.Rankings:#1 in Nesmith 2/15/21#1 in themonkees 3/19/21#1 in mikenesmith#1 in petertork 7/11/22

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Sweet Texan Melody (Completed.)

This story is completely made up and it is product of my imagination.

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 random monkees stories

a lot of these i had some help onshout outs to:sydney⭐emily⭐kathydesmamy motheremanuel

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Peaches En Regalia(a Zappasmith fic){COMPLETED}

I'm so so sorry for this lmao but this came directly from my Monkees oneshot and I decided I liked what I wrote and wanna write more

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Monkee One Shots

Just short stories about the Monkees I feel like writing! I will also take suggestions! Enjoy!

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Monkees Drabble

Just various drabble about the Monkees band members - Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith. It will have -pictures, facts, polls, questions, confessions and maybe a short fan fic story or two. Please take a moment to comment your thoughts. I'd love to meet other Monkees fans.

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ZODIAC ˚ ᵐᵒⁿᵏᵉᵉˢ

❝SHE MAKES ME LAUGH. SHE MAKES ME SMILE, and i could hang out with her all day and night. she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, and i would like to be with her for awhile.❞ 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐤𝐞𝐞𝐬 𝐳𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐜𝐬 (in which your four favorite nerdy, loud and funny boys mix with astrology and, really, what else could you need?) © halle 2016-2021.

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Deaf & Dumb

Peter Tork meets Rosemary Brior. He falls in love before he realises what he's gotten himself into.

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The Beatles, Queen, and The Monkees

So I'm putting my three favorite bands together with me because I'm in love with them. They'll be doing a lot of random things.Inspired by @Beatles_Rule story "Hey, Hey, We're The Monkees and The Beatles" because it's one of my favorite Wattpad stories ever.

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The boys try and adjust to Mike coming home. (Sequel to "Shattered Peace"). I do not own the Monkees or their songs, or any of the other songs referenced in this story.Cover done by the wonderful @Lisa_Boon

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While going through Mike's things, Micky stumbles upon a box of his simply marked "JUNK". It's been months since he's seen or heard from Mike and he can't help his curiosity.

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Daytime Moon  (a Peter Tork fanfic)

A short fanfic about a 21 year old photographer named Sadie who lives and works in Greenwich Village in the early 1960s. She happens to bump into pre Monkees fame Peter Tork, who lived and worked as a folkie musician during that time.

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Treading Water and Other Stories

These three stories chronicle the events of Phyllis Nesmith and her husband's marriage at its breaking point. *All stories are published individually on Quotev. Every story is strictly fictional.*

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Childlike Eyes ~A Monkees Fanfiction~

A Baltimorian travels to California for one thing: work. She does not expect to find love, life long friends, or a shot at a career in the buisness she's always loved. But as a young girl with a good heart and a clear head, she can find anything she sets out to. Follow the story of this girl and a beloved towering Texan in this story, 'Childlike Eyes'.

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A Cross Between Two Worlds // The Beatles & The Monkees Fanfiction

When The Beatles meet The Monkees, they instantly become friends. When The Beatles' fame continues to increase dramatically over The Monkees', The Monkees grow extremely jealous. But when their jealousy takes over and causes them to make a wish that'll permanently damage history, will it be too late to change it? Find out in this tale of jealousy, friendship, and appreciation.*Please vote and comment! I am a huge fan of both bands, and I worked really hard on this story! Thank you!**Clarification in case you don't know the members of either band:The Beatles:John LennonPaul McCartneyGeorge HarrisonRingo StarrThe Monkees:Mike NesmithPeter TorkDavy JonesMicky Dolenz

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MY LOVE( A monkees fanfic)

Sara is a 18 year old girl living in California in the early to mid 1960's. Sara then finds herself in love with one of the monkees.

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Sail along

When Mike gets injured at his second job no one knows how hard it will be to keep him out of trouble. Co-written by @Lackluster Me.

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