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Una tazza, un bicchiere

Copertina di Davide trerèRizza e il drumolio su tela, 2019

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Home Is Where The Heart Is (Tazza One-shot)

Daegil and Mina celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary. And where to celebrate it for these two hustlers? Las Vegas, baby!I'm a huge Tazza Movie series fan (and also, I'm a T.O.P stan.) I wrote this in a span of 5 hours when I wasn't able to sleep so bear with me. I made up some names of unnamed characters in the movie so aside from that, this fanfiction is made out of my love for Tazza (High Rollers and Hidden Card). I hope you enjoy this.

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because writer's block is still here

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One Direction Imagines

Hey guys this is One Direction imagines i have written for people that want one. If u would like a Imagine please message me:) xx

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30 days of Pride!

In this book, I will be dropping lore each day on my AUs of countryhumans and my OCs; though it will be one character published per day.I will also be explaining LGBTQIA+ orientations or facts about things.

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Yes. I drew Soviet in Discord Whitboard. Yes I am proud.

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A Johnny Knoxville love story  <3

Jeff Tremaine wanted a feminine touch to jackass so he called out Taylah hart to be in the jackass movie and will Taylah find her love?? You will never find out unless you read this book Enjoy

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3 Steps Ahead

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Rosemary's Heart- short story

A short horror story of a 15 year old boy, Chase, finding out there's a story behind the crying he hears every night. What he finds when he follows the sound of the child's painful tears, is more than he could handle.... Can you?Your going to have trouble sleeping tonight once you have read this. I promise.

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Ask me literally anything


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In fondo alla tazza di tè.

Un insieme di riflessioni sulla mia esistenza e forse anche sulla tua.Impregnata di frustrazione, rabbia, nostalgia, noia... E un desiderio solo, quello di vivere.Sempre espresso in due lingue.

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Competition entry :3


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Rain Over Me

It's like a thunderstorm is constantly surrounding Rosalie Summers. At the age of just six years old, her life is changed forever. From having her parents die in a car crash, to being stuck at a crappy orphanage and bullied everyday... Life isn't exactly easy.But then Blaze Nightly came along. He saved her from the bullies. He gave her a shoulder to cry on. He was the one that made her smile everyday.Then Rose got adopted. At first life seems amazing. Rose hadn't been this happy since the accident but you shouldn't trust strangers...As Rose awakens to the cold, damp streets of the night, Blaze finds her and takes her into his care. Together, feelings grow and love blooms, and together they fight their way through life, taking one step at a time, but will it last? What could happen that could be so traumatizing that could tear them apart?To Rose, Blaze is the sun that shoo's away the rain, but will it last forever?

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The Interview

A young woman stumbles upon the most unlikely interview of her life.

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One morning on the city bus, a young commuter discovers who a homeless man is after inadvertently looking through his belongings.

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While on vacation, a dad takes his sons to see the house he grew up in, only to find it has been condemned.

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Razzmatazz (Beatles Fan Fiction)

August 1963 - The Beatles are playing a 6 night residency in Llandudno, Wales, when a stranger arrives looking for John. What is the secret past these two people share? And what will it mean for the future of The Beatles? * * * Razzmatazz: (also razzamatazz /raz(ə)mə-/) Noisy, showy, and exciting activity and display designed to attract and impress. Genre: Romance/Kitchen Sink Drama Starring: John Setting: Late Fifties and 1963 Status: Completed! (3rd Aug 2014) Any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks for reading. xx * * * **Razzmatazz is a work of fiction. As such, it should not be read as a factual account of events or as biography. While many characters of the story bear the names of actual people, they and their actions have been imagined by the author and should be considered products of the imagination. This story is fictional and the events did not happen. It is written and re-produced here online for the purposes of entertainment only.** *** Find more Beatles fan fiction at The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory ... *** * * *

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imagina con BTSla chica fría

Trata de una chica que sufrió bullying de pequeña y esta de grande se propone no dejarse mal tratar por las demás personas,luego de varias vueltas conoce a bts y tiene que eligir entre la amistad y el amor.Mientras que sufre un accidente que no se sabe si seguirá viva o no

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LGBT+ Humor

Aneddoti, situazioni imbarazzanti, dissing da dire agli omofobi e tanto altro!

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"Wanna like.. get married?" I said tucking her hair behind her ears."Mhm."ఌ ఌ ఌSofia Perez and Roman Vance we're definitely not the most expected couple. Sofia was talkative and friendly whereas Roman was more quiet but threatening.Sofia lived with her dad and siblings at home, she was bored out of her mind always looking for things to do when an app became popular extremely quick making her intrigued to find out what it's about.Roman and Sofia go through different situations daily and always find a way to get back to eachother. Even if the people they most hated were eachother. Do they get their happy ending?ఌ ఌ ఌCOMPLETED.𝐑+𝐒

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The Unexpectedness of Life || Taehyung ff

In the year 2038, new technological developing company Phoenix is becoming increasingly popular with its latest release of the SU, an artificial intelligence model rivalling all its predecessors. The high-performance humanoid machine has proven to be revolutionary in the world of technology, serving as an exemplar for competing technology companies aiming to enter the world of AI production. The SU model's purpose is to serve its owner and provide beyond satisfactory results. A man decides to gift his best friend with one of the units, hoping it will be able to save him from his deleterious state of well-being.Started: 20/02/07Ended: 20/08/07Copyright © 2020 Tazzyrk

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A Hat of Tea

Il Paese delle Meraviglie è un luogo molto bizzarro.Anche le librerie lo sono.Per non parlare dei desideri!Partecipa a: La libreria del Cappellaio MattoTraccia: "La libreria" -

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mi sei mancata..|| JADEN WALTON||

june una semplice ragazza che si trasferisce ad Atlanta un georgia, lì farà nuove amicizie.., e non solo

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