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Полицейский Какаши

Наруто-молодой парень который устроился на работу в полицию. Какаши его начальник

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Our Love Life (Yami x Charlotte)

So basically this is a story about Yami and Charlotte's love story from my POV thank you

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☆His Little Stargirl☆ revising❤️‍🩹

What happens when the Mafia Boss meets His little stargirl?Melaina Dami Harmon- A young girl ruined by the world no parents around the only parents she has is her Sister- Naeva and her Brother- Vincent Melaina partially sheltered from the world since her Mother was killed and in drunk driving accident and her father killing himselfLorenzo Venezio- A dangerous Mafia Boss forced it the work he's into, will he fall in love at first site when they cross paths? Will he corrupt her?#19 Ferret🥇#44 Mafiababy#60 MafiaDaddy#212 Snake#242 Mommyissues#420 Fox#573 Druglord#869 Pitbulls#900 Piercings

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Levi Ackerman Shrine

Calling all Levi fangirls or fanboys or fananythings!!!! I hope we can all unite under this Levi shrine I have created XDBasically anything about or related to humanity's strongest (and hottest) soldier XD*Just saying, I don't own any of the pictures or videos in thisSo if you're the artist, you are totally free to contact me if you don't want it on there and I'll take it off*Plus if you wanna add something I'm completely free for suggestions

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Stolen Hearts.

GrimmjowxOC When Aska Kengani arrives at Karakura high school, she thought she'd be alone. She never thought that she fall in love.

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The Broken Child

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He's actually here for me.

Glee fanfic. Kurts POV, one-shot.Blaine's been seeing someone on the side for a few months, he finally decides to tell Kurt. Will Kurt be strong and go back to work on Wednesday?Warning: there MAY be suicidal thoughts/themes. and cussing AU I guess because the guy Blaine's with isn't gay in Glee. and They're probably gonna cuss a lot.

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любовное зелье

Наруто напоил Какаши кофе, но кофе было с сюрпризом

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A Letter to Mommy

I was...One more heart that was stopped.Two more eyes that will never see.Two more hands that will never touch.Two more legs that will never run.One more mouth that will never speak.

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Hate at first sight - DNF -

TW rape abuse suicide bullying This will take me a while to make since I'm not that good but there won't be many chapters! George and dream usually hate each other but after their sisters start to become friends they form a relationship aswell

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MY weird ass life

i'm making this just for fun ok pls dont make fun of any of these are problems i have and shit i never understand but i mostly made this for fun how yall like it

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I was there first! stoah

Just read it to find out

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My Angel

Evangeline thought she was a freak. She hated her life and never wanted to be with people. School was hell. She had one friend, and that was Violet. The boys all made fun of her. She felt ugly and alone. That is until the new kids come to her school. Sammael and Allocen both instandly began trouble. They love to prove they are the worst and love to see the girls swoon over them. All the girl do, except Eva. She thinks they are self-centered jerks and make it clear she doesn't like them. Sammael beleives she is adorable and pay little attenrion when his brother, Allocen enjoys a chase. He enjoys the cat and mouse game he has with her until he learns of her gift. Another new student Gabriel learns of her special quality and is hell-bent on protecting her from everyone, including himself. She fights to find out her past, and to keep her future........

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Enemies To Lovers/Aemond Targaryen


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Dalex one shots

Various one shots about Alexandra crane and Derek jones

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Lil peej💗

You and peej fell in love

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STAR and SHINE book 1

SHINE is attracting more attention then her sisters STAR and Simone and she is getting the attention of a local racial activist and a pro NFL football playerDereck X OCHunter X OC or maybe Dereck X OC X Hunter we will see

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Miss Vee

Vick is stripped and forced to stay naked in school for a whole day. Read as Vick struggles to fight a boner which keeps popping on his exposed cock and the humiliation of staying fully nude in front of his classmates and other schoolmates.Every character depicted in this story is above the age of 18.This story contains mature content that is not suitable for audiences under the age of 18.

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meet the CEO

charlotte has been working as secretary for heart inc. for almost a year. what happens when her world is turned upside down by her handsome ceo parker heart?its bad I know Im editing through everything right nowFeel free to read tricked

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Funny text conversations

New cover by @_Sugartae😍😍Wanna laugh then you've come to the right place!! funny text conversations.

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Taylor swift albums

Taylor swift albums if they had personalitys(this story includes karma!)

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ᴛʜᴇ ᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ᴡᴏᴍᴀɴ ʙᴏᴏᴋ ᴛᴡᴏ

This is book two for my first story of The Other Woman.

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Poems I've Made

This is a book full of poems that I write

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Just Read And Find Out (My 1st story)

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