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Vidcon and Smosh

Amber loves smosh, including that hot and sexy Anthony Padilla who she has a crush on. When Amber and her two best friends travel to Vidcon, she meets them and finds out who falls in love with her.

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Smosh Hunger Games

This year's Hunger Games is special, it's a Quarter Quell. This year, only one tribute will be called to the stage from each district. Both genders mixed. Which Smosh member will win one of the easiest Hunger Games? Will it be Eas

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And Then She Showed Up / Smosh Squad!

Olivia Sui and her band of friends are just regular Juniors at a high school. Olivia is confident that she'll finally have a regular year. And then she showed up.

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The Smosh Squad Cabin Of Torture

Ian and Anthony of Smosh decide to give the Smosh Squad a break and invite them to a cabin for a vacation. What they didn't know was that the cabin was inhabited.

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Ian's Little Sister -Smosh Summer Games-

Ian's little sister was asked to join the Smosh Squad, which Kayleigh accepts. She starts her job when Smosh Summer Games: Camp starts. What will happen when she starts to fall for one of her teammates?May contain strong subjects and language!

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The Smosh Kid

Alice Derringer lost her family at a young age and has been living in and out of an orphanage ever since. Just when she starts to get sick of being tossed around, internet sensations Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla adopt her. Alice's life may just take a turn for the better. Each day with the Smosh guys is a new adventure for the young girl who continues to battle her shyness, confusion, and unfriendly past.

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It's a crazy time for Ian and Anthony. They find out that they may are in love with each other. But are they really? They start an experiment...Pairing: IanthonyGenre: Fluff and AngstOR READ ON AO3: + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +-+-+-TUMBLR: O 3: + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +-+-+-

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Adopted by Smosh?! (1/3) (COMPLETED)

There is a 14 year old girl named Anna who is an orphan. Her parents died when she was 8 by a car accident. She has been in the orphanage for 6 years and been to a few families, but they always gave her back. Now she is adopted by Ian and Anthony. Will they keep her or give her back? Lets find out.

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~Smosh One-Shots~

Smosh One-Shots!*Requests open*Message or comment any Smosh ships or x reader's (romantic or platonic) you want to see and I'll do my best to write them!*This is a smut-free environment*If you ever want a part two to a one-shot just let me know! (I guess that makes it a two-shot?)Enjoy :)

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Time of Our Lives -Smosh High-

I DON'T OWN SMOSH! THIS IS ALL FICTION! WARNING: Contains some strong languageOlivia has a huge crush on Anthony even though she's with Phil. But, Anthony happens to start dating Shayla, who's in the closet. What will Olivia do about her feelings? Shayne must accept his sister for who she is. Katy must write a story about something that is going on at the school to pass English. Ian must realize where his heart really lies. Shayla must admit her feelings to her crush. Mari must deal with her best friend's secret. Matthew must deal with a new student to the school. This is Smosh High.

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A Vibe: Damien Haas x Reader | Smosh Fanfic

~Completed March 27th, 2020~"Wanna be part of Smosh for two weeks? (Smoshtest)", the title of Smosh's new video made your heart skip a beat, was this real? Up till then, you were just an average girl, looking into getting a boring job at the same boring city you were born in despite your dreams of becoming a YouTuber. Little did you know that far away in LA, opportunity awaited you and maybe even something or someone else. You didn't know what made you feel you even had a shot at winning, but you just felt a vibe that things might change for good, especially when sparks fly with a certain brunette smosh member with glasses and a goofy grin.

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Smosh Imagines

Smosh images and preferences. Requests open. More info on the first "chapter".

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Days with Smosh

Jamie and Britney are best friends. They will do anything together. But when Britney has a secret that ends up involving the police, they both have to run to Sacramento, California the home of Smosh.

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Falling for Smosh

20 year old Jasmine Melise have been best friends with Ian and Anthony since she was in the 7th grade. They have been though thick and thin and she also has a crush on Anthony. She was even there when they started Smosh on YouTube. Then everything changed when her birthday came around. She kisses Anthony and Ian has fallen for her. Will her friendship end because of love?

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Smosh Winter Games 2018! (Damien Haas x Reader)

You are a designer for the smosh crew, working for the graphics and designing all the merch and thumbnails. You've been working for the smosh squad specifically, for about two years now, until Ian has the idea to introduce you officially, in the Smosh Winter Games of 2018. What happens when a certain smosh games member grows a little smitten, and wants to learn more about this editor?What happens when (Y/n) herself already likes another member of the smosh crew, and Damien has to win her heart over to him?Cover created by -escxpe Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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Broken (Smosh)

When Ian's younger sister becomes part of the Smosh family, secrets are exposed, friendships are tested, and hearts are broken. Takes place during the Smosh Winter Games!Completed!

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Smosh Games One Shots (And Ian & Anthony)

One shots about Lasercorn, Sohinki, Jovenshire, Wes The Editor and Flitz from Smosh Games. And the guys from Smosh, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla! (Completed)

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Smosh Imagines

REQUESTS OPEN!!!All of these imagines include Smosh, Smosh pit, and Smosh games male members. I didn't include the girls, but I still hope you enjoy them! Thank you so much for all of your support!

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Smosh x reader oneshots!

All members (including games) included!Leave requests in the comments or any constructive criticism.

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Adopted by These Two Weirdos (Smosh Fanfiction) (COMPLETED)

Ally was in the orphanage for, well, forever. Her parents gave her up as a kid. They said they weren't ready, as she was told by the orphanage ladies. But, ever since she was put in there, she never got out. Yea sure, families will pick her up, but she never stayed. After the month, she would come back beat up and sad. She would grow close to the family and then never see them again. But when Ian and Anthony decide to adopt and choose her, it's too late. She ran out of hope. She expects them to throw her back. But will they? Will Ally ever be happy? Will Ian and Anthony ever learn about her past? Well, what are you waiting for?! I'm not going to tell you! You're going to have read yourself! See you in chapter one!

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Smosh Corpse party (Smosh games crossover)

After the last game bang, the smosh crew decided to try a lucky charm, but it didn't turn out the way they wanted.Smosh/corpse party crossover. Includes gore and harsh language

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| Injection | (Smosh Fanfic)

Aria didn't want to be an editor stuck in her room for the rest of her life, so from the help of her best friend, she applied for a job at the Smosh office.Be careful what you wish for.-ACCOMPLISHMENTS:#1 IN #SMOSH TWICE โค๏ธ#1 IN #SHAYNETOPP #1 IN #ANTHONYPADILLA#1 IN #SMOSHANTHONY

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Crowns ~ Smosh

Based on the tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses.King Ian didn't expect to have twelve children. And he certainly did not expect to be left alone raising them. But he did his best, and he thought that he had raised twelve beautiful children. Until it was brought to his attention that they were nowhere near proper. And so with one letter, the princes' and princesses' lives got turned upside down.

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Smosh Summer Games Camp (Shayne Topp x Reader)

Just some fun Smosh Summer Games shenanigans, right? ...Right?

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Smosh Preferences/Imagines

(Smosh Guys with Feminine Pronouns)*discontinued*

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SMOSH ONESHOTS!- Feel Free To Request - No Smuts sorry

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