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The support-general course. | quirkless! deku au

Izuku got into UA, just not the hero course.Taking both support and general classes, Izuku aims to graduate from UA after giving up on his hero dreams. --quirkless izuku au! (slight nicer bakugo au?)--this book is complete. (scrapped but complete.) last chapter is the ending, described not written.--no ships!lowercase intended--credits of bnha|mha belong to horikoshi

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Shattered minds (My hero academia)

Declared quirkless at the age of 4, Izuku still strives to be a hero. However, the support of his mother and his best friend aren't enough, when life has other plans for him. For, one doesn't always get to achieve their dreams.Midoriya is taken by the military to become a test subject for a new super soldier project they are working on.He will become the ultimate living, breathing weapon. Emotionless and jaded after years of hardships and fighting, he sets off on his new mission. Take down the league of villains.Book cover is not my own! Credits to the amazing artist!

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MISHBIR:-  support system

this is story where partner support each other , help each other and care for each other this story is about mishti who wants to study further and his husband helps her in achieving her dream in this story mishti is extreme level of nerd which nobody in real life exist (i think) but I wanted her to be like this, I wanted to show her love for her books and study in different and non realistic manner i don't know u people will laugh at her antics but I had great time writing it read if u want ignore if u want I will not update as per no.of vote as I don't like my story is not read by the people who are interested to readya but can't give a promise of constant update but will try my best to do that

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The story starts from sanlak fight. In my story swasan are not so MAHAAN.#13 in short stories on 19. 01. 2018One important thing- : my English is not good so there will be grammatical or spelling mistake so please don't bash me for that it's a humble request.... If u can than please do correct my mistake by inline comment bt please don't say bad things to me for my weak English.... Thank you❤❤❤

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seguite mikadoyoung

motivi per seguire mikadoyoung e i suoi amici.

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Your's Forever (completed) ☑️

Peep into know more..... 📖

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His dog and his bunny

Both izuku and Katsuki have secrets for starters they are dating and just a few people know about this and they also have both mutation quirks izuku is a bunny and katsuki is a dog but he tries to hide it. !!!!! These are not my character!!!

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Her Biggest Nightmare ✔

What will happen when you have to face someone that you don't want to meet in your whole life?How Haseena Mallik will face her biggest nightmare?

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Darlings Of Love💕

Hey guys! here am back again with a book of short stories! which will contain few few chapters each!! I hope ya'll will like these..... pls go & checkout this second book of short stories just like "Eternity of Souls!💕"..Ur support is highly needed....~~Author here~~

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My bride in veil ✔

Swara and Sanskar who were totally unware of each other identity get tied in scared relationship of marriage.Join them how a night comeletly changed their life.

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The story line is based on a supportive man who supports his wife through thick and thin....Avni Neil khanna a workaholic women she didn't spend much time with her daughter.... and a daughter craving for her mother's love.... Will she get her mother's love? Stay tuned 🤗🤗❤

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Story about two individuals-SWARA BOSE and SANSKAR MAHESWARI.How they r married with each other unfortunately and how they fall in love after marriage and the way they become each other's support in life

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Story of 2 broken souls healing and loving eachother..Story of Rohit and Abhira (Rohira)Peep into know more...

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I'm Mommy Jane's boyfriend  (Complete)

Jensoo (main)Chaelisa (support)

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This story is a arrange marriage story of preeran...which will be showing beauty of love in an arrange do read the vote amd leave reviews...keep supporting.....

