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ʙᴀᴅ ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ- ᴛʜᴏᴍᴀs; ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴢᴇ ʀᴜɴɴɴᴇʀ

𝑷𝑯𝑶𝑬𝑩𝑬 𝑾𝑨𝑺 the first girl in the Glade filled with her worst nightmare. Boys. Even though she was wary at the start, they eventually became like family to her. She swore to protect them at all costs, a silent deal made between her and the fabric of timing. When Thomas arrived, no one had expected the impact he'd make. Especially Phoebe. But when she caught onto the connection they had, would they ever discover the truth as to why? started; feb 17th, 2024ended; june 3rd, 2024

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The Wall Runnner

Mazerunner/ Shingeki no Kyojin Fan fictions. Ships will be included with this. And Maybe a little smut if I feel like it. Will be updated Weekly. This is my first story so cut me some slack if it lacks detail... Enjoy :D

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WICKED games (Newt x female reader) [COMPLETED]

(Y/N) was the first glader. She didn't remember anything when she woke up in the box, and she still has no memories. Greenies come up every month. One greenie, a boy named Newt, is different though and (Y/N) finds herself getting far too attached to this boy. Hello this is my first Maze Runner fic! Thought I would write one because why not, hope you enjoy!Note: please don't read this one if you're under 16, 15 absolute minimum. It's not appropriate and it makes me very uncomfortable to see actual children in my comment section. Please respect that and come back when you've grown up a little, I'm not going anywhere and neither is this fic.

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witches choice

what happens when i loved by all-girl get her heart filled with hate and evil

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The Maze Runnner imagines/preferences

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College Life || Book 2! || Itsfunneh - Krew - YHS

-Pictures for the book cover do NOT belong to me, credits to the owners-All Characters belong to Itsfunneh and the krew! They are NOT mine-The krew are not siblings in this book!!-------------------------(IM BAD AT DESCRIPTIONS) It's been a year since the krew decided to go back to Canada. Rainbow, Draco, and Gold decided to go back for their Senior year.. but Lunar and Funneh didn't go with them. Once they all reunite, they all decide on a college.. which happens to be the one in America. Funneh and Lunar run into two old "friends" there, but they all makeup and become friends again. Now the gang is fixed and they are all friends again. They all must stick together to make it through college. Will the group go back to their good old days? Or will it still be weird for them. Will Falec and Levan return? and what if three "friends" comes back into their life's? Will the group still stick together? READ TO FIND OUT! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!----------Highest rankings! (All on May 4th, 2021)#1 Itsfunneh #2 Kold #3 Goldenglare#4 Paintingrainbows #4 Draconitedragon #5 Lunareclipse #5 Falec----------Read the first book "Why did you leave me?" so you won't be lost! Started: February 5, 2021Ended: June 27, 2022

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Luka and Adrien are dating in secret, but what happens when people start finding out?Cover art is NOT mine

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Long Game

Maya Hart has always had a crush on Josh Matthews. When she found out he returned her feelings, but wanted to wait, she wasn't happy, but knew it was the right thing to do. But with the new boy falling for her, how long can Josh keep waiting before he loses Maya for good?

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fell in love with the new kid ᵇʸˡᵉʳ

The new kid seems to make friends, But he is also in the closet. He has a crush on his friend and doesn't know how to tell him, But his crush might like him back. Eventually they become best friends.. maybe... hopefully something more. A byler fanfic.started: 1/02/23ended: 2/14/23highest rankings { #2 in base } { #3 in él}

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Caskett Lost (Completed)

Richard castle and Katherine Beckett break up when Castle's publisher makes him move to L.A to help write scripts for Nikki Heat movies. Beckett gets a job offer hard to say no to. Will they meet again? Will Beckett be mad?

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Not As Planned | thomesa au

UPDATED EVERY SATURDAY!Thomas is Newt's best friend. Teresa is Brenda's best friend. Thomas like Brenda and Teresa likes Newt. What happens when Teresa and Thomas find out that they like each other's best friends?-this description sucks I'm sorry-

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Six of crows TEXTING

Yeah guys I think I don't need to say much... Enjoyyy:)

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A gc where I update every full moon aka when I am sleep deprived this for funnnnnnnn lost of dark hummor so if u don't like then kindly don't read(MORE PERSONAL😋🖤🤤🤦‍♀️😍😜😈)WENCLAIR NOMMY YOKOMOMMY BIANCA

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AoT x Reader Oneshots

Any character X reader series. (Requests open)

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𝔸𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕀𝕟 ℍ𝕚𝕘𝕙 𝕤𝕔𝕙𝕠𝕠𝕝

*Completed* The Avengers accidentally get turned back into teenagers when a mission goes badly. They have to attend Midtown High with Peter Parker as their guide. Will secrets be revealed? Dun dun duuunnnnnDisclaimer: I do NOT own marvel or the characters, only the plot I guess, duhh

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Always & Forever

-a traphouse production- my works #1february 2021™️"that's why i wanna thank you and then give you the best of me ..i can't take back the past but i got the recipe. let's jump on a plane, see the world together..give you my last name, be my girl forever...."

