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Yes, Mr Sykes - (COMPLETED)

When Mr.Sykes starts at Bishops high school, he feels strangely attracted to one of his students, and what makes it worse is that she feels the same.

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Don't Go (Oli Sykes)

After many years of waiting, the time has finally arrived. Nicole and Josh, her best guy friend, were going to move to London with their best friend Crimson. Everything works out fine, Nicole even finds a job in a matter of a few days. Her best friend is even able to find three tickets for the BMTH concert. However after a bit, an important event will change her life. During one of her normal work days Oli Sykes comes into the shop. Can she handle the stress? Can she handle everything? Will she have the love of her life? Or will she stay as one of the many fans to the eyes of Oli?

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Oliver Sykes One Shots

Oli Sykes One Shotsonly fluff

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Small Bump || Nathan Sykes

Eliza Grace Edwards is a famous comedian YouTube girl and photographer. Eliza is pretty much a laid back girls and just goes with the flow. On Eliza's nineteen birthday (January third) her best friend Sammie takes her to a club in London. That is where it all happen, Eliza had to much to drink and next thing she knew she woke up next to a stranger. Two weeks after the accident during a live twit cam, talking to her fans Eliza runs to the bathroom and throws up all her guts out. Eliza goes to the doctor later that day and find out the news that changes her world upside down. She's pregnant. She meets up with Nathan (The Father) and tells him the news. Nathan dose not want to be the way his father was to him, so he accepts he is going to father. But Nathan is a pop star in a famous boy band, Can he manage being a father and a singer? How is Eliza going to deal with all the hate plus the hormones? (Not a good thing, especially when you get both at the same time) Will Nathan and Eliza have a real relationship? Is there going to be more than just one baby? Find out in 'Small Bump'

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Crooked Young (Oli Sykes) ✔️

Katrina Winters is your average rich girl. Well, not really that average. She's not the stuck-up type. She's kind, well-mannered and keeps to herself. Until one day she is forced to go outside of her rich community to get a job. She ends up having to deal with numerous types of people she never encountered before. A few of those people are a small group of guys who are on probation and forced to do community service in the same area that Katrina will be working in. And honestly, they kind of scare her. But are they really that bad?

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Tattooed {Oliver Sykes}

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Bad Habit [Nathan Sykes FF]

Ivy Rose Collins is an 18 year old girl, wanting to have fun all the time, even if that involves drinking and partying all night long. She is full of bad habits, but the boys seem to love this. But is it a good thing? Ivy's Mum, Jayne..the manager of The Wanted makes her go to work with her, where she meets Nathan Sykes. The only guy who doesn't fall for Ivy's charm straight away. But does something pull them closer? Will they listen to the warnings? Or will this just be another bad habit?

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I Know ( Oli Sykes )

This story is completely centered around a battle with anorexia. If you are currently struggling with or have had anorexia nervosa and are worried about being triggered, I urge you to not read this story. Anorexia is a very serious eating disorder, I'm hoping this imagine wil help some people learn to cope with it and find the strength to recover. Also, note that I in no way promote anorexia or anorexic behavoirs. Having dealt with it before myself I know firsthand how bad it is, and if anyone begins to have thoughts of extreme calorie restriction or starvation please get help immediately.

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Oliver Sykes ▴ One Shot

"If I can't save you, what am I doing here? I can't keep watching the love of my life destroying himself with me next to him doing nothing. Call me selfish, but I can't see you like this. I know you don't wanna be helped, but be brave, you can be saved. I will always love you. - Leah.""I loved him to dead, but I guess he loved dead more than me."

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I watch you like a hawk _Oli Sykes Fanfiction

Kathryn Hail has had her fair share of sorrow and traumatic experiences in her life. Now, she is the lead vocalist of the band Shattered Dreams that she founded after her best friend's unexplained suicide. They have just released their first album and are invited to Warped along with their friends Black Veil Brides.She should be happy, extasic even, but her demons won't let go of her that easily. When she meets Oli Sykes at Warped, will the singer whose music saved her all these years ago be able to save her once more, and will she be able let him?A/N (2017): I wrote this book some years ago and while I'm not editing it, to keep the memories etc, be aware that it's far from self harm, drugs, suicide mentions and ed mentions

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Red and White Flags || Oliver Sykes

Is that all you're going to do. Just stare at the damn ground. Your daughter is in the same fucking bus as you, and you just chose to stare at the ground she walks on?""I'm sorry Natalie.""Sorry, you're sorry? Sorry for leaving me for thirteen years, sorry for leaving your daughter? Sorry doesn't cut it Oliver Scott Sykes."