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After dressing as a female supporting role, Bai Yueguang and I had a HE

Gu Xiaoting transmigrated into an ancient gossip novel.She has become the "number one hero" who hinders the male and female protagonists from being together - the vicious female supporting role.The original body was a fake daughter, and she also worked part-time as a stand-in for three years while being a vicious female supporting role.Willingly, willingly and willingly....In the end, she ended up with a dead body.Gu Xiaoting: ...?The first thing Gu Xiaoting did when she opened her eyes was to kick the scumbag.Unexpectedly, just as the heroine Bai Yueguang returned to China recently, the outside world thought it was a scumbag who kicked her.An angry friend dragged her to the theory.And the heroine Bai Yueguang happened to be with the scumbag.The friend was shaking with anger.Gu Xiaoting, who had been bored all this time, suddenly became excited, and turned her head excitedly: Do you think it is possible that the scumbag Bai Yueguang has a bend?Friends:?Gu Xiaoting bowed her head shyly: She is really pretty.Friends:? ? ?You wake up! Then she//mother is your rival in love! ! ! Why are you so shy with her! ! !Content tags: A match made in heaven by a wealthy family and a female supporting role Search keywords: Protagonist: Gu Xiaoting ┃ Supporting role: Yan Muhuai ┃ Others: True and False Daughter One sentence introduction: The vicious female supporting role and Bai Yueguang actually had sex! ! Conception: Human nature is inherently good, even the vicious female supporting roles will get better one day, they are all very good. Title 穿成女配后我和白月光HE了/After dressing as a female supporting role, Bai Yueguang and I had sexAuthor 亘星Not MineCr:Author

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 True Love Never End☑

The story about my favorite jodi (ROSHAN). Aman and roshni please support me .my first story

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Forever together

Its first work on wattpad plz support me.This story is based on current track where rishab is getting married with sherelyn .sarla is kidnapped and karan is waiting for his baby doll to express his feelings .. Will karan express his feelings to preeta .will preeran save rishab .. To know that peep into story

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An Ashaangi fan and care are just a form of expressing emotions.Shivangiwhen I saw him for the first time something happened. He was so calm that I wanted to know the depth of those. Not only in looks, but there is also something which was pulling me towards him how a bee pulled by a flower, how a moon is pulled by the earth, how dawn is pulled by night.******************************************************Ashwin What happened was beyond the words, the second I saw her there is a serene purity and innocence in her face which I wanted to protect from all the world. I just wanted to hide her from all the world inside my heart where she belongs. She is that little bundle of happiness that I want to cherish my whole life******************************************************first of all, hope all are safe and sound.hello make, I am a big fan of ashangi pair, naa neriya fan fiction padichi irruke all are soo good enna solarathu teriyala, so idu vandu just oru try, I am not a very good writer but just wanted to share my imagination with you guys.I also want to have a good interaction with all of you. Hope you like it and support it.and also I love these darlings so much so this is a small tribute to their bond.Love Nish 💜

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My Stupid Lover  ❤

Hi armies 💜ithu oru malayalam bts ff aanu oru taekook college love storyAlso my first story so please support

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Riansh OS BOOK By Naila ☑️

Thank you @sunidhi_13 for the cover❤In this book I will write many types OS... if someone feel bad by anything then Pardon me.... but I really want to write something different now... so I want to write OS.... keep supporting me... and if u feel bore by any story then plz inform me... i will try to change and inform me that what type of OS u want 😊I hope you all will support me and like my OS

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Will u Marry Me? (✔) ♡ꜱᴜᴍᴇʟʟɪᴋᴀ♡

Status~ COMPLETED A sumellika short story..... hope u supportStart- 30 April {On Hold For Now}

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The Revenge | Completed✅

Revenge of a daughter for her father..Peep into know more.....

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In this writing, I will introduce the face-claims of the creatures and characters of all my writings combined. PLEASE NOTE, THESE ACTORS AND ALL INDIVIDULAS ARE IN NO WAY RELATED TO MY WRITING, IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM.Some pictures are AI imagined and they're taken from films, and music videos....

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The Book of Totally Relatable Things

Sometimes we just need a laugh. Well, we always need a laugh. This book will mention some totally relatable things in life that you may have found too weird or awkward to talk about. It's happened, honey. But this book will give you a good laugh and something to talk about with your friends!

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