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Total 𝓔𝒸𝓁𝒾𝓅𝓈𝑒 of the 𝓗𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉 | TMR Series

A young girl is thrown into the Glade with only one thought in mind. Survive. When more start showing up month by month for the next three years, it started getting easier. But then - one Greenie shows up and everyone begins questioning their existence in the Maze. Now, let's begin the journey of running, protection, heartbreak and finding oneself. Katri's journey begins here and hopefully she can protect those close. Let's see what happens.

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The Glader Girl | ✓

||MAZE RUNNER FANFICTION||2 Years. It's been two whole years since the running and the torture. Everybody is getting along with their lives, and Thomas is about to have a daughter. Everything seems perfect. The Gladers have left the past behind and have built themselves a new life. But what happens when you rest and settle down? Your past catches up to you.Secrets are revealed. Memories are reminisced.Her story is one that has almost faded, one remembered by only a few of them.That's the story Minho reminisces. The story of The Glader Girl.

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Simply Soulmates, a Daminette fic.

There are many different soulmate connections. Some are more rare than others. Most people only have 1 form of a soulmate connection. Only one in a billion have multiple connections. They say miraculous users have a higher chance. (LILA SALT, ADRIEN SALT, ALYA SALT.)

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campus love story ahnuu Heyyy maluss evidey varuu ethu ente adutha ff ahnu nighlde support indknm kettooo 🥺💗keralathile kochu gramathil ninnu Vanna avlkkuu avidey ottum parijayam allarnnu . avldey imperfect ction kond avle ellarum kaliyakkuvarnnuu . athu evideyum thudarum ennu AVL orthu . kochu gramathil.padichirunna ahh kuttyyy baglore ennu parayana valiya nagrathilottu ahnu pokunne . avlde antyude veetil ninnu padikkan ennal AVL polum ariyathe avle kathu irunnth ? enthannu Alle nammukk vazhiye ariyam 🥴😌bagloor collage famous group ahankaram thalkku pidicha payyanmaruuu . ragging ellathinum ind . eee kollagulottu oru nadan koch kayari varunnnuu . ahh avle eni avar enthu cheyyum 👀 kand ariyam cupsss support karoo ethryum pettannu updates indakum appo vayikkuka 💌❤️

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Solangelo at Hogwarts ||ON HOLD||

Nico and Will wanted to not have to go on a quest after the war, but when Hecate decides that her pet world is in danger, they are sent on quest to Hogwarts to protect Harry and Ron. (Hermione is a child of Athena and has been protecting them.) Warning: Solangelo. don't like don't read. Also I may add the Kotlc characters later. And their kids. The dragons from the original Wings of fire series are there and I have to remember that Starflight is blind. Also there will be two OC dragons there. And Fierro-chase. My only way to move the story along is adding more characters. Oh and The characters from The Elementals Quest by Saturn890 that I'm writing with her.

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Aru Shah Incorrect Quotes/ Memes #2

Check out my first book too!I LOVE ARU SHAH!

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The Unexpected Journey (Kili x reader) - Completed

A young half dwarf half elf called (Y/n) is part of the company of Thorin Oakenshield. She doesn't know much about her past only, that her mother was an elf, who died a long time ago, and her dad was a dwarf who disappeared after her mothers death. Since she was ten (Y/n) has been raised by Dwalin so naturally she has gained his aggressiveness. During the quest a young, dark haired archer unexpectedly catches her eye. *Dramatic music* DuN dUN DUNnnnnnnnn.

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The Love Runner

"Its a girl!"You look up to see a bunch of boys all staring at you from above. None of them are ugly, but there's only one that you think is actually good-looking(It gets really weird at parts)((The half sequel (with hunger games), The Love Trials, the half sequel to that (with divergent) and The Love Cure are coming soon!))

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Shota Aizawa x Reader

This is Shota Aizawa dating reader (you). It may be a bit mature. And You and Shota Aizawa are villains I hope you enjoy!!

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When you turn 18 you get a mark on ur hand and your soulmate has to same mark you have. Glimmer bow and adora are starting there first year of collage will they find there soulmates or will they be alone forever DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

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