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A Lost Cause (Oliver Sykes Fan Fiction)

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Can You Feel My Heart (Oli Sykes x Reader)

I don't think anyone's actually sung directly at me during a concert full of fans, yet there he was, clearly doing it. What made me so special to him?#1 in BMTH 5.23.2021

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3 am 》sykes

"A lot of things can happen at 3 am"© Keeleigh_Saunders

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Penny Royal || Oliver Sykes Fanfiction

18 year old Carolla has a simple life. The day her world turns upside down is the day she starts from scratch with the frontman of Bring Me the Horizon. Will he let her in? Or will he simply push her away from the fright of who, or what, he is.

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Without You || Oliver Sykes

MaryJane, is a 17 year old that just moved to a new school. Hoping to forget about the past and start over. But she certainly didn't expect to meet a mysterious tattooed boy who had problems, just like her. After meeting each other they bond and maybe even help each other through ups and downs. ---------Started on- 9/7/15Completed on- 11/25/15---------

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Famous - A Nathan Sykes Fanfiction

Nathan Sykes, 23, is assigned to sing a duet with a new solo artist, Katelyn Barnes, 22. Singing this duet will help boost Katelyn's career and also give Nathan and Katelyn more publicity but, after being seen together in public by the paps and fans, Katelyn and Nathan have to come up with a back up story or go out on dates and fake being together to go with what the paps were saying. Will this lead to something real between them or end up a disaster?

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Confused And In Love// oliver sykes

Lucy Middle was the perfect girl in Oliver's hard life. She made him feel something he never felt and they were only best friends. Until something changed and everything turned different. ○Oliver Sykes Fanfiction○

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dance for you ~fransykes~

Josh has a crush. Oliver has a secret.Title: dance for you by Beyoncé

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I Let Them Sing (Oli Sykes Love Story)

I looked out at the crowd in front of me. I felt at home on the stage. I smiled as my eyes locked with Oliver's. My heart fluttered as I sang out lyrics from his own song."We've been surrounded!So let em' sing,Let em' sing!" Noël Fraiser has been at Oliver's side her whole career. She's his rock, and his best friend. Noël has always been the free spirited and kind hearted person that Oliver met years ago. Now it's the exact reason he's falling in love with her.

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Bite My Tongue (Oli Sykes Fan Fiction)

"He asked you out over the phone? That's such a pussy move." he scoffed. I smirked at him, "Well I don't see you making any moves, so stay quiet.""I'm not allowed to make a move on you"Anne is the independent, headstrong, younger sister of Phil Croft, the owner of Epitaph Records and the manager of up and coming band Bring Me the Horizon. On the 2010 tour Anne is doing a favor for her brother by managing the boys for him while he stays home to work in Philadelphia. Oli and Anne don't really see eye to eye and he isn't exactly thrilled about her being there. Despite their hateful attitude toward each other they seem to have an underlying care for each other, but what will they do about that? Will Phil allow it? Is the distance from Philadelphia to Sheffield too far? Disclaimer: this whole story is entirely fictional, none of this happened. Anne and Phil are made up characters as are the rest of the people not in bands on the tour in this story.

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How Much? (Fransykes)

Josh is left all alone to face all responsibilities in life. Forced to leave his parents home with nowhere to go he ends up on the streets. Josh tries to make a living but his options are limited. When he sees that he can not survive like that he gets himself involved in the illegal world of prostitution.

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It Was Written In Blood // Oli Sykes

"And then I found out how hard it is to really change. Even hell can get comfy once you've settled in. I just wanted the numb inside me to leave, No matter how fucked you get, there's always hell when you come back down, The funny thing is all I ever wanted I already had. There's glimpses of heaven in everything, In the friends that I have, the music I make, the love that I feel I just had to start again"

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These secrets will kill us Oliver Sykes

Veronica, a young woman who is officially off the rails, with her life consisting of extreme partying, drugs, sex and any other petty crime. When Oliver unexpectedly sees Veronica play at warped tour after 5 years, hell breaks loose. The reckless couple get into anything they can find and end up taking part in a game that only the brave can play. *I own this story line, it's entirely made up.* *I don't own any of the characters, only personalities which I completely made up, I don't know how they act in person/real life.* *I do not own any lyrics or quotes featured in this story unless stated otherwise.*

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stabbing in the dark ~fransykes~

Joshua Franceschi is sick of constantly being moved between children's homes after the tragic death of his parents 8 years ago. Oliver Sykes is the only child of the devil, who is only after one thing: Josh.

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