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When will she notice...?

Hi! This is my first story! I really love the 7d and i ship a lot of characters XDSo here's one of my ships!••••••Bashful had a crush on Queen Delightful for quite a long time now, and everyday it grew and grew until he realizes that he already loves her. Will the queen ever like or love him back?

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The7D and The7G

My name's Diamond Destiny I live in Jollywood with my friends Ally, Selena,Lavender,Wolfie,Emily,and Luna we are also called The7G. We kinda secretly have crushes on the7D but we haven't told them cause of reasons so here's our story.

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The Bath

Due to short amounts of water in the cottage Doc organizes the 7D into groups so what happens when Sneezy and Bashful are paired in a group

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In a new world

It all happened because of Sneezy's birthday...This story starts off where the first one ended. It may not be as exciting as the first one. Depends how much I feel like writing. :TI don't own the 7D or any fanart and music in this. The picture above is actually done by someone I know on Instagram so creds to them. :)

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The Gem of Perception

This will be a improved, rewritten version of Legend of the Stone of Thought.Songs:1. Best Day of My Life (American Authors) - The 7D and Empathy2. You Bring Me Joy (Amelia Lily) - Happy3. Birthday (Katy Perry) - The 7D4. Unwritten (Natasha Bedingfield) - Vigilantra5. Tightrope (Janelle Monáe) - The 7D, Empathy, and Vigilantra6. Wonderful Life (Zendaya) - Empathy and Vigilantra 7. Am I Wrong (Nico & Vinz) - All8. Better Together (Descendants) - All

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The CLAWful Spell (a 7d fanfic)

When the 7d have to retrieve a stolen item from the Glooms, one of them gets captured, and transformed into a certain animal.....

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The7D and The7G Randoms

I'm just writing random stuff about the 7D and my OCS taking a break from my other book CUZ i have no inspiration right now sooooooooo.......... enjoy!!!!!!

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helb10's Masterpiece in Jollywood

Arts by users of DeviantArt. Featuring the famous artists who likes the 7D, so three cheers to them!

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Beauty and the Werewolf

The 7D version of Beauty and the Beast, my friend Megan's favorite Disney movie. Cover art made by her.

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The 7D: The ghostly dwarf without legs.

In Jollywood, there is a series of murders, ... everyone has something in common, the victims are divided in half.Inspired by the Japanese legend of Teke Teke.

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a single drop

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Finding a new home

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When you have nothing left to lose but all the hope in the world.

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Trapped like a Mistake (a 7D fanfic)

after almost letting the get away with taking over the kingdom (no thanks to Sneezy and Bashful) the 7D tell Sneezy and Bashful that they were useless. so depressed, Bashful runs away with sneezy. but, the glooms set up an endless cave maze-like trap, and the 2 young dwarfs have to survive, for no one else knows they are trapped.

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Dwarfs 4 the Win Round 2 @ the Quirino Grandstand

This is for the round 2 of the celebration.

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Slit mouth dwarf

In a town, near Jollywood. Rumors of a serial killer are heard, Sleepy is confused with the murderer and imprisoned.However they will discover that the murderer is nothing less than a demon who disguises himself with a cloth mask.Based on Kuchisake Onna.

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The store of The7deadlysins

This is the story of all the seven deadly sins

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Happy To Know You, Grumpy

It is winter in Jollywood, Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone is excited! Except for one person... Grumpy. Happy, whom loves Christmas, creates a plan with Queen Delightful to bring some holiday spirit into Grumpy's miserable mindset. [Genre- Drama, Comedy, Tragedy, Romance] [Happy x Grumpy FanFict aka: Humpy. Hints of Bashful x Queen Delightful]((Do you like the cover art? It took me almost two hours to draw ;-;))

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The 7D in Neko troubles

This story is about how one of the members of the 7D is secretly Neko and everyone doesn't know about it( except the glooms). So yea enjoy

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Dwarfs 4 The Win: The 7D 4th Anniversary Special

This 2018, celebrating 4 years of experience.Reminder:This event book is a fanfiction, this isn't real. We didn't intending or destroy about franchise, characters, and organizations of this program. We'll apologize for the expected situation.Theme: "We will make inspire to The 7D staffs or crews, characters, and voice talents."

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Gay school story

A 10 year old boy is go to class wen...

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My Delight

Bashful has always loved the Queen but how will he declare his love for her? Will he ever have his Delight? Read and find out!!

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The Exciting Arrival

This is a revival for the AU that I have where my OC for The 7D shows up in Jollywood and decides to live there permanently.Songs:1. Life's A Happy Song (The Muppets) - All2. Don't Stop The Music (Rihanna) - The 7D and Empathy (my OC)3. Gypsy Bard (My Little Pony) - Empathy4. One Week (Barenaked Ladies) - Bashful, Sleepy and Sneezy5. Bones Shatter (Hedley) - Doc and Grumpy6. Who I Am Hates Who I've Been (Relient K) - Empathy and The 7D7. Miss Murder (AFI) - The 7D, Empathy and Queen Delightful8. Ready to Go (Panic! at the Disco) - The 7D and Empathy9. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing (Tori Kelly) - Empathy10. Victorious (Panic! at the Disco) - The 7D and Empathy11. Circles (Post Malone) - All

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Red saves the day

The glooms cast a hypnosis sleeping spell on sleepy and red is the only one to save the day

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Epic and her friends adventures! (Aka 8 Chapters, 8 Days Story)

Epic: Hey! is anyone here? well... there goes our story of great adventures... just don't tell my brothers, okay?Happy: We heard that!This story is about like me and my mom goes to Russia, which is something about my mom's friend's wedding... it will be like diary/story mix over there because I'm mostly do that, so... I'm going to publish each chapters everyday until we are going back home. But in this story it's about Epic and her friends goes to adventure, but better avoid gnomes or else they will kidnap Epic and bad things happen.°•°•°•main Characters•°•°•°Epic the silly pianistBestie the cool dancerArtsy the truthful artistPixie the hot temper gardenerspy gnomes (who even invite them in the first place?!)minor:Happy the serious guitaristMegan the light princessQ.Delightful the ruler of Jollywoodothers that i have no time to do thaaat!!! And why i put minors for no reason...

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The Girl Wearing The Red Cloak | Merlin x Reader

You are Snow's Fraternal twin, You got your looks from your Mother while Snow's got her's from your father~ I don't own/have any rights to Red Shoes and The Seven Dwarfs or its characters, scenes, The art shown in any of my books and You ofc. However there will be some slight changes in the plot.•Highest ranking attained•#8 in redshoesandthesevendwarfs#3 in redshoesandthe7dwarfs#21 in redridinghood#7 in redshoes

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