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Squeeze the Day

Recently graduated, Max is ready to enjoy the final summer of her youth with her best friend and boyfriend. Max finds herself at a disconnect with her friends, and things only take a turn when her younger brother starts his own lemonade stand.Agreeing to help, the siblings find themselves at odds with another sibling pair, Austin and his older brother Shane, who are also selling lemonade. Max can't stand the siblings and declares war, but things get even messier when her parents leave on a work trip and Max and her brother are supervised by none other than the mother of their rivals.Max finds herself infuriated by yet drawn to Shane and the summer together brings the pair closer, leading to many fights, adventures, and lemonade.COMPLETED[word count: 50,000-60,000 words]

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Just do it √

Born into poverty, hatred, hustle and neglect, Aramide was forced to become matured at such a tender age. She always yearned for a mother's love and now that it's here, is she ready for all the changes it comes with? This book tells the story of a strong and provoked Nigerian girl fighting to find herself Thanks to @africanliterature for the amazing cover😍

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Bedding bad √

'What are you made of Zayn Rodriguez?'There was pure curiosity in her brown eyes. I only then noticed how transparent they are. 'Nothing out of the ordinary'. I said. 'I highly doubt that'.'You see that's the problem. Even if you live your life like an open book, people would still look for hidden chapters'.'Granted, you are an open book but a mystery/thriller'. ******Meghan Summers: Mean, lean captain of the basketball team. With the funky hair Zayn Rodriguez: Heartthrob of inkwell, badboy with the leather jacket.. And good grades. These two were cliques apart until a stupid dare and an arranged marriage brings them together. When a one_night_stand threatens to become more than just that, what will Meg and Zayn do to survive their new unconventional relationship?? Alert: A bit of typos present but not too much to interrupt your reading... Will be edited right after the epilogue is published.

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Unread Messages

Thomas: answer me please.....? Thomas: are you still there......?

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brother's bond

bts OT7 ff all are brothers and take care of each other at all times

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Solangelo Oneshots

Decided to start this one because we love Will and Nico here. Fluff and angst ahead! I love and do take requests so please leave them! Enjoy these oneshots lovelies!

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A squeeze of reassurance

Soukoku are sent to have a meeting with the pro heroes.

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Dragonfire | Mako

The Fire Nation has been in a period of peace for years. Benevolent leaders have risen, rulers who care more about the people than their own interests, and the country has managed to become the most stable nation in only a short amount of time. The benevolent rulers and those who used to place themselves over their people, however, have something in common; they are family.Kaida, granddaughter of former Fire Lord Zuko, daughter of Fire Lord Izumi, is the next Fire Lord in line. Her people come first and she wants the best for her nation, but doubt creeps in the corners of her mind, fuelled by her own thoughts and her abilities, twisting her mind into watching a future where she rules, one where Dragonfire and ash is all that remains.In a trip to Republic City, she finds out in the end, her worst enemy is herself.NOTE: Kaida and her character belongs to me, all other characters and the universe I'm writing in belongs to the creators of Legend of Korra.

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Ezra Bridger's Past and Future

Book #1! Ezra misses a shot that hits Sabine and she needs to go to the medbay. Ezra is haunted by what he did and leaves to go out and let his mind rest, but he is captured by the Empire and turned to the dark side but immediately regrets it. I do not own any part of SWR, all credit goes to the creators aka- Lucasflims And Disney XD

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Come With Me - Meliodas x Reader

The Seven Deadly Sins re-imagined. You are Meliodas's wife.Let's go together, we'll be freeThe world ends eventuallySo come with me- Come With Me by ChxrlotteFirst ever fanfiction. Be kind.i think the picture on the cover is by Poysean

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Single mom

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The Thief |Sokka

Long ago, the four Nations lived together in harmony. Then the Fire Nation attacked. The world was about to change forever and for the airbenders, there would be no coming back.A hundred years after the war, all airbenders save for the Avatar are thought to be dead. But in one of the numerous cells of the Boiling Rock a young airbender named Jaya resides, keeping her identity a secret from all. A thief, a killer. A failure of an airbender. Fate plays a curious game, though, and even the most worthless of people may come to have a second chance. In Jaya's case, it all comes down to one question; how many good deeds are needed until she truly feels she's lived up to her ancestry?NOTES•Any characters that do not appear in Avatar: The Last Airbender belong to me. •The a:tla universe belongs to the creators.•This is a companion story to "The Pawn".

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BEING EDITED- A Klaus Mikaelson/Caroline Forbes Love Story ♡

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Let me Love you

She had his heart and he held her whole world. In her eyes he was just like the rest. In his eyes she was everything. She was the on the rise of fame but he couldn't let an opportunity slip, he wanted her, more than what she could have imagined. But all she wanted was to be loved and not end up like the rest. She was Evelyn Carter and he was Justin Bieber. This is the beginning of how they met. This is the start of her first love and his last love.

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Heimat | Aang

Heimat: a place that you can call home; a sense of belongingness, acceptance, safety and connection to homelandA decade has passed after the final battle between the Avatar and the Fire Nation, a decade after the defeat of their Fire Lord. It is a time of prosperity for most, but the crimes commited during the war couldn't be reversed. Benders were taken away from their families, people were slaughtered, their belongings, homes and land taken away. This, had been the instance when it came to the northwest part of the Earth Kingdom, that had went on to become the Fire Nation colonies. The people of the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom lived on in the land that was given to them and gradually, they became one. They collaborated and cooperated in order to live and so they got richer, learnt to depend on each other for their survival. By the end of the war, the people, even though they came from different backgrounds, were one. A decade after the end of the war, the Avatar is commanded to solve the matter of whether the former Fire Nation citizens need to move or not. Aang believes the nations need to be separated. The people in the colonies do not, hatred starts to grow in their hearts. The Avarar will need the help of a companion more than any other time, and there is no better person to aid him than the secret waterbender that's part of the Fire Nation fleet, the woman who risked her own life to get him to safety, even though this had been the first time they had met in their lives.NOTE: Any characters that do not appear in Avatar: The Last Airbender belong to me. The atla universe belongs to the creators.

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Flameheart | Zuko

"Our hearts beat as one, a flame that never goes out, and before you know it, we'll have started an inferno."Homura has lived in a lie the most of her life. It's a life she chose, one she's happy with, and the Kyoshi warriors are the closest she ever had to a family. She has friends from all around the world but despite everything, there's one thing she lacks; a home.There is an invitation for her to go to the Fire Nation capital with her friends and suddenly, all she ever wished is coming true. Her friends are all there, in the palace she had the happiest days of her life and for once, she feels as if she's truly fitting in. But happy times don't seem to last.A threat she thought was long gone is appearing once more and this time, Homura's whole life is set to crumble.Credit for the cover goes to @lectiophile_wholivedNOTE: The story belongs to the creators of Atla, aside from Homura and any characters that aren't mentioned in the series. The plot is mine.

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"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?""I'M THE BABYSITTER ASSHOLE!"( steve harrington x oc )( season 2 )( part 2 out now! )#5 in steveharrington 9.26.18#12 in strangerthings 12.29.18#1 in eighties 3.04.19#1 in dustinhenderson 3.25.19

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The Pawn |Katara

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then the Fire Nation attacked. But there was not war everywhere.In the Fire Nation, Akira, a close friend of the Princess and son of an Admiral in the Fire Lord's inner circle, has not realised what his nation's work is until he visits the colonies in the Earth Kingdom. His nation is wrong and he realises the orders he carries out should have never been done. Even though the war has not reached the shores of the Fire Nation, his mind is in the middle of battle. It is time to take matters into his own hands - but can someone born in a family swearing allegiance to the Fire Lords be anything but a pawn?NOTES•Any characters that do not appear in Avatar: The Last Airbender belong to me. •The a:tla universe belongs to the creators.•This is a companion story to "The Thief".

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Under the Influence

Val Peters has been writing songs and performing at small clubs for the past ten years. She has a wild streak and loves her life on the road, but a chance meeting will soon change her life in ways she never imagined.

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The Star and The Moon (WolfStar Oneshots)

This book is a collection of quite adorable stories from out favorite half canine half wizard couple. I take requests, it helps when I get writers block so please feel absolutely free to leave them! I really hope you enjoy I will upload as often as I can. Thank you for reading!

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Star Of Stark

. "Eyes red vast and volcanic, and I'm going down like the Titanic"-.-.-.-.-.-.-.[W. M A X I M O F F X F E M A L E O C ]Star Of Stark [Book #1]The Witch's Angel [Book #2]

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Familiar Foe √

Mrs Idara Coker: Your typical middle-aged, wealthy widowed mother is found one morning on her bed, stabbed to death, leaving behind four beautiful daughters, a flourishing business and a question too difficult to answer. Detective Mary Chukwukaima Wilson: Nationally acclaimed homicide detective. A cop with the charm, a charm she uses to her advantage when dealing with criminals. Her business is her pleasure and she has cracked some of the most horrifying cases. Crime scenes are her second home and very little has challenged her until now. Now she is faced with a case that is almost as entangled as it is messed up.

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